Os Barbixas - Improvável - Tecla SAP (com Bruno Motta e Allan Benatti)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 08.07.2010

"SAP Button", for Daniel and Allan.
They will improvise a scene and we will change the scene's language
just like we change it with the SAP button on our TVs.
I'll press my button here
and we will change from portuguese to another language,
and when I press it again, we change back to portuguese.
We'll choose a language now, give me your suggestions, please.
Arabic? You said 'arabic' in arabic.
'Aarh!' That's 'arabic' in arabic, did you know?
Arabic is our language and the title is 'The cheap stuff costs a lot!'
'The cheap stuff costs a lot' is the title of the scene, "SAP Button", from portuguese to arabic,
starting in portuguese and starting now!
CD sale! One for five bucks, two for ten!
Hey, does this CD have...
From Jonas Brothers?
We have Jonas Brothers, we have news of...
And if you want, we can buy DVD too.
But is this stuff original?
I will want all of it!
All of it? Oh, that's great!
What is this?
Take it easy, pal, easy...
Listen here, I wanna know what the hell is...
Shania Twain is here...
But it's all original, all original!
A real motherfucker!
Because that's all pirate CDs...
Gonna go to jail, to jail!
Hey, he's the one who sold them to me!
Hey, fuck you, get out!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.