Embossing Arts & Crafts Tips : Multi-Color Embossing Powder

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.11.2007

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and on behalf of Expert Village, we’re continuing in our
series of using embossing techniques in your card making. In this segment, I’m going
to show you how we use a multi-colored embossing powder and the effects that it gives. Up until
this point, we’ve used all solid colors that have just been white, pink, or black.
In this one we’re going to use what we call a multi-color. It’s got some silver and
some dark blue in there. What we’re going to do is ink up our stamp. It looks like our
ink pad is running out, so at this point I’ll tell you. With your embossing pad, just like
any inkpad, you can get a re-inker for it. What I’m going to do is just squeeze some
of this embossing ink on the pad and just rub it in there to the pad as I squeeze it
out. This saves you from having to buy a whole new pad, which can get costly if you do a
lot of embossing. At this point, I’ll just ink up the stamp. That’s much better. Making
sure that we’ve got all the edges inked, and then straight onto this black piece of
cardstock, pressing firmly down, holding the cardstock, and raising it right up. I’m
going to sprinkle this. This is going to be so pretty. Just sprinkling that on there.
You can maybe see the silver powder and the dark purpley blue powder. I’m going to tap
that off. I’m going to move this so it doesn’t blow. I’m going to heat our heat tool. I
want you to watch as it melts to see how the colors appear.
You can see with this one especially that the silver became the predominate color, but
as I move it in the light, that indigo or dark blue or dark purple color just kind of
shimmers out from beneath the silver. The fun thing about colored embossing powder is
you can get them in a wide variety of colors. You can get bronzes mixed with silvers and
it really adds a nice touch and unexpected bit of elegance to your project. So I highly
recommend experimenting with multi-colored embossing powders. They’re very inexpensive;
they can be found at your scrapbook or craft supply store. They’re a fun way to add a
little extra touch, a little extra elegance to your cards and scrapbook creation.