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In the beginning,
man and beast dwelled peacefulIy on the earth.
Goblins were held within a dark, heavenly prison.
The mighty Archgod bIew The Pipe for 3000 days and repressed the gobIins.
The prison doors had to be opened on the 3000th day,
but by the miscalcuIation of three IowIy Taoist gods,
they were opened one day too soon.
Did we get the date wrong?
Something's wrong.
lt's been 3000 days, right?
And so, the evil within the goblins was awakened
and the evil forces enguIfed the Archgod's Pipe.
AlI of the goblins desired to be The Pipe's master.
Having lost The Pipe, the Archgod was consumed by eviI and felI to the earth.
- Archgod! - What do we do?
- Your Highness! - Archgod, sir!
Your Highness!
Yes, a monk catching goblins l see.
So why didn't you exercise with the others yesterday?
I'lI Iet you in on something. Human Iife is up to the stars.
But they think it's DNA these days. Is exercise realIy that good?
Lots of old peopIe die from overexertion, but they keep jogging anyway.
You might disagree, since you're a doctor.
- It must have been fun being a god. - It's not past tense, l stilI am a god.
It's a duty, not fun. We're alI the same.
We aIl laugh and cry. Get annoyed. Lose hope every few centuries.
So l made a pilI to forget everything. And I took it.
Aches here and there, memories fading.
Then l wandered the streets.
It says that you were homeIess.
SoIeIy out of choice.
Good-Iooking boy there.
But I came here and got more piIls. So l took them.
Antidepressants. But Iaced with dopamine.
These counteracted my pilI.
So now my memory is back, of being a god.
And what did you do when you were a god?
I toId you, l'm stilI a god!
We look for goblins.
And then go ask him to catch them.
This wiIl hurt.
- The wound wiIl settIe by tomorrow. - Thank you, sir.
- How old are you? - Nine years old, sir.
WeIl now, take good care of your grandfather, aIl right.
Yes, sir.
Why are you empty-handed?
l'm sorry, Master.
The young fooI couIdn't be more unruly or violent, sir.
The wound is not deep.
Seems the fool was quite gentIe with you.
Prepare to set off again.
I see your students are getting roughed up.
Yes, l sent them to get an arrogant young wizard,
so that I couId set him straight.
Such students can only be of little heIp.
l have yet to perfect my teachings.
But if only it weren't for those three ridicuIous gods.
After 3000 days, they couIdn't wait one more.
And just opened the doors.
- You know them, right? - We know them very weIl.
Great tea!
lndeed! lt just tickIes one's taste buds.
Frankly, it's very hot.
Because it's supposed to be.
lt's getting dark. Let us hurry.
Why don't you finish your tea first? lt's quite good.
- Sure - I rushed it, didn't l?
Consumed by eviI, the Archgod and gobIins,
fled to the earth and hid in human bodies.
They no Ionger remembered their pasts or true identities.
Rumours spread that onIy the one with The Pipe could ruIe the goblins.
So you've finalIy found the Archgod's Pipe?
They say a wizard in Jeonra Province
discovered it four days ago and was soon murdered.
There was green blood aIl around the scene and we've followed that blood here.
l wilI capture the goblin and return The Pipe to you.
We can't since we made a mista...
- Not that. - Of course not.
PIease guard The Pipe, Master Hwadam.
- We cannot trust these other petty wizards. - No, of course not.
There's something up on the roof.
Is it a gobIin?
- I don't... - Just shoot it first.
Wait a second. OnIy goblins run on roofs at this time of night.
- Master Hwadam, shoot it. - No, wait.
- ls it a goblin? - Just one minute.
- Wait, wait. - I'm Iooking...
But it wouIdn't be running around in goblin form...
Goblin! It's a gobIin!
Master Hwadam! Shoot it!
Compose yourseIf, for a god's sake!
A taIisman?
Did you ask anyone eIse to catch the goblins?
- Of course not. - And is this arrow not ours?
- lt was stolen. - By whom?
- That scoundrel, Woochi. - Woochi?
Here comes His Grace, the Prince of the Heavens!
Show him your respect!
King of the land,
have you sent ten thousand goId coins to the areas of famine?
Yes, your Grace.
Just as you had commanded in my dreams.
You needn't worry, my lord.
The Heavens smile upon your good deeds.
Hence when you return to the Heavens,
sevenfold, seventy,
seven hundredfoId wilI you be repaid.
l've also brought the royal treasures.
Brighter than you Iook, earthly King. But where are alI the maidens?
- Why the maidens, my Iord? - Why not?
The Heavens frown upon idIeness. They may as weIl pour me a drink.
I do not care for this music.
How many times do you visit the staIls each day?
- May I humbly inform you... - Don't be so humble. TelI me, girl.
Once every three days.
- And you? - Thrice a day, your Grace.
HeaIthy girI, you may pour my drink.
EarthIy King, raise your head.
I have always delighted in painting.
When l paint a tree, it begins to grow.
When I paint a beast, it Ieaps out of the parchment.
Such taIent, wasting away! What say you?
The painting breathes life and greatness, my lord!
And that Ione horse seems to symbolise the soIitude of man!
That's absurd.
- lt is a horse for the wizard Woochi. - Yes, a horse for the wizard Woo...
- Woochi, the scoundreI? - So you've heard of me!
I can't go anywhere now with alI this tiring fame.
You dare mock the King, you lowIy trickster?
Watch it. I am a wizard.
What is a wizard, you ask?
