Baked Chicken Recipe : Chop Garlic for Baked Chicken

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you
how to make a really great, really simple chicken recipe. It's baked chicken with pearl
onions, bacon, and mushrooms. I'm going to show you a really, really quick and easy way
to peel garlic. This is a tremendous time saver. This one just peeled itself, look at
that. It just fell right out. I'll just nip the end off, and move it over here. How about
that? Actually, I'm still going to need to crush it. What we're going to do is take our
garlic, and take the flat part of our knife, set it on top of the garlic. Then we want
to put our hand on top of the flat part of the blade, making use we're aware of the fact
that there's an incredibly sharp blade there. Take both hands and give it a good smash,
and you'll see what happens is that the paper just falls right off. It's magical. Then you
just cut the end off, and there is your crushed garlic. I want to go back to that piece that's
already peeled, and I'm going to give it a good crushing. The reason I'm crushing this,
not leaving it whole, is to expose the inside to whatever is cooking, so I can get the juices
to go inside. Otherwise, it will seal up on the outside. I'm also going to give those
a really rough chop in a second. You can see how you just crush it, grab hold of the end
of your paper, and it just falls right out. It's almost like magic. You can do multiple
pieces at once. You just want to make sure they're about the same size; that's the only
real criteria. If they're not they won't crush, or maybe the bigger piece will keep the smaller
piece from crushing right. Then you're just doing the work twice, and at that point you
should have just done them separately. The one thing I am going to do that's important
is to lop the ends off,
because that part doesn't cook, and it probably doesn't taste very good. It's like eating
a little piece of wood, far from ideal. After we get all these trimmed off, I'm going to
take my garlic, and chop it just a tiny bit. I'm just going to give it just one pass, nice
big chunks. I'm going to use my knife as a spatula, (which I do all the time) scoop it
up, and move on to our next step. Off we go.