Pittige Bolke Tijden Part 101.

Uploaded by Alezz25nl on 19.09.2009

Episode translated. Thanks to Rodrigo!
100 episodes
two years
60 gast characters
And more: Now with a new design!
Oooh my hip


tot de wekker gaat 2x

My god, look! Pascal is lying here, but I don't give a fuck, but the rest I think is a problem.
I'm just going to call Sander! Sander! I don't know what I should do! I'm so lost! I'm totally in shock!
Pick up! Pick up! He just won't pick up!
What an atrocity!
That wasn't the plan!
It's Edda's fault. It is all Edda's fault!
Oh my god! I'm lost big time.
Everyone that's laying here and sleeping! It is not time to sleep now!
Michel, wake up. Michel with the wires on your face, wake up now!
Wait, I'm coming to you! Mich, wake up!
I am shocked big big big time!
Edda! You! It's your fault!
You annoying little bitch!
OMG! They're fighting!
It's all her fault!
My whole party is ruined! You witch, You piece of trash! Yes, I got that from you!
Yeah, leave!
My god, what should I do now? I don't know at all what I should do!
I heard something!
It was you!
My ear! You'll be sorry for that!
Ha! And they call that a party. Lucky that GGG is over!
Shhh, as ya'll know and can see, this party's style and class were ruined,
breaking the rules which say how a perfect party must be organized and held.
So go away, now! Go away! Get out!
You can laugh.
Leonie! Dont make my clothes dirty! Leonie, you wasted my money.
My hip!
Your hip?
It hurts.
Fuck off, Nana!
Stupid Granny, we can't wait here.
I think I broke my hip!
My money.
I've beaten someone down big time!
What has been arranged?
THere has nothing been arranged. You were kidnapped by the cult leader, the one you are on top of!
Don't you think that's your friend Christian?
That's just a cult leader who's unconscious!
I want to leave!
Miss, hello!
Laura! What happened here?
Do you know this lady?
What's going on here?
Call an ambulance! We are here at Loweg.
Do you have pain anywhere?
Laura, I have to ask you something important!
I saw you in the car, but I also saw Sander!
How'd you get here?
I jumped out.
And Sander? Did he jump out too? Where is Sander?
Sander's in the car!
But there is nothing left of the car.
Who's going to take care of my kid!?
Dirty ballsac!
Who'll take care of that stupid kid now.
Sander... That bastard that just left me with a child!
Stefan had predicted that someone would die in the 100th episode!
I said it. I knew something would happen!
Stefan is right! It's Sander! Sander is dead!
Who will take care of my child! Inger, the worst problem is who will take care of my kid!
I'm in pain.
Stay calm. The ambulance is coming!
Should we leave him here? He's no good for the ratings anyway?
Ah let's just not do that either!
Can I still stop it! Now I am too late!
Morning werewolf!
Leonie, I hope you paid everything back.
Ik vind het een gruwel.
I think it's a disaster!
It was supposed to end like that! But that is not what happened.
Oh dear, what a disaster!
My money
I'll pay everything back, Guray!
I still have to tell you something!
Ladies and gentlemen, Guray is my son....
Is Sander dead?
- Where's Sander? - Sander is in the car!
But there's nothing left from the car.
Jeroen wake up our friends!
You slept big time. There's wires all over your head
Guray is the son of Leonie?
Guray is my son!