Trailer documental PANK , Orígenes del Punk en Chile

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In those times there were only two musical choices, either singing for the military regime...
or singing Folk protest songs.
And we dind't fit in neither one of them.
Pinochet used to say that Chile was a quiet sea at that time,
that everyone was happy and having a good time.
There was a lot of repression, and we didn't like it.
Most of us didn't agree with what was happening.
We were also pissed with people hidden themselves,
we didn't want to hide no anymore.
Being resistant meant to have high levels of ethics and honesty.
We didn't had the right to express ourselves.
We weren't able to stay quiet, so music was a vehicle to canalize what we felt.
Music was quite important to us as a generation, because music brought us together.
Getting together, turning up the volume and singing was a political act.
There was repression and we made music and did what we wanted.
It was the real 80s voice, straight from the uderground.
PANK The Rise of Punk in Chile