The Google Beat for December 3rd, 2010

Uploaded by Googlebeat on 02.12.2010

Anne Espiritu here with the Google Beat -- bringing you some of the week’s hottest
searches on Google in the US.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Many Americans turned to Google on Thanksgiving
Day to find out how to cook a turkey.
We saw searches for [turkey cooking time] and [temperature] spike last Thursday. And
many of you didn’t want to put all that leftover to waste.  
Searches for [leftover turkey] were up 600% this week.  And [turkey soup] was  up 350%.
Well, after the turkey comas wore off, it seems people were all about shopping, shopping,
shopping. In fact, searches for [cyber monday] were up 1,700%, and searches for [deals] were
up 4,000%!
On Cyber Monday itself, the search term [best cyber monday deals 2010] was the hottest search
term on Google Hot Trends indicating that many Americans were looking for the best deals
on the web!
A few retailers seemed to be especially popular with online shoppers this year.   We saw
a huge spike for [apple cyber monday].
The search terms [target] and [cyber monday walmart] were both up 180%. [cyber monday
amazon] was up 130%. [best buy], [kohls], [sears], and [sony] also shot into the top
10 rising search terms for the week.
And for Toys’R’Us kids everywhere, searches for this toy store chain were up 90%, mostly
around Black Friday.
We also noticed a few hot gadgets popping up. Searches for [tv deals] were up 90% and
Searches for [sony blu ray player] and [sony LED tv] also rose this week. Photography fans
sent searches for [nikon] up 40%.
In other news, the search term [wikileaks] rose 3,700% and became the second-fastest
rising  term this week.
And we’ve seen [hanukkah] and related search terms like [hanukkah greetings] appear on
Google Hot Trends in the last few of days.
Finally, on a sad note, the world said goodbye to Leslie Nielsen last week, with searches
for the late actor spiking on Monday and topping the list of fastest rising searches of the
Well, that’s it for this edition of the Google Beat.  I’m Anne Espiritu, and I’ll
see you next week.