Puppey before game against Darer @ StarSeries Season 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 12, 2012

- Everything is going to be OK.
- Do you mean the match versus Darer?
- The match is going to be fun. We will gank, they will gank. We will use smoke and kill Roshan, they will use smoke and kill second Roshan. At the same time there will be two Roshans and two aegises.
- Will you use Rubick again?
- We will use Unduying.
- Undying?
- And Mortred
- So you will pick all three. Please tell us the rest two picks.
- Mortred. Two Mortreds. This is a very strong hero, you can pick it twice.
- Which heroes will Darer play, what do you think?
- Mortred. Or they will pick Lanaya. But they are not aware it is not released yet.
- Please keep in mind that the interview will be posted after this match!
- I know.
- You can tell us all the secrets.
- Ok, I can now wait till Lanaya is released and say that I pick Lanaya.
- Can you?
- Yeah.
- Let's see...
- You will see.
- Who is playing Rubick best of all now, is it Dendi?
- Yep.
- Did you tell him to prepare Rubick? Does anyone else play this hero?
- This is just because none but him is playing Rubick. That's why it's obvious.
- Okay, good luck in the match!