How to Deal w/ Religious Pusherfier Type Peoples

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oh hey I'm

I'm going to answer your question from the warehouse
because there is no one here because it's Memorial Day
and I'm going to sit down
because my arms are tired and this Canon 5d
is one: overkill to shoot a video response
but two: heavy
oh jesus

So to answer your question
lie, just lie your face off
if you can't control being in
this situation around this person and they're not hurting anyone
like they're just spouting evil shit and you're just
like "you're a stupid twat" but really
it doesn't help you to call them a stupid twat and like
preach common sense and human decency
just to everyone, even if they're a homosexual
just leave it be, now

I rarely say lie
as like a way to handle someone, but

you know, this comes from
I was raised New York catholic, I went to catholic school
I was taught by nuns
you got graded for religion
and it's hard walking home with a C in religion
you're like, "sorry I don't love Jesus enough"

we went to

we went once a week
to Sunday mass, we weren't like
3 time a weekers or anything, and you know
we were New York catholics, so we had a little guilt, but we liked to have fun

I say that


I didn't really have fun till I was like 19, anyway so
I just lied to people until I moved out of my mom's house
when I was like 17, I left
when I was 17 because my parents are all crazy
I love them but they're crazy
and then I was like, oh by the way
I'm not going to go to church with you
because you're the most random religious people on the planet
when I say that, my mom like she got

she got cancer

she like went to specialists
and she overcame it because she's a tough bitch
I love you mom, you are a tough bitch

and then like

her love for Jesus would range

would change a lot so

plus the thing with religious people
and the reason I say leave it alone
I even say this for politics to a lesser extent
is that with religion
you're taught the word of God is true
what I'm reading is the absolute truth
and it's hard to argue with absolute truth

so what I always say is if nothing
is really at stake, just let them
just let them be

because it's really not

helping anyone, now like for example

okay when I was 12, my mom, like I said she had cancer
had to go to a specialist, so she left
me in the care of a baptist family

now keep in mind
I love all religious people, everyone
as long as you're not hurting someone, I love you
even if I think you're crazy, anything
and this baptist family
one: a few days in they start saying
"You're waking up and you're saying Satanic things
and you're walking and you're freaking us out
it's like you're possessed!"
and I'm like 12, so I'm like holy shit really?
no... yeah?
and so on Sunday we're in church
and they're like "We have to get this spirit
out of you!" one:
what the fuck really?
two: do I need my mom
to sign a permission slip or something?
and three: they all surround me
and I'm like, well
I don't want to disappear in the next
week until I see my mom again, so I'm going to let
these people "convert me" and so they all start
chanting in a circle and they're all like
touching my head like I don't know if they were sponging
the demons or they're like "This is really soft, you shouldn't
put that much gel in it."
and I just let them think what they wanted to think
you know,
no ones was going to hurt me or anyone I knew
now keep in mind
if she like
attacks or like does something bad
to a gay friend, yeah speak up, but
if you can't but be around these people
there's no reason to push the issue
I don't know, I like to
look at the Bible, even though
some parts of the Bible really
I look at the Bible as a thing
about love and taking care of those
who are around you and those who
take it and read it as hate
and persecution
at the end of the day, are no friends of mine
and I don't keep that company, because I have
the option to
and really that's all you can hope for
is that common sense will eventually
be good, but if
someone is not having then
you know, just let them

I hate hateful people, it's funny how that works
anyways, I'm going to have to hop
off here because the crew is getting in and
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