Spider IV Guitar Amplifier Overview | Line 6 [updated video]

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Over a million guitarists
have chosen Spider amps. With Line 6 reknowned
expertise in amp and effects modeling and dialed in rockstar tones,
Spider IV amplifiers deliver a truly evolved playing experience.
They'll surprise you with the way they respond to a player's touch
and the way the guitar jumps from the amp with a tube-like feel and distortion.
The amp really sings. On top of that, we've got over 500 presets
to get you started and some flat out wonderful new effects and features.
We had a blast getting some of our favorite players to dial in presets for Spider IV,
amazing players of all styles from Johnny Marr, Steve Stevens
and Lee Ritenour to bands like Hawthorne Heights, Slipknot
and Minus the Bear to studio giants like Tim Pierce, David Torn
and Pete Anderson. We'd bring amps to them or send amps out on the road to them
or we'd tackle them when they came by the offices. We managed to get over 300 presets
to inspire your playing.

We also included around
200 presets based on some of the greatest guitar songs of all time;
Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Purple Haze,
Crazy Train and lots lots more. There really is something in here for everyone
and it's yours at the touch of a button.

Spider IV 15 and 30
each have a perfectly distilled collection of "go to" amp tones
that guitarists absolutely depend on. Go from
sweet, sparkly cleans to molten lead tones along with
a palate of crucial effects all in a box that's small enough to stick under your
desk or bed. Don't let their little size fool you. These guys really rock
and along with their bigger brothers they also have a 3/4 closed back cab
that really moves air. Spider IV 75,
120, 150 and HD150 include
16 of the best sounding models we've ever put in an amplifier.
We've worked really hard across the board to up the ante with
some beautiful new cleans that sound and feel amazing, some
edge of crunch mid-gain tones that capture everything we love about
playing with an amplifier that's just on the edge of breaking up and some incredible
musical high gain tones that really blaze.

We've got some really exciting new features in Spider IV. One of
them is a built in looper called Quick Loop. It features 14 seconds
of looping time and can be operated from the front panel or
integrates perfectly with one of our FBV Shortboard or Express
pedals. If you've been a little scared of looping in the past, don't be afraid
of this one. It's really fun and it's really easy to use.

We have a couple of amazing new
pitch shifting effects in Spider IV, Smart Harmony
and Pitch Glide. Smart Harmony is an
intelligent pitch shifter. It lets you choose your key, your scale
and your interval. It let's you set your mix level. It tracks
amazingly well and it will have you soaring with dual guitar lines
in no time.

The Pitch Glide effect integrates perfectly with our FBV
Shortboard and Express MkII for some incredibly fun pitch effects.
We've even included a whole category of pitch presets
to get you started. Then once you're comfortable, you can go in and customize your
toolkit to add a whole new level of expressiveness to your playing. This thing is really fun.

Spider IV 75, 120, 150 and HD150
all come loaded with 20 great sounding Smart FX.
We've included such must have effects as Spring and Plate Reverb,
Digital and Tape Echo Delays, Chorus, Phaser
and Flange. We've also included some really fun stuff like Auto Wah,
Multi-Head and Reverse Delays, Compressor and Fuzz Pi.
These effects all sound great and it's easy to
dial in a great sounding effect using just one knob. But, we didn't
stop there. We wanted to give you the ability to completely customize
your sound. So every effect in Spider IV 75
and up is completely editable, giving you access
to up to 6 parameters per effects including the ability
to place the effect pre or post amp model. Our larger
display makes editing a breeze, giving your imagination
a terrific canvas to explore the possibilities. For total
control of your effects and your presets and to take full advantage of
all the power that's in a Spider IV, the FBV MkII
footcontrollers are a must. Using an FBV Shortboard MkII to
loop on the fly or to do a dramatic pitch glide is worth the price of admission,
but you'll come to depend on it to kick on the tuner, turn your effects
on and off or to run through your band's setlist with your own presets.
Available in 3 sizes to match all the Spider IVs,
the FBV series of footcontrollers are a perfect addition to your arsenal.
Spider IV is crafted to sound great. All of our painstaking
sound design gets loaded into a brand new 3/4 closed back cabinet
and then in most cases connected to a custom Celestion speaker that delivers
a tight low end and a punch that really cuts through the band.
When the band isn't around, plug your mp3 player into the 1/8" jack
and jam and practice to your own tunes. Use the direct
recording headphone out when the kids are asleep or when you wanna lay down some
guitar tracks direct, no mic needed. We are extremely proud
of the look, sound and feel of Spider IV amplifiers. Every one of them
is extremely versatile and an incredible value. Finding your
tone is easy with handmade artist and song presets and tons
of amazing effects, all from the industry leader and pioneers
of amp modeling, Line 6.