Nörtti-isku 1999

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Computer enthusiasts made a "nerd strike" at the Helsinki railway station.
...today a nerd strike.
The purpose of the "Nerds in the closet" event organized by computer enthusiasts
was not only to have fun, but also to increase awareness of nerdiness.
Now we'll see what nerds look like.
Young computer enthusiasts surprised many commuters today
at the Helsinki railway station.
The computer folk stuffed themselves in the storage lockers for the afternoon.
- Our goal is to let people know what you can do
online, besides just surf on porn sites.
This time it's a demonstration of online chatting.
With the "Nerds in the closet" event the youth also
wanted to generate awareness of nerdiness.
The computer-enthusiastic nerds seem to be a race of their own
- I guess it's about doing what you want to do
without caring too much what you're supposed to be into.
Like if you don't care for pilot jackets,
you don't have to wear a pilot jacket.
You can dress like this on a normal day if you feel like it.
- How is it like in the closet?
- It is a bit cramped here,
but not really dark or anything -- pretty cosy.
Behind the "nerd strike" is an organization called "Rid of life",
kind of a special-interest group for nerds.
Their aim is to improve the connections between nerds.
so that the contacts would only be on a virtual level
and that nerds wouldn't be totally stuck in their closets.
The "nerd strike" at the railway station wasn't the first one of its kind.
- The last time we took over the Kaivopuisto park, because
we heard it's supposed to be so much fun on Friday nights,
but we found it a real bore, so we went home and left
it for those who have better use for it.
- Nerds don't [have use for it], as instead of partying and boozing
they are happy with a powerful computer
and an unhealthy amount of cola.
Computer nerds stuffed themselves into the lockers
on the Helsinki railway station.
Today afternoon a group of computer enthusiasts, so called "nerds"
packed themselves into the storage lockers
at the railway station in Helsinki.
They called it a "nerd strike".
In the afternoon nerds stuffed themselves in the storage lockers
with their computers and cola.
- Can you explain us what's this "nerd strike" thing you're having here?
- Well, we hang out in these "boxes" and chat with each other.
- Via the 'net?
- Yeah.
With this performance, nerds wanted to show people
what "chatting" means.
- I write here on my computer
and my companion below here
chats with me.
- But isn't it a bit cramped and uncomfortable there?
- Nah, not really, maybe a bit on the warmish side.
We also asked what the nerds' own organization wants to
come forward for [?].
- We want to let the youth know that there are other things
to do on Friday nights, beyond drinking lots of beer
and pretending to be a tough guy.
You can do whatever you want to.
I like to create things myself, like
if I'm at home alone, I like doing things like
building Legos and electronics and
doing all kinds of stuff with the computer.
The mother of one of the nerd girls told us that the girl
gets about about 150 computer messages every day [WTF?]
Despite the fact that the Internet takes up most of her time,
she is the dux of her class [I didn't say this].
She hasn't bothered to learn to bike,
swim, or ski [this is bullshit, I can and could swim quite well!].
[...] into the storage lockers at the Helsinki Railway Station
by moving there for a few hours,
only accompanied by their computers.
If you're wondering what's a nerd, you'll find it out soon.
- Originally, this all began with nerds being the people
who are said to have "no life" and the "life"
is like Life with a big L.
"Nerds don' t drink, so nerds have no Life"
and at some point we came to the conclusion
that if you call us nerds, then let's be nerds,
let's be "rid of life" [referring to the name of the organization].
- What makes you a nerd?
- Well, I guess I could say that
I'm a nerd in multiple different ways.
Like if you want to, you can divide nerds
into computer nerds and, say, wimpy nerds.
I spend most of my free time in front of the computer,
not all of it, though, and on Friday nights
you probably won't be hanging out in town.
- How much time do you spend in front of the computer in a day?
- It depends a lot on the day.
Well, it's like, approximately,
at least three hours a day, minimum.
Sometimes it can go up to 15 hours.
- How do you feel about what the youngsters are doing here?
- Like, well, something I might have wanted
to do myself when I was younger.
- Pretty nice, huh, but it is cramped here.
- So, are you a nerd, Upi? I've noticed that
you are quite keen on surfing online.
- Next you're going to ask me if I live in a storage locker.
[...] but the youth, the dreadful, the ...nerds!
- At the moment we're still finishing the arrangements
so that we can soon move into the storage lockers.
- So you're going to move to these lockers, what the hell?
- Yeah, the rents here are very cheap, only 10 FIM a day!
- So you, err, plan to communicate with the entire world
using the Internet, while in those lockers?
- Actually, only each other at this time.
- Define me the word "nerd".
- For example, me.
- Aren't there any other definitions?
- There are probably three million definitions,
one is, say, ninny, one is dux,
someone who's really enthusiastic about school,
then we have wearing glasses, having zits...
- I find it amazing that a woman can be a nerd.
- How many woman are there here anyway,
I thought I'd only see guys.
- Well, out of the memberbase we have like 1/6 women,
in our meetings it's more than that.
- Is the opposite of a nerd a hick?
- Heh, no. The opposite of a nerd -- it's very simple really,
the opposite of a nerd is someone who isn't a nerd.
Like if someone here says that Maija is a nerd, then
someone who's like non-Maija is not a nerd.
- What we're after here is that Internet creates a
a channel of communication, which means that
you don't have to go in the town,
don't have to hang out in a park somewhere
- Yeah, but dear, this is what it comes to,
you are no longer meeting people,
you're eating pizza, drinking coke,
tapping on your keyboards.
If you go to the park, you no longer know how to
form contact with the other people there.
- Oh, we don't?
- Oh my god.
- I'll change my perception of the Internet!
- What was your life like before the Internet?
- Um, it's a bit hard to say, because
I was so young back then, like 13 or 14,
and there were all sorts of changes in my life
I wore a pilot jacket and black boots and black jeans
and in general I was quite a hooligan.
Then I started to communicate with other people
and well, had to come up with something else.
- What has been the highest point, what has brought you
the most joy, when you've connected with someone?
- Must be the times when I get to connect
with my girlfriend, who's somewhere behind you.
- How many hours do you spend in front of the computer in a day?
- Depends on the day. On average two hours.
But on New Year's Eve I might spend 12 hours in a row online.
- Chatting the whole time?
- Yes.
- I feel deep anxiety that when I get to some Internet address
there are paths going who knows where,
it makes me feel like I'm in a jungle
I can never get out of and I get, how would I put it,
an information overload anxiety.
Don't you ever get it?
- Uh... it's so rare for me to go randomly
surfing online that no, I don't, but I do
get the same kind of anxiety.
It's like ...you can't find anything.
- It would be great if the whole mankind could communicate together
whether you live in the Filippines or Finland or...