A ruIer of the winds...
A bringer of rain on dry lands...
Who leaps through space...
and with a swift bIade...
governs the world...
but handles that sword, Iike a gentIe fIower.
A wizard's duty is to aid the heIpIess.
The head is where alI decay begins!
The King and his subjects have faiIed the starving peopIe.
Thus l, the wizard Woochi, am here to do their bidding.
l do not expect praise for this, mind you.
I wonder what wilI happen to you if l strike the neck of this bottle.
I wiIl be taking the King's mirror!
Order aIl the wizards of the land to catch this imbeciIe Woochi!
Let me see, now.
lt's tonight. The widow's going to the temple.
Now aIl we need is the bronze knife, right?
Just kidnap a widow for them and we'Il get the knife, eh?
Don't look.
You'Il regret it if you see your true self.
Such greatness a wizard has with the mirror and knife in his hand!
- Did you see her? - Sure did.
Just the back.
But boy, was it delicate and fine!
And a woman is no woman without a fine back.
You realIy saw Master Hwadam?
l saw him soar through the sky!
Her husband died on their wedding night.
That's why Hwadam of the West is best!
- Why, he treats the sick and... - WelI, now...
I heard a more renowned wizard from Pyongyang resolved the famines.
Nonsense, Hwadam of Kaesong is the best.
They have wizards in Pyongyang?
I think his name was Woo-something.
Hey, Master said never to reveal our names!
- A nobleman by the name of... - Woochi, you imbeciIe!
That's it Woochi!
The great Master Hwadam has sent us here
to bring you to justice for mocking the King and steaIing ten thousand gold coins!
- Need a hand? - l'm fine.
There's one missing.
ls Hwadam stilI the best?
No, sir. Your name, great nobleman.
- The name of this wizard you see... - Good sir!
What am l to do with my tavern in ruins?
- And what am l to do? - Pay.
- How much? - Twenty pieces of silver!
l seIdom carry money on me.
- We beat them! - l beat them.
lt was a joint effort. You hit and I threw!
- Let's go! To kidnap that widow. - Here?
But my back is acting up lately.
Don't make me tie you up in the backyard again.
But the smoke is bad for my sinuses.
Hey, Iook at that!
A widow wiIl curse the househoId.
- ShouId you fail, use this. - We won't, madam.
l'Il find some men to take aIong as witnesses
We wiIl be back soon.
lt won't take long, my Iady. We're gathering more men.
You're cIimbing that mountain of death.
People go up, but no one ever comes back down.
l'lI join you. I've got nothing better to do.
You may be taIl, but you don't look too strong.
I may not be strong, but I can wieId a sword.
- But you don't have one. - Right you are. I need a sword.
Darn fool. He acts as if he were Woochi.
Ah, Woochi!
Although not as brave as he, l wilI stiIl join you.
My back is kiIling me.
- When are we taking her? - Just over that hilI now.
Get them!
- What is this? - Are they after the widow?
What shouId we do? How about this?
You go get the widow while I take care of them.
Hurry and turn me back.
Come on! Snap those fingers!
Go learn some skiIls instead of wasting my time!
Get out of my way!
l... I'm...
No, wait. I'm...
Help me!
Cursed is the widow's househoId!
- Why are you...? - Cursed is the widow's...
Are you aIl right?
Why do you keep foIlowing me?
WeIl, it's not an easy thing to say.
l've come for you.
Me? For me?
- Yes. - You have...
- ... feeIings for me? - Yes. What?
PIease telI me.
- Do I have a place in your heart? - Somewhere....
- Around here. - l knew it.
I always sensed that someone like you would come.
That is a Iovely scent.
WhiIe l'm catching alI the bandits,
you're over here celebrating at a time like this.
A widow wiIl curse the househoId!
What is she rambIing about?
Wow! She's a looker!
Pray telI, who is this gentleman?
That is no man. Only a beast.
OnIy figurativeIy speaking, of course. CalI me Chorangyi.
You even smelI nice! Hug me too, pIease.
Such uncouth company can onIy do you harm, good sir.
l can't agree with you more.
Just hurry and wrap her up.
Nice guys like us are a rare breed, my Iady.
Good work.
l guess Father's hip has healed aIready.
TelI me where the bronze knife is.
Oh, that.
A wagon of birthday gifts went to the duke's mansion.
It must have sIipped in there. WelI, l've toId you where it is.
The duke?
Should we go there then?
The word of a Iearned man seldom has much vaIue.
I'm the nurse!
Who are you, intruder?
Compliments on the fine hearing, oId man.
There should be a nice bronze knife here somewhere.
- You brought me the wrong girl, fool. - No, you just chose the wrong person.
Protect the master!
What are you doing with that?
Assassin? Don't be ridicuIous.
No one's kiIling anyone!
Quit bouncing back and forth! Where's the bronze knife?
- What's this? - What is it?
Have you any idea who he is!
- That creature is not your father. - How dare you!
Father. That knife!
Seize them immediateIy!
He's trying to dig my grave tonight.
Why is he foIlowing me?
l see.
Time for me to change!
I can't see!
- Are you OK? - Of course!
Where'd that dirty rat run off to?
Gosh, he's fast.
Woochi! Look out! Behind you!
Woochi, I wiIl...
Woah! Hot!
Woochi! Woochi!
You fool!
Get up!
Here goes another perfectly good taIisman.
l thought you were reaIly dead!
Stop that!
Now l've seen it aIl.
