Genome Workbench: Moving and Docking Windows

Uploaded by NCBINLM on 27.10.2010

In this video I'll demonstrate how the various views and and panels of Genome Workbench can be reconfigured
to make them more usable for you.
All of the views can be moved around and their sizes changed.
The cursor changes to a size icon
and you can move things around, and make things bigger,
smaller, left
bigger one side or the other.
The views themselves can be clicked on
and dragged. And when you drag, you get this dock control
which allows you to put the view in
a different place.
You can put it at the top here.
Maybe we really don't want it there; we want it to the right of the project tree view, we can
put it there.
And we can take it out of there and maybe we'll make it a tab group
here with the search view.
Maybe we'd like to see
these views down here in this tab group.
Put the search view down here, and
we'll put the task view down here.
And that gives us this big space in the window to put a graphical view after we've loaded some data.
Very quickly that's how you can reconfigure the views in Genome Workbench.
Remember that Genome Workbench knows what you've done
and it will remember for the next time you launch the program.