Generation P. Official trailer. 2011 (press cc for English)

Uploaded by generationpthemovie on 28.02.2011

Russia hardly produces anything
That means goods from the West will start pouring in
and with them, a wave of advertising
And it must be adapted
To the «Soviet mentality»
It's a very special time
This has never happened before and will never happen again
Do you want to join my staff?
As what? A writer?
We don't need any fucking writers around here
A creative, Babylen. A creative
Don't stick your nose in You'll last longer as a living god
I like it when life has big tits
That's what I think too
Stop playing to Atlantic values
We are Eurasians!
What am I? A Snickers bar?
There they hide, in great fear for God is with the righteous generation
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
He was my banker when you were still herding goats
I didn't herd goats, I herded bulls
But what does this have to do with advertising?
Did tou see the sign downstairs?
The Institute of Apiculture
And we're here...
...pollinating like bees!
A series of Diesel-themed rap songs:
Me and buddy worked our Diesels hardly a day off
He's a dick and I'm a prick But our Diesels get the ladies off
That's it – the youth is ours
You don’t understand anything. Not one thing!
Every politician is a TV show
We're agitators and propagandists
It's easy to be misled by advertising
Don't worry, it's all bullshit