Why, that one's a rabbit!
Get out of the way! That IittIe...
l'Il get you!
Oh, yeah! The arrow!
- Woochi? - The scoundreI?
A talisman. ls the East Priory stilI...?
We'lI get to that. First Iet us get The Pipe!
l don't beIieve that goblin wilI have The Pipe.
Two gobIins captured, and yet stilI no Pipe!
This is impossible.
A wizard and a strange man were seen running away with The Pipe.
Why not just use a spelI and save yourseIf the trouble, sir?
My boy... Magic is only an ilIusion.
- When gathering roots I have no need for it. - SiIly me!
That gobIin blew this Pipe and summoned another goblin.
Yes, Master.
And the goblin made you bring him that widow?
Why did you kidnap her for him?
WelI, because... Woochi said not to telI you.
Was he after the mirror and knife again?
And you foIlowed thinking he'd make you human.
The book says those things wilI make him the strongest wizard.
Then he can make me human.
Two duIl peas in a pod.
lt's not enIightenment he seeks. Only fame.
PreciseIy, Master. That's why I asked him how he could be so arrogant?
But he says, "Why can't we live amongst men and enjoy life?
"That oId fart knows nothing!"
That's you, Master.
And l tried and tried to stop him. but he's so stubborn.
To shun Taoist solitude and dream of Confucian success
is just a waste of a dream.
lf you don't know that, you don't know reaIity,
and you don't know what you realIy know. You know?
What in the worId are you saying?
Master, are you alI right?
I was avenging your death in my dream.
What's wrong with him?
Even he must have a conscience, Master.
- l kissed the widow, too. - And he's stilI a bit drunk.
l send you on errands, but instead you go to the palace.
You dare ridicuIe the King and start brawIs with gobIins!
And even kidnap a widow.
- It's what we wizards do, old man. - "We" wizards?
l wilI say this onIy once.
You do not possess the makings of a true wizard.
AIl in due time, Master. Have some patience.
- But why not? - You do not know how to empty your soul.
Honestly, is that even possible?
What do you do after a meaI?
l start digesting.
After a meal, you must first wash the empty pIates, you fooI!
Where are we?
The temple of the closed East Priory.
ShalI we?
- Wait here. - Yes, Master.
You can't just waIk in here.
Get out!
What is this?
Are you the fooI that caIls himseIf Woochi?
Who do you think you are?
You're speaking to the great Master Hwadam.
Master Hwadam, what brings you here?
- You - Me, sir?
- You're not a man. - WelI, l'm many things.
A dog?
I take it you're Woochi.
lt's useIess trying to hide one's name from fame.
Good character is fundamental in training one's mind and spirit.
To bring peace to this world....
l've already had enough lessons today.
Such insolence being uttered in front of our virtuous presence!
Think before you speak. We are hoIy Taoist gods.
- Are you gIaring down at us? - You even Iook ready to hit us!
Go ahead, hooligan. Try me.
A fly!
- Atrocity! - There was no fIy!
A moIe.
A true wizard does not disturb the peace with pranks!
Where is The Pipe?
Do come inside for some tea.
Yes, some tea.
How did he know that I'm a dog?
- Master Hwadam. Impressive. - Didn't you just see him running away?
The spirituaI discipline of the East Priory is now taught with magic tricks.
I have taught him nothing. He mastered them on his own.
Rain is bound to pour through your torn roof, sir.
Yes, but it also Iets in the sun.
The sun.
A true wizard is said to be one with nature and the heavens.
l hope to become the Iight for this world.
I beIieve Master Hwadam of the West wishes to acquire The Pipe.
Our three gods have requested my services,
and it also troubIes me to trust other wizards.
A worry that we share.
There couId very welI be a gobIin amongst us wizards.
l was toId that the blood of gobIins is green, sir.
- Goodness gracious! - GentIemen, please!
What shaIl we do?
I've heard that only Taoist gods can reattach this pipe.
Yes, that's correct.
Then this is fortunate. Now we don't need to worry about goblins.
Dividing The Pipe in haIf...
- This aIso works. - That's true.
Yes, it does.
So you realIy kissed the widow in your dream?
- Worked out weIl. - Yes.
Are you up, my Iady?
Yes, good sir.
- Chorangyi, show our guests out. - Yes, Master.
- Don't forget this, sir. - Good dog.
Gosh, that water was cold!
- ShouId l go and drag that mutt back? - Send the woman back home.
She wilI die if she goes back.
Keep away from her, for she is more than you can bear.
He is quite the foolish creature, but he wilI take you safeIy home.
- Thank you for your kindness. - No need, Madam.
Master, why must l keep away from her?
She wilI Iead you to your grave.
- Sir? - Focus, you ninny!
Feet off the eaves.
Yes, sir. Feet off the eaves.
Good sir! Thank you for everything!
Yes, my Iady. See you again.
Why is my blood...?
What is it?
The tea you asked for, Master.
- Put it over there. - Yes, Master.
- Green blood. - l saw it too.
An empty household.
ls someone there?
What's that sound?
There, there. lt's OK.
- l was so startled! - Is the horse treating you welI?
It is indeed a strange creature. lt won't go forward and just keeps eating.
That's alI this fiIthy swine knows to do.
I've spoiIed him too much.
When wiIl he Iearn? I've spoiIed him too much.
Have you come because you were worried for my safety?
It is no matter, for l wilI protect you.
Dying doesn't seem so bad compared to my tedious Iife.
I am just sad l have yet to see the ocean.
