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Every people, and every nation has the basic human right to preserve its heritage, culture
and traditions. The American people are losing that fundamental human right. Today it is
practically a "hate crime" to simply say that America was founded by European Christians.
Today, our heritage is under attack by a mass media and a government that is determined
to wipe out our precious heritage. There is no better example than the war being waged
on Christmas. Whether one is a Christian or not, Christmas is an ancient tradition that
enriches our nation and its people. It is part of our cultural tradition as much as
our religious one. The theme of Christmas is one of peace, beauty, love, charity and
hope. A child is born to bring the world all these things, a new day for all of us. In
our Christmas carols and Christmas trees and Nativity scenes, as well as a European architypal
Santa, we celebrate our traditions, our community our love. But "Merry Christmas" is being replaced
by "Happy Holidays." Christmas Holidays in School are now called "Winter Break." Even
Christmas Carols are banned in schools. The word Christmas is not to be used in Schools,
because after all there is Christ in the name Christmas. Community nativity displays which
have been put up for hundreds of years in mother Europe and in America -- have now been
banned by the courts. Any sort of Christian aspect of Christmas is banned on community
property And now we are seeing the beginnings of attacks on even the ancient European tradition
of the Christmas tree or Yule tree. In Seattle, a rabbi successfully had them removed from
the airport. Increasingly Christmas trees are being removed from public places. The
Christmas fall from grace is no accident. It did not happen like an apple falls from
a tree. The Christmas tree and all its cultural and religious branches is being purposely
chopped down. Who has been behind this war on Christmas? One might suspect it has been
driven by the small numbers of athiests, but acutally they had a minor role. The driving
force behind the destruction of our Christmas traditions has been Jewish organizations and
extremist Jewish activists. For decades, leading Jewish groups have lobbied against the celebration
of Christmas in our schools and communities. They include the most powerful Jewish organization
in America, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress. Another
is the ADL, which is the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. One should also include the
ACLU, an organization founded by Jews and dominated by Jews and Jewish funding since
their beginning. Along with these Jewish groups, the Jewish dominated mass media has promoted
the anti-Christmas campaign. To even tell the truth about the Jewish domination of Hollywood
and the news and entertainment media conglomerates is called anti-Semitism, but even Jewish publications
themselves boast of it. The Los Angeles Jewish Times boasted that Jews own 4 out of 5 of
the largest media conglomerates and that the 5th is as much Zionist as the other four.
Although Jews are less than 3 percent of the population in the United States, they have
tremendous influence in media, finance, politics. Although not all Jews support radical anti-Christian,
and European traditions, organized Jewry is controlled by the extremists who do. One of
the best proofs of this enormous Jewish extremist power is the fact that this small percentage
of the population has been successful in their anti-Christian campaign. They have defeated
over 90 percent of Americans who love our Christmas traditions. In fact, after they
banned our Christian Christmas symbols from our Schools and community property, they have
inserted Jewish celebrations and symbols. Christmas crosses and nativity scenes are
now banned, but right across from the White House on public land, each year is erected
the world's largest Jewish Menorah. This year's menorah is so big that they had to use a sky
lift to light it. The Menorah is the oldest symbol of Judaism and it is used to symbolize
the Jewish religious celebration of Hanakkuh. The Christmas theme of "peace on earth" and
"goodwill toward man" has been replaced by a symbol celebrating a Jewish military victory
over their enemies and the Jews preventing integration and assimilation. The White House
menorah is erected by a worldwide, powerful Jewish racist, hate group, Chabad Lubavitch.
This year, the White House Chief of Staff, the Jewish radical, Rahm Emanuel lit this
Jewish symbol. Chabad openly states that the sole purpose of all non-Jews on earth is to
quote "serve Jews." That Gentiles are inferior in body and soul. And that Jesus Christ as
well as all Christians are idolators who deserve death. You may find it hard to believe what
I am saying, but I am quoting directly from Chabad literature. All the documentation and
sources you can find on How can the White House Chief of Staff and the
President of the United States get away with supporting a Jewish supremacist organization?
It is because the Jewish cotnrolled press covers up the true nature of Chabad. Perhaps
now you can understand why Jewish power in media, finance and politics has led the anti-Christian,
anti-Christmas war. Judaism itself is extremely anti-Christian. When I was a young man, I
was taught in Sunday School that Judaism respected Christ but simply didn't believe he was the
Messiah. Later, I discovered in that Judaism actually has a deep, vicious hatred of Jesus.
You can prove this by going right to the Jewish Talmud, which is the basis of Judaism. The
head of Princeton University's Jewish Studies Department, Peter Schafer, recently wrote
a book called Jesus in the Talmud. The book is endorsed by prominent Jewish rabbis. Here’s
a quote from a review of the book in Publishers Weekly: "What exactly is so scandalous? How
about Jesus punished in Hell for eternity by being made to sit in a cauldron of boiling
excrement? That image appears in early manuscripts of the Babylonian Talmud, as does a brief
account of Jesus’ trial and execution—not by the Romans but by the Jewish high court,
the Sanhedrin. "... How much more could Judaism hate Jesus Christ than by punishing him with
being boiled in excrement for all of eternity? The average Christian does not know this because
the Jewish dominated media doesn't want you to know it. This Jewish hatred for Christianity
can be shown by many, many examples. In Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports how Christian priests
are regularly spit upon in the face by Jewish extremists. In America, you don't have to
go much further than to look at an episode of Jewish writer and actor Larry David on
HBO. In one episode he uses the toilet in the home of devout Christians where there
is a portrait of Jesus. He accidentally urinates on Jesus but some of his urine remains, which
the devout Christian ladies imagine to be a tear which they venerate as a miracle. The
question is: Do we have the right to defend our heritage in America? Do we have the right
to continue our Christmas traditions in the nation we founded? I think that we do. If you agree, I sincerely hope that you will
do more than complain. I hope you will send links for this video to everyone of your friends
and family, and if you have recieved this that you in turn will do likewise. I thoroughly
document everything that I say in an academic fashion. If you would like to get a copy of
a special Duke Report called the Jewish War on Christmas that goes into more depth than
I can on the video. Please go to Finally, I want to wish you and your loved
ones not simply a Happy Holidays, but a very merry and meaningful Christmas.