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Let me show you some clever ways to go from this to something like this, without breaking
the bank. Now I really enjoy finding ordinary things that are very affordable, classic in
the look and use them in creative ways. For instance, these cylinder vases, you can do
a million different things with them. They're a lot fun to dress up for various occasions
and as gifts. And so what I've done here is I've taken one, and rather than cover it,
I've just filled it with various kinds of citrus– lemons and limes slices here, with
just bouquet of yellow Mums. Bright and perky and very affordable. And take a look at this
vase, I just took some purple ribbon, with a little green band on it, and I wrapped it
all the way around this cylinder vase. Tied a little green Raffia at the top and filled
it up with these mauve-colored tulips. A beautiful gift. And then, what I'm doing here, I just
wanna show you how you can take ordinary ribbon and just attach your ribbon. I like to start
at the bottom. And I'll just fold a piece of ribbon like that and attach the ribbon
here and then just gently turn the vase. And just keep a little tension on it. It takes
more ribbon than you might imagine. This is really a fun polka dot ribbon that I'm gonna
take all the way to the top. You want just enough overlap. And bring it to the top. Take
a pair of scissors and cut it off like this. And carefully slide it under there, so it
adheres to the vase itself and the ribbon. And then pull across like that. Yep. Now you
can decorate that up, just about anyway you like. Now take a look at this one. I've been
taking just some various twigs of different colors, and I've used this natural jute, and
I'm gonna tie this around. So if you're doin' some sort of a dinner party, or you're looking
for ways to set a table for a rehearsal dinner or something like that, these are affordable
and creative ways to do flower vases. And then if you take something like these gorgeous
Hyacinths that have a tendency to flop anyway. Let me add some water, first. What I like
to do is keep them banded at the base like this, and then I just gently slide the Hyacinths
in there. And these natural twigs will help give them some support. As you can see, by
taking something ordinary and applying a little imagination to it you can come up with some
extraordinary things. If you're enjoying these tips, make sure you tell a friend about them.
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