- WouId you Iike to see it? - Now?
Come down, my Iady.
Take a deep breath.
And Iet it out.
- Why? - Because this...
..is the ocean!
ls this the ocean?
Of course. But don't go into the water.
What Iies beyond the end?
WelI, there... There's more ocean.
So this is your first time as weIl?
Rather, it is just that when l look at the ocean,
I wonder how I wiIl empty my souI, who I truIy am, how l shalI Iive...
As do l.
If l am born again, I'd like to be a commoner.
I would dance and sing. No more sewing or reading books
What is this sound?
Did I use the wrong speIl?
The half-pipe has devoured Hwadam.
Now do you see your true seIf?
l am Hwadam.
- And I am the master of The Pipe. - The Pipe now answers to no master.
Even the great Archgod himseIf.
lf you wouId have...
a token of your feelings...
A token?
lt is quite handy if you're to meet again.
Oh, not this one. It is evil to the core.
Some other token...
Woochi, the scoundreI?
That's right. I'm Woochi, the scoundrel.
I have defeated not only the King, but many a deceitfuI noblemen.
ShouId this woman ever be saddened, I wiIl surely return.
Also, if she is forced to read, or forced to sew, I wiIl surely return.
- Do you hear me? - Yes.
- WilI she be alI right? - Sure.
They won't touch her, after the psychotic fit just now.
Now we just need to find the bronze knife, right?
Then you'Il become the greatest wizard,
- and I'lI finaIly be a reaI human. - Poor, obIivious mutt...
You dare sIay your master and steal the sacred Pipe!
Five hundred years in captivity wilI teach you a Iesson!
- What are you taIking about? - SIay my master?
See l told you he'd say that.
We've got him shackled, so Iet us seaI him in.
How couId we possibIy hurt Master?
ls Master OK?
What's happening?
That is Master's fan.
You mustn't make your master wait for you any longer.
Please, help me!
l didn't get to pee yet!
Shoot the zither case?
The Pipe!
You're not supposed to seal The Pipe, too!
You shouId've stopped halfway!
You sound as if I was the only one chanting.
At Ieast gobIins won't appear for the next five hundred years.
Another five centuries to go in order to see the Archgod again.
What happens if the Archgod bIows The Pipe?
Why, the worId wilI be heaIed!
Goblins wilI faIl to heIl, and the mighty Archgod wiIl rise once again.
And we can finaIly return to the heavens.
But after a moment, you wiIl wait for ages.
Master Hwadam.
Where are you going?
The gourd bottIe.
- lf the goblins return... - Wait, Master Hwadam.
..we wiIl meet again.
Did you send them up?
You must be happy, you have visitors.
- And you'lI hospitaIise me afterwards. - Yes.
- Just think of it as a nice vacation. - But l'm too busy.
- ShouId l take him, doctor? - Yes.
- What's keeping you so busy, sir? - Just so many things to take care of.
- Very bad! Hold out your hand. - Why?
You can't see he's cheating on you, that's why!
l'Il only hit you twice.
Whenever he goes to Pusan now, he's going to the other woman.
- How much should I... - This filthy talk of money!
Leave alI of that dirty money here.
- What? - Behind you.
Leave now.
HoIy Jesus!
Why wouId it break?
If only Master Hwadam were stilI around.
- We haven't seen him for ages. - Last l heard, he was on Mount Jiri.
- Let's just do it ourselves. - We can't possibly catch them ourseIves!
Why the heIl not?
- So there are two goblins? - They had slipped inside two humans.
They came out of their skins.
Didn't l telI you that I found them?
I see. Where did you find these skins?
ln front of the hospitaI.
- The hospitaI? - Uh-huh.
WeIl, that took you fooIish gods Iong enough.
What took you so Iong?
Hurry or not, we get yeIled at anyway.
What did you do with the stupid bottles?
l didn't do anything.
- That's the problem. - Why is that a probIem?
You bought a car?
What happened to an ascetic Iife and shunning worIdIy things?
It's a matter of standards. We just have different standards.
Come on, gentlemen. We shouId be making a pIan.
Hwadam is gone, so we shouId ask someone eIse.
Someone else, who?
No, no l won't! I don't even want to look at him.
One visits the temple to meet Buddha, not the temple monks.
That bastard is no Buddha. He murdered his own master!
Don't even think about bringing that up.
Or the fact that we haven't found Hwadam yet.
"Catch the goblins! Then we'lI set you free!"
Buy him a drink, scratch him where it itches.
Set him free?
- We're going to seal him back in. - Sure.
How can we Iie?
We are holy beings. We shouId keep our word.
- Give him a nobIe titIe. - Noble title, my ass.
Come on.
Did you bring your BibIe?
No, of course not. Let's try again.
And again.
Are you aIl right?
Woochi, good sir!
You must be disoriented after five centuries of sIeep,
but can you recognise us?
A drink. Give him a drink!
Sir, the gobIins have returned. Thus the heavens ordered
free the wizard Woochi, and he wiIl capture them!
Then you'Il be set free and attain great fame.
- Why should I? - Why?
WelI, Woochi the scound... Woochi the wizard,
is mighty and great. The peopIe's hero!
BeIoved by aIl. Unmatched in power.
- Knows styIe and eIegance. - What?
Yes, of course!
Knows styIe, elegance, is courageous and brave.
The very standard of righteousness!
So why not catch some gobIins and enjoy this world once more.
- l don't feel like it. - Don't feel like it?
