ZTV special Denniz Pop (1998) 3/3

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It's easy to say producing Eurodisco music is equal to just pushing a button in the studio..
But that's like saying writing a novel is a simple push of a button on your type writer.
You have to build everything from the ground up just like with any RnB song.
To us, it's normally a five day process.
-So, tell me.. do you start with "cool beats" from your computer?
Yeah, first you lay down "cool beats"..and they just come out of nowhere. No work done..of course..
That's what people seem to think.. they just kind of pop out from somewhere..
Then you add some "fancy leads", then bring in a cool rap artist and a cool chick.
Well, on a serious note, there are many ways to do it, most often we start with a background,
then add whatever is necessary. One thing at a time..
Even Boyzone went to Stockholm to work with Denniz Pop.
One of Denniz Pop's last productions, besides Jessica Folcker, was Brittish boyband 5ive.
It's easy to just look at the numbers but there was more to Denniz as a person too.
I think it's inspiring that Denniz remained the same guy even though he made lots of money.
He started out being an average guy living day by day and ended up a multi-millionaire.
He didn't change clothes and didn't change his hair, not even for celeb parties.
He remained the same guy and I think he gained a lot of respect for that.
He was playful at heart. Always into games and video games.
And we both shared the same taste in spicy Asian food. We always had dinner at Asian restaurants.
I think that's important to know. Everyone talks about chart figures,
but I really like to emphasize that beside that he was such a great guy.
The saddest part is that with Denniz I lost a true friend.
We had tons of fun, like going abroad, celebrate christmas together and playing games.
I could always come here to play "Trivial Pursuit" on a Saturday night if I didn't feel like going out.
A few days before he passed away he beat the rest of us when playing parlour games at his hospital bed.
A little drowsy but he still got the top score in the game.
He sure was an extraordinary clever guy...