Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Part 2: Engine

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 30.04.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
The First block I bought was a B21 with a 530 head and a SAAB turbo. It produced 240hp
I had 500cc injectors. With RON98 and 1.2bar boost it made 240hp Now I have 1.6 bar and 500 hp with E85 ethanol
Couple of years ago I bought this block. It's a B230 turbo
With the block I got a 531 head wich is now ported and has bigger valves 46/38
A tighter cam and compression ratio is 9,5
AMW intake manifold and HarriK exhaust with minor modifications
The turbo is a HX40 Super, wich works great with this pressure and this amount of power
325,8kW, 443whp and 500hp from engine
Looking professional
The paper's burning
We overbored the block so it doesn't get stuck immediately after heating
It's pretty basic shit, no concrete in the block.
Are you gonna paint the oil filter mounting flange too?
Wait a second! Fuck!
I painted it red.
Crankshaft is going to be stock. Normal B230 crankshaft with h-profile rods
Do you have a billet crankshaft?
No, it's stock. It was just machined.
Three of the crankshaft bearings looks like this The Sylinders and everything else looks good.
They said the crankshaft is in good shape other than it's a bit twisted
The machinist asked:" What is this thing" When I said that It runs on ethanol..
"Is this a street car?" Kinda...
We have now 1,5 months
Last year I drove with Sten Parners pistons, but this year I have Wisecos
We'll see how they work.
Sten Parners worked good. New bearings and some small adjustments.
Those we'll change now
Aha, aha.....doesn't say anything
Aha, aha...and they lived happily ever after
Thick shit. 10W-60
Quite good actually, but I think I'll be still using milk with my cereal
Doesn't have much taste.
Got a bit out of hand.
Everything has worked well. Not a single engine failure.
I had never build an engine before I started this project
No problems with the first engine and this second one has worked great too
Only thing is that those crankshaft bearings looked a bit rugged, they looked like a rig had drove over them.
But nothing big, the crank wasn't too twisted because of the bearings.
The car has been running lean and have had cluch kicks and rev limiter more than it should've had.
It's worked well
This is a BRE special nozzle for Dyson It's Phillips
Sucks still
This must be treated like a...I can't say what
This is the censored version
This is a family program
Yes, specially for small children I can't swear or anything
Sexuality and psychoanalysis...
Mounting this old hose As a student I can't afford replacing everything
Students must have hobbies too.
I dedicate this to those "Dad pays"-people
Where the fuck did I leave the...cap...
It's been like this all day... Aa there it is!
The minute I let something out of my hands I forget where did I put it
I hit myself earlier with a hammer. Didn't hurt much. Doesn't look so bad.
Then it went all white
It's very easy to check timing when there is nothing to check it from
It's like this. "Yeah two degrees more"
Didn't go quite as I planned
Was this so thingt last year? Henkka?
But this is a GoodYear!
I spent money!
Tight like a......forget it, this is, once again, a family program
This is swedish alliance
Two finnish swedes trying to get a fucking russian GoodYear timing belt in place
And the motor stand is from Biltema too
Now I have to guide it , now it goes. Perkele
Wait a second, wait Quite loose belt...
Hold it, don't put it so far, keep it on the edge. Now spin it, and it goes on it's place.
Henkka don't disturb me now and it goes well.
Don't come now here! Don't touch it!
I turn it with a screwdriver... Don't touch it with any screwdriver now!
Don't touch anything! I could put it now on it's place from here
Look how nicely it sits now
It isn't good here It isn't supposed to be yet
You said it isn't supposed to be there yet!
It burns! Not anymore