Why would I go through alI that trouble, when I'm already free?
Why don't you?
We can defeat gobIins! No doubt about it!
You can?
- Then why must I capture them? - Yes. Why must he?
Because we'Il give you a title.
Yes! A noble title!
- A titIe? - High Wizard.
- Of the Royal Wizard Priory. - Wow!
Royal Wizard Priory...
But I've yet to find the bronze knife.
CouId l stilI be worthy of such a title?
- More than worthy! - So, shaIl we, Master?
Where is Hwadam?
He passed away ages ago.
Someone is coming.
- ls there a back door? - What for?
We must first run.
- WilI you not fight? - No talismans.
Start the car!
- l knew it! - Here is the door!
He's here!
What is this?
- There are no shackIes. - If you beIieve so, it becomes so.
You cannot see it, but you cannot escape it.
- What is this? - It is like a steed.
That's more confusing. Just push him.
Where are the taIismans?
- With Chorangyi. - Chorangyi?
Grab him.
- What? - Get in.
- Where are they? - With Chorangyi!
- Who's Chorangyi - The mutt!
Chorangyi's painting.
- Chorangyi's painting? - Yes!
- l threw it away when I moved. - What?
Yeah, it's me. Remember those paintings l gave you?
No, not the pretty one. The one with the man and the dog.
- l sold it. - You sold it?
I'lI stay on the Iine. Hurry and look for it.
How this Iand has changed!
But humans never change.
Many terrible things happened throughout history and...
Turn right! There's something up there!
Eyes ahead! What the helI!
Open your eyes!
It's OK. We can't die!
- What about Woochi? - Are you OK, sir?
l'm emptying my soul.
Hey, it worked! No taIismans!
Watch out ahead!
Sir Woochi!
Sir Woochi!
Faster, faster!
- No, slow down. - SIow down!
Speed up!
Slow down!
This was such a bad idea!
Give me your hand!
- Is he in? - He's in!
- Behind us! - Where?
- Hit the gas! - Hit it!
-Turn it around. - No way, are you nuts?
- Ahead! - The bus!
- Third lane! - OK!
- Turn right! - Let me signaI first.
Just turn right!
It worked!
Hit the brakes!
Building 1 09.
Let's go, sir.
1 09, 1 09...
Wait. This way.
Building 1 09.
1 09, this way.
- Over there. - BuiIding 1 09. This way.
We're coming, Chorangyi.
- It's here. - We found it!
- Where's Woochi? - He was here.
Go get him. We'Il go find Chorangyi.
Master! Run for it!
- Found it! - You found it?
- Found it! - Let's chant.
We're short one.
- We're going to chant on the phone. - Now?
- l think l broke my back! - That's OK.
DoubIe-time! Start!
Darn this smoke!
- Chorangyi. - Where are the talismans?
Woochi! Long time no see!
Here are your taIismans!
l need to pee.
- Chorangyi! - But l need to pee. AlI right.
Nice tune.
Time for me to change!
- Woah, Woochi! - Go get them!
You're doing great, Master!
Be careful, Master!
- Sir Woochi! - Are you OK?
- ShouId l help? - I can handle it.
Now l'm realIy going to change.
It's about time!
What's with this one?
No, turn. Turn around.
Behind you.
That's it.
- Turn around. - Turn around, idiot.
- Go with them. - Go!
Which one's the real Woochi?
Looks like l have to step in, as always.
Let's have some fun, shalI we?
There you go!
lt'lI snap, you wench!
Where is there a log?
It's OK.
- Let's put away the goblins. - OK.
Woochi and Chorangyi, too.
- Master Woochi! - Superb! MarveIlous!
Go seaI in the gobIins.
We did it!
- We? l did it. - There you go again.
l snapped that wench's wrist. Didn't you hear it?
The goblin is not here!
- It's gone. - Just as l thought, mutt.
Hey! Where are you going? Woochi!
What was that?
- Did you hit someone! - Yeah... No. No.
We need Woochi!
What is this psycho wearing at this time of night?
You're right. He's crazy.
He's dead, right?
Don't open the door. You shouIdn't go out in these situations.
- He's getting up! - Oh my god!
- Give me your card. - Send him to the hospital.
You're OK, right?
Get yourself treated first and then caIl this number.
Your eyes...
- They stilI carry the ocean. - Are you drunk?
- And now what? - Woochi!
Go to the hospitaI.
lt's her!
Covering up is useIess. Yes, I'm the famous actress.
What the...?
Don't come into the car l'Il give you an autograph.
Master, you mustn't harass the people.
- That's right, step back. - I'm sorry I'lI cIose...
- Wait, the actress? - Yes, it's me.
Step on it!
The widow!
Hey, Iook at me.
What ocean? AlI I see is my face.
He was just being nice, probably.
Crazy bastard.
Hand me my hat.
- Sure. - l don't want to shoot today.
What a strange worId.
Hey, why wouId Hwadam kiIl Master?
He must be planning something.
- Could he be here too? - He's gone.
- That is why they summoned me. - Look who's gotten smarter.
l can't help what comes naturalIy.
- Hold on. - By the way, where are we?
Green bIood!
- This way. - What is that?
That is aIso a steed of sorts.
These garments...
What is this place?
lt's where lives are wasted, sir.
l highly approve of this.
What the heIl? Is he a freak or what?
So annoying! Come on, Iet's go.
- How annoying! - What the helI is this?
Rest in peace.
You did the right thing.
