My Princess - Interview (ENG SUB)

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People are prejudiced (towards Kim Tae Hee), saying she's arrogant that sort of stuff
But when we're taking breaks from filiming, these sounds keep coming out
So I turned around wondering who was blowing their nose like that.. and apparently it was Tae Hee right next to me
Usually if it's a female actor, even when it comes to stuff like eating, they are very careful
When we're eating shabu shabu (beef), you have to dip it in the soup until it's ready before you eat it
Tae Hee ssi starts eating it before it's even ready
Yeah.. she seems to like less cooked stuff
So Kim Tae Hee ssi.. Kim Tae Hee ssi asked
"Ah oppa why aren't you eating it like this?"
SSH: Hey! You're eating it all before it's even cooked, you know!!
She's really easy-going in private
KTH speech bubble: What is this, Seung Hun oppa!
Q: What was it like filming the scene with Seung Hun exposing his upper body?
KTH: That left a deep impressions. It was a very personal scene but we enjoyed it very much
SSH: When we were filming that scene, I was embarrassed but Kim Tae hee ssi was at a loss of what to do
KTH: I face was really soo red!
Interviewer: Oh were you having strange thoughts perhaps? KTH: no!
KTH's reaction during the filming?
SSH: Why isn't the hot water coming out?
Nervous Kim Tae Hee NG!
Q: Why were you being so shy?
SSH: It's just that SSH's figure has always been good
So when we were filming that scene, everyone was like he doesn't seem to have a foreign diplomat's body, it's surreal
He looks like a fighter or physical beauty contestant ^^
Third, Park Hae Young is a warm-hearted guy! And making fun of Seol
SSH: Nah it didn't turn out well.. because you're next to me
KTH: No it isn't like this
Q: Is Hae Young amusing during filming? A: Yeah really funny
Every now and then, he makes fun of Seol
Q: Is it true that you make fun of Seol often?
SSH: It's fun so I keep doing it
KTH: Now I'm a bit.. (SSH: infected?) yeah infected by him too