Studying endangered species up-close - Conservation Biology at UWE

Uploaded by BristolUWE on 20.06.2012

Hi, I am Richard.Hi, I am Emico and I am Chris and we are all studying Environmental Sciences
at UWE. We are looking at footage of our UWE field
trip as part of our environmental sciences subjects to the Isle of Youth in Cuba. One
week based in the forest and then the second week doing diving. Two weeks of fun. Two weeks
of hard work. Two weeks of work. Yeh, a lot of hard work but fun at the same time.
Its a whole module. Instead of exams and course work, its just two weeks of being in Cuba.
Great opportunity really to learn you know, lots of field techniques and things like that
which I don't think you would be able to get anywhere else really.
I don't know another course that takes you to places like this. And its an amazing way
to end the course really isn't it? To go away and to put everything that you have learnt
over the last three years into practice in the field. If you are going to be involved
in wildlife research, which I am sure is an interest to most people on this course, you
have got to know how to handle the animals, how to capture the animals, how to treat them
correctly and not injure them. It's a green, a Cuban green woodpecker. And
it does later peck my hand quite severely but obviously I am still learning. I am so
glad that I chose to do conservation biology really. I am so glad that I have done it and
its really going to equip me for the future.