Felicia Day and Colin Ferguson Crochet Together!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 14, 2012

FELICIA DAY: Hey, everybody, welcome to The Flog.
I'm Felicia Day.
This is my show.
This looks a little bit different.
I will tell you.
I am going to Europe for several weeks so the show is
going to be a little bit abbreviated this month.
I will try to send some Fave Fives from there to include in
the show, but if not, you're still going to get an awesome
segment every week.
I gotta get to the airport really quick, but I'm going to
do a Fave Five along the way, driving, for you.

Really smooth.
Ooh, hello.

Number one is Talesworth Adventure.
It's a really fun casual game that's on Kongregate and on an
iPad app, now.
It's a puzzle game.
And you play this dude named Questy.
And he goes in a straight line no matter what until you bribe
him with objects or other sort of things.
Oh my god, I need my passport.
Number two is a CD I downloaded for my trip.
It's Jonathan Coulton's new album, Artificial Heart.
I mean, it's not that new.
It actually was out in September, but
I'm late to the game.
If you're not familiar with him he's a
fantastic indie artist.
He does nerdy folk songs.
He plays a lot of conventions.
And I just missed my turn.
This is a good idea, doing this driving--
and illegal.
Three I saw on a tweet by Jarret Ray.
It's called Console to Closet.
It's a Tumblr where each post is putting together an outfit
for a video game character like Banjo-Kazooie or
Commander Shepard or Isabela from Dragon Age.
I forgot to pack socks.
Next is a web comic that a viewer named Oglaf linked me.
It's called Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.
And it's just that.
It's a comic--
self-explanatory, definitely worth checking out.
How soon are you supposed to get to the airport when you
have international?
It's two hours, isn't it.
It's two?
Oh, crap.

Why doesn't somebody drive me places?
OK, for the last one, I just don't have time.
I can't.
We're circling.
I don't know where my terminal is.
It's a YouTube video with a wiener dog with no back legs.
Just look at the description.
Where is my terminal?
I'm going to be late.

