Overview of SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

Uploaded by solarwindsinc on 30.06.2011

Hi I'm Nicole Pauls, Director of Product Management, and I'm here to introduce you to SolarWinds
Log & Event Manager. This awesome product will help you streamline your IT
operations, security, and compliance. Let's take a look.
This is the SolarWinds Log & Event Manager console.
Let's start with operations.
Here you can use the real-time console to identify service, application, and
network issues, or track changes as they occur.
As issues occur, you can receive an in-console pop-up notification, play a sound, or
even receive an email.
In our interactive ad hoc search tool, you can track issues over time, do root-cause
analysis, and troubleshoot.
Now let's talk about security.
You can use our Correlation Rules to identify security breaches,
malware, or policy violations
in real-time.
You can build simple or complex rules in our flexible drag-and-drop
correlation rule builder.
You can use our library of built-in active responses automatically or interactively
to stop intrusions, prevent malware from spreading, or revert unwanted changes.
You can use USB-Defender to not only monitor and track USB devices, processes,
and files, but also control the usage of those devices to prevent data from
walking away.
If you're concerned about compliance, we have over 300 out-of-the-box
audit-proven reports for your compliance or internal audit needs.
Run or schedule reports, analyze data, and prepare for your audits with confidence.
And finally,
use our library of out-of-the-box configurations including filters, reports,
and correlation rules, to quickly meet your compliance needs.
As you can see, SolarWinds Log & Event Manager gives you more insight into logs
and events than ever before.
For more information, visit SolarWinds.com. Thanks, and have a great day.