TrollsNews 76 - BG Kumbi, and Jessi Slaughter

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 23.05.2012

TrollsNews today a 9gag fighter
Jessi Slaughter is back
Good evening and welcome to another episode of TrollsNews, show that brings you all the
important information about trolls or just a random drama on the internet.
The first report of today was brought to you by Stephen19951, yes he was the first to send
me this, there is no need to ask in comments, I got your message! And his report is about
BG Kumbi who presents himself to be supporter of 9gag, and he is a most likely troll because
he's just a perfect idiot, he starts his video by brushing his hair and it gets stupider
from there.
In his video he claims that the 9gag creator made stick figures called memes, this is like
nine different flavors of retarded, but one of the greatest parts is when he says that
some 9gag users are using mask in protests that is called the 9gag meme mask, of course
he talks here about guy fawkes mask. Further in his video he basically declares war on
4chan, which is something I haven't hear since JustinQuaker and he says that all users supporting
4chan in his video comments will be reported to police. In his next video he talks about
moot, that he will be reported to police and to Dog the Bounty Hunter, the video is called
apology video to 4chan, but only apology that he makes is for his mispronunciation of 4chan
in his previous video. This troll is fun, I like him.
Darrenhenderson3 brought the next report of today, some of you might argue that this is
not really news because it's from march 2012 and you're right, but it's interesting, Jessi
Slaughter is back. Of course this is a little misleading, youtube user coc ksucker posted
a video of her chatting with people on the internet. We cannot see to what she really
replies we can only hear what she has to say, but it's still fun in kind of twisted way.
What we can see is that she didn't change much, she is still just a dumb girl, I suspect
that she has only brain slushie in her head. At one part of the video she puts her fist
into her mouth, after seeing such thing consequences will never be the same. It also seems that
this video was shot from her original room, which means that she returned home after her
father dun goofed. Of course you can comment on the videos there but you will be backtraced
by cyber police.
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My name is Vol Jang and that is Steve, stay safe under the youtube bridge.