I'm here with my friend Colin Ferguson.
FELICIA DAY: And we're going to go learn how to crochet.
COLIN FERGUSON: I showed up here today thinking I was
going to croquet.
FELICIA DAY: He emailed me and was like, I want
spats and a bow tie.
COLIN FERGUSON: An argyle sweater, yeah.
FELICIA DAY: But we're going to go learn how to crochet.
So this is Sarah.
She works here at the Knit Culture Studio.
How did you get into crocheting and knitting?
SARAH BLACK: My mom and my grandma both are knitters.
I figured out you could actually make useful items
from knitting and crochet.
FELICIA DAY: So Sarah, what are we making today?
SARAH BLACK: We're going to work towards making a little
stuffed mouse.
COLIN FERGUSON: With a shield.
FELICIA DAY: It's a belly.
A little belly.
FELICIA DAY: What are you talking about?
COLIN FERGUSON: It's a shield.
FELICIA DAY: It is not a shield.
OK, so we prepicked our colors.
And I'm going to attempt to try to make a Johnny the
Iguana Swanguin.
COLIN FERGUSON: And I will choose two of these, and I
don't know which ones.
SARAH BLACK: You have to start by making a circle.
SARAH BLACK: So put the tail in your palm, wrap it around--
FELICIA DAY: Wrap it around, under, pull this through.
SARAH BLACK: There you go.
Stick your crochet hook through.
COLIN FERGUSON: I grabbed the working yarn.
FELICIA DAY: This is rocket science.
That was the hardest thing I've ever done.
SARAH BLACK: That's fine.
You only need to do six stitches.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, is that all?
SARAH BLACK: 1, 2 3, 4, 5, 6.
FELICIA DAY: What happened?
No, no, no, don't touch it.
Don't touch it.
Help me.
Help me.
SARAH BLACK: So what you do with this is you pull that
tail that's been bothering you.
Thank you.
SARAH BLACK: This little kind of a loop here,
this littler circle--
FELICIA DAY: Um, mine is not circular.
SARAH BLACK: It's a little circular.
Those are stitches.
SARAH BLACK: You're going to increase into each one.
COLIN FERGUSON: I'm like the bastard step-cousin.
It's just like, you're doing good.
You're doing great.
You just keep going.
FELICIA DAY: So, oh, I want to pull and I want to wrap and
pull through both of them.
Oh, OK.
The light bulb.
It's just like faintly flickering like--
you gotta wrap it around again.
I'm better at telling you what to do than doing anything
competently myself.
I wonder what that means?
SARAH BLACK: Now we're just going to do a single crochet
into each stitch.
FELICIA DAY: So how do we do that?
I've forgotten.
That was minutes ago.
And then I'm going to wrap again and I'm going to go
through again.
You are getting very loose, but other than that--
SARAH BLACK: Do a single crochet into one.
And then in the next one, do two single crochet.
FELICIA DAY: For some reason, mine looks like a sombrero and
yours looks like a little hattie.
I had to move my car so is the reality.
So Sarah quickly picked up my thing and undid--
FELICIA DAY: Very nice stitching.
COLIN FERGUSON: --a lot of the evil.
You know what?
I'm awesome.
Look at this.
Who knew.
SARAH BLACK: So to decrease, you go in.
Go into the next one.
Now, yarn over and pull it through all three.
COLIN FERGUSON: I'm actually decreasing, but
it's getting wider.
I'm turning the crochet world on its head right now.
SARAH BLACK: Your stitches are getting tight, but--
COLIN FERGUSON: Is that like a really good compliment?
When you're like, you know what?
Your stitches are good.
FELICIA DAY: You've got some tight stitches, lady.
COLIN FERGUSON: You've got some tight stitches.
FELICIA DAY: You've got some tight stitches.
Oh, mine is-- there are some holes.
This is some unattractive stitches here.
COLIN FERGUSON: Do you think this is what God does when He
creates humans?
He's like, oh, I totally messed that bit up.
I feel like talking to the mouse, going, I tried.
I tried to do it right.
I just--
FELICIA DAY: Could you see yourself in front of the TV
doing this?
COLIN FERGUSON: Um, yes, I could, actually.
FELICIA DAY: Because you play tower defense.
I lost half my lifeline that day.
FELICIA DAY: Kingdom Rush.
See, this is-- we're dishing.
We're dishing.
COLIN FERGUSON: Oh, we're bonding!
Whoa, it happened!
It happened.
FELICIA DAY: It happened!
We've broken through a knitting circle.
So we're going to do this until we close up the animal.
SARAH BLACK: You want to put some stuffing in it?
FELICIA DAY: Oh, stuff it.
So when I get down to a little butt-hole size.
SARAH BLACK: Well, you might want it a
little bigger than that.
FELICIA DAY: Whoa, I'm getting so narrow I can't even keep my
finger in here.
That was not meant to be dirty.
COLIN FERGUSON: How much stuffing do I put in?
Just keep going until she's a gonna burst?
SARAH BLACK: Yeah, it's kind of up to you.
FELICIA DAY: Now everything's dirty.
SARAH BLACK: How firm you want it to be.
FELICIA DAY: Now everything's dirty.
Come on, guys.
COLIN FERGUSON: Yeah, look at that.
FELICIA DAY: You actually have a mouth shape, you jerk.
So much for an iguana swanguin.
COLIN FERGUSON: There, I decreased it shut.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, you did.
Look at you.
She didn't-- she was tot--
COLIN FERGUSON: Decreased it shut.
FELICIA DAY: Looks beautiful.
FELICIA DAY: Ok, so we want to put eyeballs on ours, just to
make it look anthropomorphic-ness.

This is not going well.
COLIN FERGUSON: It's an ear.
It's an eye ear.
FELICIA DAY: You're making an ear.
SARAH BLACK: It's an antenna.
COLIN FERGUSON: (SINGING) Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, that's pretty cute.
He's got feelers.
Well, Sarah, I have to say that it's been amazingly
enjoyable to learn how to do this.
COLIN FERGUSON: I think everybody should croquet.
FELICIA DAY: No, it's crochet.
COLIN FERGUSON: You could play croquet with it.
FELICIA DAY: What did you name yours?
FELICIA DAY: Behold the glory that is that.
So in the comments, everybody leave the story of this
nameless guy-- who you will name--
and Johnny the Iguana Swanguin head.
You could tell a saga that's worthy of being told.
OK, bye.
COLIN FERGUSON: Bye, everybody.

FELICIA DAY: OK, so no questions of note this month
because I couldn't fit the typewriter in my suitcase
without going over weight.
But there's some awesome videos on Geek and Sundry that
you should check out.
Dark Horse Comics is doing a Hellboy run,
which is super awesome.
Tabletop has Ticket to Ride, one of my favorite iPad apps.
And Sword and Laser is reading Hyperion, a classic.
So check all of them out, and I will see you guys next week.
Oh, I'm going to be--
OK, I gotta go.
You're going to take my car home, right?