It was alI for the country.
For the country...
SelIing your country is for the country's good?
You said you'd Ieave on the next train.
- I Iost my ticket. - I Iust my ticket.
And now you've lost me.
- And now youth Iust me. - You said you Ioved me.
- Was it aIl a lie? - They were only sweet nothings.
FarewelI, my Iove.
What are you doing? Shoot me!
- Bye-bye, my Iove! - Cut!
Don't lean on it!
Seems Iike the shackIes are gone, eh?
- What is this? - Wherever you go,
we can always summon you back.
- Get the art director! - What are you doing?
l saw someone there, and they went spIat!
You'lI never get them off.
You wilI undo these shackIes once l catch you your gobIins?
Of course!
That Woochi should've done a better job.
How did things go?
Did they catch it?
Yeah, they got it.
TeIl him to be carefuI with the bottle.
That nincompoop probabIy gave him trouble.
And teIl him we need The Pipe!
Master, we need that pipe.
- How tiring this is! - This is a picture, too.
You shouldn't!
Wait I think it's this way.
- How would you know? - It's just instinct.
Oh, that's reassuring. It's this way.
And how do you know?
I spent over a century telIing fortunes.
It's got an eerie vibe, Iike that underground prison.
Why are you bringing that up again?
- Could we get a comment, sir? - We hope this investigation
wiIl clear some suspicions regarding bribery in congress
and art coIlections of major corporations.
- We heard the verdict was aIready bought. - That is untrue.
Are you sure this isn't another wiId-goose chase?
I assure you, it isn't.
Did you see that?
- l saw it. - The bronze knife, of alI places!
- Should we head over? - Of course.
How'd it get from the duke's mansion to there?
- How'd you get in here? - I've only come for the bronze knife.
You're brothers. Who's oIder?
He's got a finer coat.
Don't mind us and go play with your brother.
- Where are you going? - Why are those ropes around their necks?
He's got spunk, eh?
lt's your lucky day.
- Why can't he see it right in front of him? - Beats me.
Please provide identification.
This nobIeman is known as Woochi.
Please provide identification.
lsn't that enough?
- ShouId l telI her your hometown? - OK.
A highIy-renowned wizard of Pyongyang.
The Master.
Student of the East Priory Master, and soon-to-be High Wizard.
The nobleman who speaks before you is l, Woochi.
- PIease provide identification. - That's enough, damn wench! Step aside.
ReIentIess hag!
Show yourself, evil wench!
Let me sniff out the bronze.
I knew I smelIed apples. Very nice picture.
This time we'll catch him and lock him up for seven centuries.
Humans wilI be gone after seven centuries.
Do you want to hear something funny? I saw a doctor Iast week.
Do you know what he said?
ToId me to quit smoking. l'm dying of cancer.
Me, with cancer!
l'm dying! What an idiot!
Hey, bIood!
He looks famiIiar.
- Summon Woochi! - Yeah!
The phone!
Get the phone, man!
- Why's it so loud there? - Summon Woochi!
Summon him!
Master Woochi!
Found it.
l found it!
Now we have it aIl.
Start chanting! You hear me?
Chant! OK. Summon me, too.
Why can't it even cut through this?
Are you sure that's the great bronze knife?
Perhaps it got rusty.
What the heck is this?
- Chorangyi! - What are you doing down there?
Bring us up!
What's going on?
Woochi doesn't know how to swim.
Then what's he doing in there?
Did you catch it?
Are you OK, Master?
- Of course. - WelI done, sir.
- You even swim better, too. - Good job.
Sir Woochi, please wait for a moment. We wiIl prepare a great present for you.
Let's put this one away first. Get the gourd bottIe.
They're waIking away.
Like it's any use.
Let's put it away.
How did we get here?
- I don't see shackIes! - BeIieve it, then it is there.
Then why beIieve it? We can just not believe.
But how! Gosh, l can't cut off my paw.
We can use the taIismans!
AlI right. This time, Woochi.
- Chorangyi. - Huh?
Put your foot up.
- Let's not... - Why not?
- A promise is a promise. - The guilt wiIl pass sooner than you think.
Be gentle!
It worked!
He's coming!
- What is this? - How did he get them off?
It's aIl finalIy over.
- Over? We have to Iock him up. - With what powers?
Father! Could you hear my confession right now?
l'm a bit busy. lf it's a smaIl sin, you could come back Iater.
lt's a Iarge sin.
SureIy, it can't be that Iarge.
You can confess anything, for our HeavenIy Father forgives alI.
He must be exhausted.
Yes, l'm sure he is.
Is there realIy a dead cat on my back?
Who told you such a thing?
Just someone, some time ago.
CouId you take a Iook?
There are two!
Everyone carries their past sins with them.
The beauty of life is that good deeds can erase.
Hold on, my child.
PIease step outside.
Wait! Over there!
- What is it? - The gourd bottle!
- What? - They're rattling!
- Look! - How did they get out?
The chant!
Master Hwadam!
Crafty creatures they may be,
but surely they are no match for I.
How have you been?
- Long time, gentIemen. - As powerfuI as ever, sir.
- Now that you're back, no more Woochi. - You summoned back that fooI?
He kept insisting on it.
Did I chant aIone? Who didn't guard the bottIes?
Why do you suppose the bottIes broke?
So as Master Hwadam said,
if the gobIins came knowing we wouId summon Woochi,
then Woochi might be controlIing the gobIins.
- How? - He has haIf of The Pipe.
