Introducing Google Chrome (BETA) for Mac

Uploaded by googlechrome on 05.12.2009

Hi. I'm Mike Pinkerton,
and my team and I have been working on Google Chrome for Mac OS X.
When we started working on Google Chrome for Mac,
we built it, AND rebuilt it, from the bottom up --
starting from the infrastructure of the browser,
all the way up to a clean, polished user interface that is easy to use.
Just like the Windows version we released last fall,
we wanted to make sure that the browser is fast,
and more secure.
But above all, we wanted to do it in a way that makes sense for the Mac.
It was important to us to make many of the useful features of Mac OS X
a part of the Google Chrome experience.
For starters, we've integrated the Mac OS spell checking service,
as well as the Keychain,
so that passwords created by the user can be stored and accessed centrally,
even when created by other web browsers.
In addition, we used the sandboxing support provided by the operating system to help make
Google Chrome even more secure.
We're excited to build on top of WebKit, which has enabled us to build a fast, snappy browser.
Google Chrome is fast to launch, and fast to load web pages.
In turn, we've also implemented important features that make Google Chrome a unique,
modern browser -
For example, crash protection.
Say you have ten different tabs open on your browser
since you're multitasking on ten different websites.
If one of these websites decides to crash or freeze,
you don't have to worry about your nine other tabs.
You can continue using your browser unaffected by the errant tab.
This is because every tab is a separate independent process.
Another important feature is the address bar that we affectionately call the Omnibox.
The Omnibox is at the heart of the browser - it's not only where you type in web addresses,
but also where you can directly type in searches,
get immediate suggestions for related searches or websites,
and access your bookmarks.
When you open a new tab, you'll notice the New Tab page,
which displays thumbnails of your recent and most visited websites.
With the New Tab page, your favorite destinations on the web are just a click away.
The New Tab page is flexible and customizable,
but also simple and easy to use.
You can rearrange thumbnails of your most visited websites.
Additionally, you can pin website thumbnails to a particular spot,
so they don't disappear even if your browsing habits change.
But enough from me.
We're excited to make Google Chrome for Mac OS X available in beta, and invite you to
try it out.