RP-4 Shaker Table | The Best Fine Gold Recovery Gravity Mining Equipment

Uploaded by GlobalMiningSolution on 03.03.2012

The patented RP-4 shaker table is the most widely used and successful gravity concentrating
table. It is used by small and large mining operations, as well as hobbyists around the
world. Although the RP-4 is renowned for its astounding
fine gold recovery, what many do not know is the RP-4 has been designed for separation
of any heavy mineral and/or gemstone concentrates, down to 1 micron size.
The RP-4 can process up to 600 lbs. per hour of black sand magnetite or pulverized rock
with little or no losses. One of the secrets of the RP-4 is its use of unique reverse polarity
rare earth magnets. These magnets are strategically placed in a way that will cause the magnetite
to be agitated, breaking it free from the gold, rise up and be washed off into the tailings
leaving just the gold traveling to the catch. The RP-4 is compact and only weighs about
60lbs. With a small generator and water tank; no
location is too remote for its use. Ask us about custom applications you might
need or optional accessories such as stands, feeders etc…
Remember, the RP-4 shaker table is a complete, ready to go machine. All you need is to supply
the electrical and water and you’re ready to extract the valuable minerals and gemstones
from your soil.
We want to remind you to keep an eye out for more videos that are coming soon. In these
we will answer your questions such as: How does the machine separate magnetite from
gold? How small is 1 micron?
How do you set up the machine? How do you adjust the table to recover different
materials? Can I set the machine on… the earth, lawn,
decks, plywood, asphalt etc… or do I need to mount it to concrete? And maybe the biggest
question, how do I know if I have it set up right?
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Stands sold separately. 46”L X 19 1/2” W X 14” H 60LBS
Regular stand: 35”L x 18”W x 22”H 15lbs Custom stand: same/w/extensions
Instructions for the RP-4 are available in .PDF format you will need a free Adobe® Acrobat®
reader to view them. You may already have this on your computer. If not, click adobe
reader link at the bottom of the page to download. Download Instructions for RP-4