Huevocartoon - La Hueva en América

Uploaded by huevocartoonpuntocom on 27.11.2009

Thank you, brainless, ignorant,
uncultured people who have nothing else to do, than being here!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Shut up, damn it!
Welcome to "The Egg in America"!
Today we have an idiot as guest;
an idiot who's been exploited by his boss...
...and who might keep secrets.
Help me welcome...
Stop clapping, I get nervous!
All right, you piece of trash!
Tell us what's your problem with your boss!
Well, he doesn't pay me, and...
...then he talks badly to me...
Why does he talk to you like that?
Who knows...
...he just never likes anything I do...
He always says everything I do is wrong!
Has he ever raped you?
Has he ever abused you, dumbass?
Well, the other day he was holding a Christmas tree star in his hand,
and he chased me all over the castle...
...and well, he caught me...
And what did he do with the star?
See for yourself...
My God!
Bring that...
...thoughtless animal, doctor Frankendemented!
Now, doctor...
...why did you do that to Eggor?
Do what?
What? What do you mean what? Well, all those abuses!
He asked for it!
Besides...he liked it...
Is that true, Eggor?
Did you like it?
Well, to be honest, yes I did...
But that's not the point, master,
the thing is you talk badly to me and then you don't pay me...
But he does everything wrong!
Why am I gonna pay this useless,
lazy, loafer,
You see... he talks to me?
Listen to me, you stupid bastard!
Here nobody talks badly to anyone...
...nor promotes violence!
So, either you calm down,
or I'll kick your ass!
All right then...
...but I refuse to pay him, when he makes everything wrong...
Do you have any proof that he makes bad works?
Of course I do!
Bring the Monstrous Egg!
Wait a second, you stupid jerk!
This is my show!
And only I call the guests in!
Bring the Monstrous Egg!
Look at this!
One day, I get to the castle and I find my creation... this!
He has a toaster in one hand and a blender in the other!
That's so he can help me in the kitchen, master...
The Monstrous Egg wasn't created to work in a kitchen.
Well, I'd say he wasn't created to work at all...
Well, he's not that bad...
You see? He's cute!
...besides, I even put a stove in it,
take a look...
Now my creation is a stove!
Do you want to see where I put the ignition button, master?
Look, there's two buttons and a stick, look...
I can't take it anymore!
Come here, Eggor.
I'll push your ignition buttons, until they get up your ass!
No, wait, master! C'mon man!
All right then, but just a little bit...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no...
Calm down, immediately,
or I'll take your yolk out through your eyes!
I'll push your ignition buttons too!
You damn wench!
I'll turn you...
...into the Monstrous Egg's girlfriend!
Come over here!
Help! Help, take this thing off of me!
Help! Help!