Christian & Oliver Part 73 - 01.10 - 02.10.12

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I thought you two broke up for good. Here you go.
I thought so, too, but then I realized I still care about her.
Sounds like a reconciliation.
I'm surprised Jessy didn't show up two hours early. Tanja and Clarissa probably pinned her hands to the desk.
I hope that's the only reason. She had some qualms this morning, I better call her.
Well, but it looks like Dad found a solution.
He's all I needed!
Mail box.
So much for our reconciliation. Seems it doesn't mean so much to her after all.
Can I chalk it up? I guess I forgot my wallet at the hospital.
Say, do you want to go see a movie later? This new zombie-robot film is supposed to be great!
Says who? Andi, our movie expert with the exquisite taste?
No, the reviews. I'm going to reserve two tickets.
No, don't. Somehow I'm not up for car chases and explosions.
You don't really plan to stare at your cell phone all night and wait for a call from your alleged half-sister?
Man, Olli, put yourself in her shoes.
I mean, all of a sudden some guy appears, claiming that she was adopted and that he is her half-brother.
Give her time. Relax.
You think I'm obsessing over it? - Well...
Even if you think I'm crazy, at least I have her home number and I'll call now and ask what is going on.
Hello Bella, Olli Sabel here, you know, the guy who claimed he was your half-brother.
Please call me, here is my number again, just in case.
Man, Olli, I just don't want you to be disappointed. You're getting all worked up about it, even though-
Even though it's not certain that she really is my half-sister.
But you know what? I really have the feeling that she might be.
And I hope that she is, but all you can do is wait.
It's her.
Hello, Oliver Sabel.
I have no idea who you are or what you want from my daughter.
Mr Jacob, hello, I just want to talk to Bella real quick. Is she there with you?
No, and I don't know where she is. Bella is 27, she can do whatever she wants.
Of course, I... Just one question - Did you adopt Bella?
Bella is my daughter, and should you ever say anything else, I will come to Düsseldorf myself!
We're almost out of toothpaste.
Oh, look, little Olli under the Christmas tree.
And here, with a birthday cake.
Wow, you were a little pudge back then... a cute pudge.
Everything looks so normal. I just can't imagine my father having an affair.
Well... - If I could at least talk to Charlie.
Charlie has been through enough lately. She needs to enjoy her vacation, not contemplate old stories.
Good night.
Good night. I'm still wide awake, I'll come to bed later, okay?
Sleep well. - Sleep well.
Yes, I... um... I was already in Cologne but I came back because I...
I thought, I have to talk to you in person one more time.
You came back... that means... you were here before?
Yes, this afternoon, but it didn't work out, it... it doesn't matter.
The main thing is you're here now.
It doesn't mean I believe this adoption story. On the contrary, I want it to stop.
My father called, he freaked out when he heard about the adoption.
I noticed. - No wonder, right? Can you imagine how he feels?
How do you feel about it? What do you think?
If he says I'm his daughter, then it is true.
And if you are so sure, then why are you here?
You put jam on your cheese, too? - Do you have a problem with that?
No, but most of the time my flatmates laugh at me for doing that.
It seems you're absolutely sure that we are half-siblings, aren't you?
That's a bit overstated, but I have the feeling that we might be.
Aside from that feeling, what indications do you have?
Only what I showed you in Tübingen.
The letter from your adoptive parents to Clarissa von Anstetten.
At first I thought she was your mother, but she only arranged the adoption for her friend.
What else? - The picture I already showed you.
This one? - Correct.
And that's supposed to be me? And the stuffed animal in the back looks familiar to you?
May I introduce...
I'm sure there were thousands of them.
She didn't mean it like that, you are unique.
You're really crazy. - You're not the only one saying that.
Okay, let's sum it up - a feeling, a picture and a stuffed animal. That's not a lot.
I would love to give you a complete chain of evidence.
Have you ever thought of the simplest solution? - Which is?
Why don't you ask your father?
I would like to do that, believe me, but my father, or maybe our father now... he died 15 years ago.
Bella, since I've known about you, I've asked myself if he knew about you too.
And if he did, what did he think, what did he feel? - Stop!
To me this man is just a picture in an album.
I already have a family with trouble and secrets and all that. I'm leaving.
But don't you want to know what happened back then?
I... I'm not going to throw away my entire past just because of some totally crazy story you came up with!
But where do you want to go now? The last train to Tübingen already left.
You can sleep here on the sofa, if you want to. - No, no, don't bother I...
I need some fresh air and then I'll look for a cheap boarding house.
You don't have to, I can help you with it. - I'll manage!
Okay, but let's at least meet tomorrow. At No Limits, 10 o'clock.
We can go see Clarissa von Anstetten and grill her about it.
Why are you so persistent about this? Why do you care whether we're related or not?
After my father died I was often alone.
I always thought having a brother or sister would make things easier.
I'll see you tomorrow morning!
And why didn't you wake me?
I wanted to, but Bella didn't. I think it was hard enough for her to come here.
Well, I'm slowly starting to believe that you might be related. And now?
I might have scared her off.
I opened up and told her my thoughts, like the things I told you.
Well, whether our father knew about her. - "OUR father"?
Yes, I know I jumped the gun, but I couldn't help myself. After that she just wanted to leave.
It was clear that you were going to have an emotional outburst eventually.
I manage to live with it, somehow.
At least she agreed to meet again in a bit.
I can't imagine that she would disappear again, just like that.
Hello Papa, what's the matter? - You tell me! Why didn't you come home yesterday?
Didn't you get my text message? - I finally went to Mama's grave by myself.
I'm sorry. Next time I'll come with you, I promise.
Bella, you didn't tell me where you are. Are you with that guy who calls all the time?
Why? You can't take him seriously. He was behaving suspiciously, he sneaked around our house.
That was just a big misunderstanding. He wanted to meet me for good reasons.
Good reasons!
I don't know what this guy is up to, Bella,
but this adoption thing... nowadays criminals try anything imaginable.
Papa, you would tell me... if I was adopted, right?
You are my daughter, Bella.
Come back home and forget the nonsense that guy told you. I worry about you. I miss you, sweetheart.