We Believe It. We Do It. - Dell's LGBT Allies

Uploaded by DellPrideERG on 24.10.2012

On behalf of all of Dell,
I want to make sure everybody understands that LGBT is important to us,
and it's really important as it relates to the total strategy of the company and in our
view of our own potential to be successful.
We cannot be a strong company and a strong organization
without a commitment to the success of our team members.
Relationships matter at work, and I work hard everyday across our total organization
to reach out and create valuable connections with our LGBT leaders and team members.
Equality is about how we do
business at Dell. We are proud sponsors of the Out and Equal Workplace Advocates as well as the human rights campaign.
Because I believe that a respectful and inclusive
work environment is crucial for success,
I lead diversity programs here at our Plano, Texas campus.
I am also proud to say that I serve on the executive advisory board for Pride
which is Dell's LGBT focused employee resource group.
Inclusiveness and respect is really important,
and it should be important to all of us.
I've facilitated many educational sessions on how to prevent bullying, as an
example, at home, in schools, and in the workplace.
I make it a priority by participating
as an executive advisory board member for Pride and in the LGBT mentorship program
because it creates relationships and understandings that help me as an ally
and helps me influence as a leader.
It just means embracing all.
To me what matters is the work you get done and that we create a really good
environment for you to work in.

Innovation depends on having diversity of thought across our company.
We believe in diverse perspectives because it helps deliver the best technology to our customers.
Our LGBT employees
help add diversity to Dell
and they contribute to our success everyday.
Just think about it. If we all thought the same and we all had the same ideas, how much
diversity would you have in the solutions that we bring forward to our customers.
It's long been said that attracting and retaining the best and brightest
talent available is critical to a business's success.
At Dell, we do more than talk the talk.
We strongly support legislation
that helps prevent
people from being fired simply because their lesbian, gay,
transgendered, or bisexual.
We support this legislation because being fired for who you are when you come to work everyday
and nothing else is just wrong.
Whether you're lesbians, gay,
bisexual, or transgender,
we value you, and we want to be your employer of choice.
So I'm one hundred-percent committed to ensuring
that all of our team members feel that they can be themselves, be authentic,
be real,
and be able to flourish in this environment. It will be good for them as people, and it will also be
great for our company with our transformation strategy.