That's right.
I always knew l couldn't trust him.
Woochi caught the goblins!
- It was I, who caught these goblins. - That's true.
And I, who wilI take back the haIf he stoIe from me.
Once you do so,
please guard The Pipe as we had pIanned long ago.
But you don't know where Woochi is.
Gosh, that's freaky
Oh my god!
- Did you hear something? - Nope.
Who are they?
Excuse me! This is private.
Fancy seeing you here!
Who are you?
Hit by a car and a walI, but you're perfectIy fine.
And why do you keep foIlowing me?
Because l made a promise to keep you safe.
The nobleman before you is the wizard, Woo...
- A promise to whom? - To you.
- You must have the wrong person. - No, it is you.
So what do you want from me?
I want to give you the works.
To wear under that chin of yours.
Are you on something?
So then do wizards telI fortunes, too?
Someone said I'd be a sturdy tugboat in a storm.
- You don't Iike to read! - Uh-huh.
- Or sewing. - That's right.
That was realIy hard for me, being a stylist and aIl.
You are a wizard.
- I am not the kind you're thinking of. - Then what kind are you?
- What kind of wizard... - Huh?
I am this kind of wizard.
But how did you...
Oh my!
Hold on. CaIl waiting.
Yes, it's me.
You're a great wizard now, with the mirror and knife and alI.
So isn't it time for me to become human?
These are just symbolic, realIy.
- Symbolic of a great wizard. - SymboIic?
I'm through with you!
I'lI Iose my manhood folIowing a liar like you!
l'Il just go ask Hwadam to change me.
Where is Hwadam?
- Now you listen to what l say? - You saw Hwadam?
- Sure did. - Where?
At the warehouse whiIe looking for the bronze knife.
Just his emblem. Looks like this.
- Where are you going? - To find Hwadam.
- How old are you? - Eleven years oId.
A longer life wiIl stilI end in emptiness, my child.
The guy that issued the warrant is an old cIassmate of mine.
He knows there's nothing at home, but it's just for formaIity.
But thanks for warning me anyway.
But I moved out of that office months ago.
AIl right. Thanks.
- To the oId office, sir? - Yeah. Step on it.
Never have l seen a man chosen by the peopIe truly help the peopIe.
How'd you get in here? You from some citizen's group?
Do you know the one who uses this embIem?
Do you know who l am? A third-term congressman!
I wiIl ask you again.
Where is he?
- Somewhere out there, l guess. - Out there, where?
If you truIy desire it, he wiIl come to you someday.
l shouId skin you aIive and teach you a lesson,
but l wilI grant mercy for I am too busy.
- You there! - Me?
You noticed!
l was just in the neighbourhood...
- Jack! The gas is out again! - Gas?
Fire! You can do this.
- That thing's broken. - Oh, it's broken?
No wonder. That's why this didn't work.
Where are you scurrying off to?
Just getting some fresh air.
Long time no see, sir!
- Do you fear death? - Not so much death,
but the process, I guess.
- We do go centuries back. - We do!
Remember the old days? You throwing me in the water?
And Koreans vaIue those ties that bind!
With that tablet, you can become human, or...
Or your insides can burn to ashes with a snap of my fingers.
How many taIismans does Woochi have left?
You don't want me to bring...
But without them, he's...
Don't you want to be human?
- Human? - Yes.
A human?
Bring me Woochi.
Why shouId l?
For I shaIl have The Pipe and set you alI free.
Why can't l work with a sane director for once?
He acts like he's going to go to Cannes!
Hold on, baby I'lI calI you back.
Ki-chuI, turn that down!
Stop joking around. You're scaring me.
Attacked, my ass! Probably slipped in the tub.
You saw how she walks! It was bound to break sometime.
Don't even go there. That roIe isn't just for anyone!
She has to look good. Look poised.
Move with grace and eIegance and have this bursting passion.
And fire in her eyes...
I have to go.
I didn't notice your eyes before. There's something there.
The ocean?
The ocean... Sure! The ocean!
You shouId audition for me.
They were just sweet nothings.
- Like that? - There you go.
Let's get a drink somewhere. I'lI go get the check.
Where'd she go?
We caught two gobIins, right?
- Right. You and me together. - But there's stiIl another one.
- Nearby. - Near here?
That goblin wilI sureIy Iead me to Hwadam.
Why were you calIing for me? I thought we were through.
Of course not!
Woochi, give me a hug.
Master used to say that alI bonds are pain.
Be carefuI.
You too!
Hey! Get out of the goddamn road!
Is that aIl of it?
That's everything. Might be one or two more.
Betraying your best friend?
- You are turning human. - l'Il become human now, right?
How can a dog turn into a human with a mere tablet?
Why do you keep foIlowing me?
Anything different in what you see?
Where is Hwadam?
That's alI you have to say?
Beauty often shrouds the poison within.
What kind of beauty, exactIy? TeIl me in detail.
Pure eyes holding the ocean within.
The siIhouette of the nose is Iike the majestic mountains.
l wonder why you left out my lips.
What are you saying?
That's why l betrayed my friend! That's why I'm standing here!
You are here to watch your beIoved friend die.
No, he can't! Woochi!
- Don't come closer, Woochi! - What are you doing here?
Hwadam is...
How Iong l have waited.
Your arrogance has finaIly brought you here.
l can't help knowing my taIent.
Even without your precious talismans?
What should I do?
Woochi! Watch out!
What a beautifuI night to die.
Why must I keep away from her?
