Погладь кота! Ю_ю [Pet the cat!]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 25.02.2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov!
Do you know how to get many-many views on Youtube?
Piece of cake!
You just need to upload a vid of you petting a pussy.
Heey, when I said "pussy" i meant an animal, not the body part!
Concentrate! [Focus your eyes!]
[look at the pussy!]
Nah, it seems you really can't hold it together.
[only a dick :DD]
Let's try this.
[Pet the cat!]
[Pet him completely!]
Persistent kitty, I'll tell you that.
Hey girls! Why it is that when I try to do it you always slap me and not pet me?
And i do the same sad eyes like him!
Should I roll the ears as well? [ain't gonna help...]
[what a macho ;[ ]
Dunno about you but I wouldn't trust a guy with ears like that.
Or were you looking at the wrong pussy again? [pervs!]
It's the furry pussy you need to look at, the furry one!
I mean the one that you can see that it's furry...
You know... the one that...
I think I ruined it again [as usual :'( ]
All this pussy thing makes me think,
that a dirty flasher master has some sort of evil plot.
[master plan!]
With all the reuploads, this vid got a 2,5 mill views. In a week.
[outrage 0_0]
So that many people have already seen her...
Dieffenbachia [0_0]
If you know what i mean.
I mean this one, a real Dieffenbachia!
And you prolly were looking at the wrong pussy again!
[tired of calling you pervs...]
And this is Horosho!
Gangsta vid was sent by INiggaAI.
It's not really gangsta, but i don't think that the guy's a "nigga" either.
Juking about this hunk is a waste of teeth [cherish them like a memory]
Altho, screw the teeth! [a real man!]
Bet ya his screams hide his farts! [intellectual humor ;] ]
I understand everything!
The magical "thaaaaaaa" word helps him lift heavy stuff!
So does that mean that if I scream at a dumbbell I can lift it? [hysteria!]
Or maybe that is a universal method to achieve something?
[and nothing is in the way]
Oh no, gym to a bodybuilder is like a family.
So that means he's just having a quarrel with a weight.
[you bitch!]
[have you been working out with someone else?]
[i loved you!]
You know, I'm still afraid for my teeth.
So here's a few seconds of excuses.
[muscleman repentance]
Guy's doing great!
He's in a great shape, and of course i know that when you scream it's easier to lift the weight.
There, hope there won't be this
I'm a hunk and it hurt my hunk feelings.
[He's a hunk -->]
But by the looks of it, other guys are having fun.
But it's only while there's a video track.
[not so fun now, eh?]
Wanted to say that we require an exorcist here, but in this case i'm not sure who's gonna win.
Looks like this is just a failed attempt to go Super Sayan.
[bald supersayan?]
But really, this guy is quite fun.
Prolly they sold him some other pills instead of steroids.
[no =\ ]
And this is Horosho!
Last vid was sent by Mr.Trololo
And it's about a young businessboy who had discovered the benifits of Internet and a webcam.
I'm selling cheats for the test server of Tanks Online.
My Skype will be here, well, somewhere in the bottom.
Or, and, it's gonna be in the discription as well.
And, call me, i'll sell.
It's like, literally 1 account.
Well, the cheats are simple really.
Literally 2 cheats.
Cheats are for losers.
Can't win without cheats? Play Sims!
[or you'll lose]
And also, lay off this Tanks Online thing...
[pills instead of steroids]
Look at what it does to people.
[scary to watch :'( ]
its eezy, just write it in english.. [?]
Man, sometimes I really want to play Sparta...
It's when boys like this are thrown off a cliff.
But remember, he doesn't like freeloaders.
[hazardous to health]
I can just give it for free
But i don't like freeloaders.
I don't like freeloaders [He doesn't like freeloaders --->]
Got that, freeloader? He doesn't like you!
[not at all]
But don't be scared, he's not a bilk [in ukrainian stereotype accent]
I'm not a bilk, don't be...
Don't be afraid [marketing genious]
Damn, his ears are folded in such a funny way!
Maybe he can get that girl's attention?
[he's also looking at the pussy)) ]
Well, in general maybe the kid *is* on the road to success.
Call me, i'll sell.
It's like literally 1 account.
Well, the cheats are simple really.
Literally 2 cheats!
First it's cheats, then weed, then cocaine is on the way...
You know how it happens in life [Carlito's Way ]
this can seem strange to me coz there're a lot of bilks.
There's one really correct comment under this video.
[boy get out of the internet, you're making it more stupid]
I agree with it and hope the boy get's the message.
And this is Horosho!
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