The Amazing Race Latino America 3 Ep 1 p 1 subtitled

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In front of us, the impacting glacier Cerrito Moreno,
An ice giant. 30km of landmass and almost 70m of height
make it one of the most impressive natural heritage sites
in the world.
From here, eleven teams of different countries in Latin America
will take off for a competition across the continent to win $250k.
This is The Amazing Race.
They are here with just one goal:
get to the final stop of this exciting adventure and win The Amazing Race.
Nicolas & Cristobal are identical twins from Santiago de Chile
We've been playing rugby since we were tiny
We are very well prepared physically
And we are intelligent and observant people
In everything we do, we always try to
be the best at what we are doing.
If I'm going to do something half-assed,
I'd rather not do it.
We are the most rounded couple to be able to complete in the race.
From Cordoba, Argentina, boyfriend and girlfriend Ale and Eze
We are both very visceral, we explode
Both of us always want to be right and I'm always right, of course!
I'm a very sincere gal I get angry
but my luck is over in a little while.
I am hot-headed, very explosive
I'm someone that when he doesn't like something
will immediately say it and probably in a bad way
And then he starts to fight!
The inseparable friends Vero & Gabba come from Aragua, Venezuela.
I am more impulsive but I think that makes us a good team.
You are like, more centred.
And she's a little bit crazier, yes, but when we are together a spark goes off
and the world stops and it's like only we are in it.
I'm willing to do everything on TAR the only thing that matters is getting to the end
No matter how
Boyfriend and Girlfriend Marisol & Jose are from Costa Rica.
I do think we are a good team because we have been together so long we know how we react under pressure and in a competition.
If we fight or communicate probably
well, she fights... she's a little possessive
she hasn't made a scene yet but
if a girl comes close or something...
Monica & Rosie are sisters-in-law from Guadalajara, Mexico.
I married her brother and divorced him almost seven years ago,
but I only split with her brother, she's still my sister-in-law.
Every time we watch the show we see ourselves there
doing the things they do.
You need the right attitude to push through everything
and your path will open up and you'll get there even sooner.
We want to do things right while having loads of fun.
From Lima, Peru siblings Andrea & Nico.
Andrea is really smart she has leader qualities
and loves to direct so she'll push me a lot
and I know we can win the Amazing Race.
We are adventorous and not afraid of anything
and we are willing to do everything, everything
to get to the final.
Boyfriend and girlfriend, Toya and Juan del Mar
from Bogota.
We enjoy life in the same way
hang out with our family
Love each other Love each other
And we are different in that she likes to go out
and she likes getting drunk!
I might be a bit of a healthier person
I like to take everything I do to a competitive level
It's the only way to improve yourself
He's very competitive and I'm sure that
I won't be able to do something and I know he'll go like this!
Mart & Remy are cousins living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We met that night under the stars...
We have always known each other, we are cousins
We grew up together as mates but with a very different way of seeing things
but we could complement each other really well or it could be a disaster!
Catastrophic Catastrophic
From Ecuador, friends Rosario and Pablo
We are ideal for the competition because we complement each other in the best way
We combine our physical and psychological ability
We always manage to get out of trouble and we have known each other for three years
I'm almost not scared of anything: like snakes, heights or speed
He grabs everything he finds on the street He would even eat it!
Doctors from Colombia, Felipe and Alejandro, are friends from Bogota
We met at university about 15 years ago
I used to not like him now only every now and then
We are similar in that we love sports and we are different in that I don't give a shit and he's really complicated
We are going to end up going to blows in the race
There will probably be complications 'cause of the personality differences
From Jalisco, Mexico Husband and wife Rick and Kathy
I like everything about him he's very social
We complement each other well
I like that she's very decisive but she can be a little bossy Bossy?!
but she has to learn that I am the boss! Sorry, but no
We never give up we are getting to the final whatever it costs
Even if it costs our marriage! Go on, then!
Welcome you are about to go on the adventure of your lives
A trek that will take you to the most impressive parts of this continent
The race consists of eleven legs full of challenges
that will test your physical and mental strength
Every leg has a pit stop and eight of those are elimination legs
The last team to arrive at those pit stops will be eliminated from the race
Listen closely: this time the first pit stop of the race has a prize for the team coming in first.
This is an Express Pass and it gives that team the ability to skip a task of their choice.
This is a very valuable strategic tool
When I give the signal run to your bags where you will find the first clue.
Travel with courage be wise and honourable.
Are you ready?
All: Yes!
Have a good journey.
Three... two... one!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!