SNSD Hell0 B@by ep 12 p2/6 [eng subs]

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sica: I'm alone
sica: Because I am living by myself
sica: he likes it. quick, sing to him. [sing it to me quickly]
sica: effect
tiff: this is the first time I'm singing to a guy
[I am also getting nervous]
tiff: I'm nervous [Jessica Mom playing the guitar]
[what's the sound that's spoiling the atmosphere]
[Jessica Mom already excited]
sica: okay. begin.
[by myself, i say my love]
[send away my love]
[in the folds of the lonely accumulated memories]
[the tears hang]
[even if you're far away, i hope that you'll be happy]
[Love line formed]
sica: you have to follow to the beat
[suddenly talking about beats]
sica: right? she didnt follow the beat [the atmosphere was okay]
tiff: how was my singing?
[totally likes it!]
[this time is 'Cold Noodles']
[My teeth are so cold. Naengmyun naengmyun naengmyun.]
[something edible?]
[Even so, I love you.]
sica: you like dog?
[what are you saying?]
[*angry. you like me or the dog]
sica: he doesn't smile when he sees me [hesitating]
sica: what are you looking at?
sica: he's just like me
being in a daze like me
tiff: sing a song for you again? [I'm not day dreaming!]
sica: sing other song
[2009 Popular Hot Song Tell Me Your Wish]
[draw the ideal woman in your head]
[i'm your mom]
[your genie]
[your mom]
sica: oh dream car dream car [kyungsan ah! you are not day dreaming right?]
[Dream car~]
[I'm feeling much better now]
tiff: you like it? how was it?
[that child?]
['that's right'! not 'that child']
tiff: I'm always with Kyungsan that's why I'm starting to speak like him [*excuses. I'm always with Kyungsan...]
sica: Tiffany. That child, I
[why did you laugh about me T.T]
[dont want to sit in the Dream Car]
sica: you are good at carrying him now
[recently doesnt reject Tiffany Mom]
tiff: Kyungsan doesnt seemed to have become closer towards me
instead i feel...
i was quite shocked
Because there's no problem with carrying him,
holding hands,
touching his head and feeding him biscuits,
I felt that I have became closer to him
but kyungsan only thinks
I'm someone who carries him?
not as a Mother
sica: last time when there are 8-9 Mothers,
the chances to meet and interact with KS aren't much
because there are other Mothers
I'm just watching him from afar
today I've tried carrying him
and interact with him
even though I'm the only one talking
to be able to spend time together like this, it's really great
even though it's great, but doesn't feel to have become closer
because kyungsan likes the tripod
kyungsan ah. you will regret after today
in the end kyungsan is attracted to the tripod
tripod shooo~
tiffany ah. do you really dislike kyungsan
playing with the tripod?
hardworking korean boy, kyungsan
snatched away the tripod
tiff: aigoo~ this is pretty
lala lala lala lala
definitely not giving to kyungsan
right now, a triangle love?
[there's other tripods other than that]
approaching kyungsan's favourite, the tripod
tiffany ah. try understanding him
in the end, kyungsan holding onto the tripod tightly
lost hope
venting anger on innocent yoongsan
[wanted to become closer..]
[but seems like I'm lacking somewhere]
end of today. hope to become closer.
[a few days later] kyungsan and us, meet again.
Harmony in the Baby House
yuri: kyungsan has grown bigger seohyun: grown alot
kyungsan's recently growing very quickly
hyoyeon: kyungsan play this
[kyungsan ah! show mummy once] shake shake shake
shake shake shake
[if I were to show them, they will ask for more] shake shake shake
looking forward to it
shake shake shake
[show us will you? don't always reject us]
[kyungsan who showed us the cute head shake]
[so cute~]
[getting ready to play the xylophone]
aiya. you're doing great
[don't add noises. just playing the music]
tiff: our cute baby
seohyun: *cries
yuri: its exactly the same! really
[exactly the same]
yuri: you're the best
tiff: my baby
[totally similar]
hyoyeon: everybody sing together (butterfly). ready start
butterfly butterfly fly over here
[who will he fly to?]
tiff: Flower butterfly
[out of nowhere, a Flower butterfly?]
taeyeon: there's one butterfly
[don't care anymore]
*singing the song in another version
[dancing is better]
[cameramen, catch me]
[celebrate: dancer kyungsan borned!]
[all in a mess.]
[dancer kyungsan's stage]
[the audience are totally excited]
[have to let them calm down]
[it's as if they are drunk]
hyoyeon: kyungsan ah. fly!
[looking straight at dancer kyungsan]
hyoyeon: fly like this
*flap flap
[embarrassed to watch already.] what are your expressions like, facing your back at us?
[truthfully, what thoughts could kyungsan have?]
taeyeon: he became positive(or happier)
[if kyungsan is happy, the soshi moms are happy too] yuri: he's in a good mood
[parents' feelings are all the same] hyoyeon: kyungsan really seems to have grown alot
his teeth
[unknowingly, kyungsan have 4 teeths already] have four teeths
[when he grows more, more teeth can be seen] you can see them easily
seohyun: kyungsan's expression
[his face features getting clearer]
tiff: we have to give kyungsan a massage (juuka juuka)
for his leg growth
seohyun: that's right. have to do it when they are still a baby
sooyoung: seems like only his head have become bigger
[I don't like to have short body too]
[if you're like me, you'll be tall and thin] sooyoung: its not okay with just the head getting bigger