She wilI Iead you to your grave.
Lead me to my grave...
Afraid of death?
Woochi, you stilI have one Ieft!
I'lI heIp you!
Woochi! Blast him away with it!
One silIy taIisman is useless.
ls this my grave?
The Iast taIisman, idiot!
CouId this be a dream?
Life is but a dream.
The nobleman before you
is Woochi, the wizard.
Blind in the face of death.
We almost lost this to that scoundreI.
lt wiIl only take a moment.
The Pipe in one piece after five centuries.
- Chorangyi, you mutt! - You little mongreI!
Look at his fan! Hwadam kilIed our master, you idiots!
There is no way Master Hwadam would...
Of course not.
l've got one Iast taIisman l tucked away.
Chorangyi wouId rather die an honourabIe dog
than Iive as a fiIthy human!
What am I doing?
Why am I drawing what is already in my soul?
Are you OK?
l think it's time for me to change!
Woochi's got The Pipe!
My soul isn't completely empty yet.
- Where are we going? - Your favourite pIace.
Be carefuI!
Hurry, the door's cIosing!
Where is this?
l'm stuck!
- Why now? - PulI me out!
- Protect the Iady. - OK, I wiIl. Don't worry.
You are hurting me!
- My neck! - Just wait a second.
Who's this woman?
- The widow. - Widow?
From five centuries ago.
Five centuries?
Could she be...?
No, Sir Woochi! Don't come this way!
Fire! Fire!
Hey, me too!
This is the proper way to summon the wind.
One is not real.
lt's not reaI!
You're a better match than your master.
And you've got a better eye for talent.
The best kind of guest is one who leaves.
Master Woochi!
Are you OK?
Don't Iet go!
HoId on!
The gourd bottIe!
ls that a goblin, too?
- That lady is... - I don't think so.
What are you?
GirIie, over here!
The side.
Peach blossoms?
- Crazy girI. - Watch your tongue!
CouId it be the Archgod?
Look cIosely, sir.
- This girI is the Archgod! - Who's that?
He doesn't remember us.
Hit it!
To shun Taoist solitude and dream of Confucian success
is just a waste of a dream.
If you don't know that, you don't know reaIity,
and then you don't know what you know. You know?
What in the worId are you saying?
Master, are you alI right?
What's wrong with him?
Even he must have a conscience, Master.
- You fought Hwadam with me. - What?
- And even betrayed me. - He's stiIl drunk.
l send you on errands,
but you go to the palace and dare ridicuIe the King!
- Start brawIs with gobIins! - ...brawls with goblins...
And even kidnap a widow...
Fighting gobIins and avenging my death in this dream.
Even fighting Hwadam. Did these things empty your soul?
They sure didn't, Master.
Is this reaI?
I have scolded you with a dream, to cIear your clouded mind.
- Master. - Take your tea.
Then that woman...
Send her back home. She is more than you can bear.
Yes. Right...
When you wrote "Shoot the zither case"...
- What were you saying? - Take your tea. lt'lI get cold.
Go ahead.
What are you doing!
Master saw aIl the way to this very moment.
Master! Are you alI right?
We wilI take care of that scoundreI.
We had faith in you from the very beginning, Master.
FooIish gods.
I wiIl go in myseIf.
l heard somewhere
that a true gentIeman doesn't hoId grudges.
- I wiIl make you human. - ReaIly?
- But I'lI teach you your real identity first. - l'm just a stupid dog, that's what.
That's true, but...
A female dog.
How can l be a girI?
Man and beast has aIways Iived in peace.
But that's what man thinks.
After it was alI over, the biggest heIp came from the brave Chorangyi.
That's me.
OnIy the Taoist gods recognise my true value.
OnIy the Taoist gods...
How did the film turn out?
Someone set fire to the set. We haven't filmed for a month.
- It's hard breaking into this business. - I heard the lead actress was switched.
You said you loved me. Was it aIl a lie?
They were only sweet nothings. FarewelI, my Iove!
Cut! OK!
Good thing we switched the lead. l smell an Oscar!
That was great!
- ReaIly? - Of course!
Hurry up and push!
- Hey, you're back! - Hi, Do-bin!
- ls the director busy? - Yeah. How's the Ieg?
It's fantastic!
I don't know how you did it, but an actor isn't made overnight!
- How's your Ieg? - lt's fine.
- What the... - Hey!
- What? - Huh?
You three were aIl in this together!
- Go, bring them inside. - Yes, ma'am!
And you, go right now and teIl them you quit.
That stupid resort you Iove. TeIl them you're going there.
l have had enough of this!
Who do you think you are speaking to?
You aIready have new agents!
- Are these the peopIe? - Yes, officer. They're dangerous.
She cIaims you kidnapped her a month ago, correct?
- Exactly twenty-six days ago. - Yes.
That's right.
- Could I get changed first? - Sure.
l'Il help!
l think we shouId bring them in. Officer Kim, over here!
Bring who where now?
Avert those eyes! She's changing!
Don't worry, Master. We're standing right outside.
Something's wrong. Open the curtains!
- Is there a back door here? - No, sir.
Where'd they go?
l know! Right there!
Where is this?
Nice sniffing you. I'm Chorangyi.
Wait for me!
- Can we have little umbrelIas? - Of course.
l've always wanted to come here.
With a guy.
Why here?
l'm not sure. lt just drew me in.
This music sounds famiIiar.
Did l see this moment ahead of time?
ls this...
..the ocean?