Loreen showing Baku with Malin and gets a cute present

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 27.05.2012

Loreen is very busy here in Baku. This is her schedule. It’s rehearsals, press conferences and interviews.
And Loreen has asked me to meet her, because of all the new things going on.
I don’t know what but we’ll see when she shows up. I can see her, there she is. Hi Loreen!
I think this is really exciting. What is it that’s happening right now?
Right now I have a rehearsal for tonight’s dinner. It has a lot to do with Alfred Nobel and is a dinner for Sweden’s embassy.
It’s like a party.
And you’ll be there?
I’ll be there. Do you want to come?
May I?
Of course. Isn’t that why you’re here?
So you’ve been here in Azerbaijan for two weeks now. What has been the best part of it?
There has been so much fun. The arena for one thing. It’s huge and looks amazing.
With a big stage, a small scene on that and tiny me on top of it all.
We’ve managed to get some great pictures that we weren’t able to get in Globen.
Now we’re at the Nobel house where the Swedish Ambassador is inviting us to dinner tonight.
Loreen will be singing and she is doing her sound check right now.
The food is about to be served and of course the guests will arrive.
How are you feeling this close to the competition? Are you nervous?
You know, I’ve been feeling tense for two months now. I’ve gotten used to it. I’m always a little nervous before,
but I don’t think I will really feel it until right before the performance. Right now I’m actually quite calm.
Do you have a good luck charm with you?
Well, I don’t have one, but the Russian ladies are going to make me one.
They don’t do it very often but they are going to create a tiny doll with some great energy for me.
That’s so sweet!
Yes, they’re adorable.
So Loreen, before you get the Russian doll, we are going to give you another good luck charm.
Here it is! The Friday gift! Of course we have it here in Baku too.
Oh honey!
What will you name it?
Torkel. Well, that’s typically Swedish. That sounds good!
Now Loreen is going to go over to the other side to continue with the party.
Yes, but first I’ll just go in here and have some food and time alone.
That sounds like a good idea. Bye Loreen!