How Blind People Use Instagram

Uploaded by TommyEdisonXP on 26.06.2012

So today, I'm going to show you how Instagram works.
You may be saying, "A blind guy using Instagram?"

The interesting thing about doing Instagram for me,
is that I get to take pictures of the world as it sort of goes by,
or of places that I go -
You know, little pictures of work or whatever,
And it's just sort of fun for me - I've never had a camera before.
And yes, just like the iPhone, Instagram is accessible too.
[VoiceOver] Instagram
So what that means is that the iPhone will talk to me as I move my finger around the screen.
and tell me where I am.
[VoiceOver] tab bar home tap bar popular tab bar camera
So, let's just get the camera up.
[VoiceOver] tap bar camera button
[click, blip]
And look, now on the bottom...
[VoiceOver] take photo button
That's what it will do.
So we'll just take a picture of the crew.
Why am I holding the phone up to my face, like I can look through the thing, is beyond me.
But here we go.
[phone imitates camera click]
And there's our picture. So I can just run my finger across the bottom of the phone,
and it'll tell me what filters I have to choose from.
[VoiceOver] apply filter Amoro button
[click] apply filter Rise button
So we'll select filters Pro 2.
[VoiceOver] Apply filters Pro 2.
So let's accept our picture.
[VoiceOver] accept photo button
[click, blip]
And now we have to put caption on it.
[VoiceOver] caption
So now we'll just tell Siri what to write...
[VoiceOver] dictate [blip]
(Tommy) Here's a picture of the crew comma as we shoot the Instagram video period
Now we have to choose all the different sharing options.
[VoiceOver] toggle twitter sharing toggle facebook sharing
toggle flickr sharing toggle tumblr sharing
switch button on [blip] off [blip] on
[VoiceOver] done
[click, blip]
(Tommy) And here's our Instagram, look.
[VoiceOver] here's a picture of the crew as we shoot the Instagram video
by blindfilmcritic image
(Tommy) I've been getting some interesting comments about these, too.
You know, somebody told me that one was just an orange smudge.
[Tommy laughs]
So, I took a nature shot one time, and somebody said I couldn't screw up nature,
I took one of myself and it was a shot up my left nostril,
so it was great.
♪ [BFC bumper music]

Someone asked me one time, if I checked these pictures out with anybody.
The answer is no. They're much more fun this way.
I don't think I'd ever take pictures if I asked anybody what they looked like.
You know, if they were any good or not.
So that's the fun of Instagram.
Join in everybody.
Follow me already.