Interview with Na`Vi-Smile (english subs)

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 12.07.2012

We are in Kiev, at the 2nd Season of StarLadder. I'm now with a player of the team Natus Vincere who's name is Sergey Revin, also known as Smile.
- Hello, Sergey. - Hi.
Now, tell me. Your matches have been delayed for a bit, so you were going to watch a couple of other teams fighting each other, your potential opponents. Who will it be?
Firstly, MoscowFive. Vladimir is always good at LAN. Secondly – mouz, who are the most difficult opponent for us as we have recently lost every our match versus them. These two I consider to be the most dangerous opponents for my team.
Got you. You were representing MoscowFive at the first International tournament. So, when you finally joined Na`Vi, perhaps you were realizing that most likely you would be going to the second one, too. But it was not that certain at the moment. What was your reaction when you got to know that your team is going to attend the event for sure? Or you knew it before everyone else did?
We were performing quite well during the year. So, it was kind of really expected that we would get an invite because of our good results and also because of the fact that Na`Vi won the first International. I'm a very emotionally-stable person, so it wasn't that big for me, when they told me we are going to attend. I did experience some moments of joy, nevertheless. But nothing really too special, so to say.
How can you explain a big number of Asian teams at the event, which prevails over the American and European teams? How do you think, is there any reasonable justification behind this decision or is it just the trust in the Asian scene on IceFrog's part?
I think the trust is reasonable, because Asian teams were performing really solid. Those five Chinese teams from the first DotA with the several best players in the world were able to put up some big numbers. Malaysia is also catching up. So, all of the above justifies their presence enough, I think.
Do you follow the Asian scene? Is their game style any different from the American and European?
Well, it really is different. It's kind of unique. American and European play styles are pretty similar, for example. And yes, we do follow the Asian scene, watching their replays and videos. We are going to prepare hard for them before the International.
Talking about replays. Have you noticed anything surprising while watching it? Was there anything really impressive in their game?
Not really. The differences are not that big. But one can certainly tell that they make progress rapidly. It's obvious.
It is known that before the International some heroes are going to be added to the game. I think you a couple of them already. The tournament is just a couple of months away and there will be some changes made. Do you think it will affect the whole thing to any considerable extent?
I do. The ban/pick phase will be altered to some extent strategy-wise. The teams will choose what heroes they are not comfortable playing against. I think it will result in some heroes remaining in the pool which were mostly banned in the past.
Recently, the WCG-committee have announced that in 2012 DotA 2 will replace League of Legends as the official title. But according to the WCG-rules only teams of countrymen with the same residence are allowed to even take part in the qualifiers. Do you think Na`Vi will let you gather your own team and practice in Russia with your mates just for this tournament or you don't see it happening?
I think they will. Why not? We have good relationship, so I think they will understand. So, I will put together some mix and start fighting against you [MoscowFive], ha-ha.
Talking about a mix. Imagine there are only two days left before the tournament. What would be the other 4 players standing with you?
Well, the best players of all the best Russian teams, except for MoscowFive.
Any particular players, just to name a few?
Lost, may be NS, Blow, scandal... something like this.
Ok, got you. What do you think about the replacement of the titles as a whole? Is there any VALVe's money involved? What's your opinion on it?
I don't really know anything behind the scenes on this subject, but I suppose their competition [Riot Games vs. VALVe] is quite high, so there is definitely a possibility of the money involved.
Ok. I remember meeting you for the first time at the M5 birthday celebration party, when PGG was kind of trolling and picking on you. How far were you from the so-called “boiling point” to just go ahead and smack him?
- Just a couple of seconds away. - Oh, I see.
You seem to be in a good shape. Do you do some sports or is it just a good effect of playing DotA that keeps you staying fit?
I do sports my whole life up to this day. Playing soccer, jogging, etc.
- How long are you planning to keep playing DotA - I guess, until I get bored or kicked from all the top teams, ha-ha.
As far as I know you are the support in the team. Have you ever considered yourself in a different role in Na`Vi?
Not really. I really got used to my role during those 3 years that I'm playing it. No problems with that. I like my role, because I do it better than everyone else does.
What about the other players in Na`Vi? Are they prepared well for the International or are you guys planning to make some big improvements to your game and yet not prepared that well for the current tournament?
I think we are prepared pretty good, because we were practicing hard and quite productive during the last four days before this event. The team is both morally and technically prepared. I see this tournament as the last test before the International.
- Ok, thanks for the interview. Good luck. - Thank you. Good-bye.