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they they really can't move on church
outlining his presentation interfere today it's my great pleasure to be
talking to you about using Google Plus Local can go across local to promote and build your business
so that was a long time
elects gets stuck and go ahead and get started
list are pressuring beloit why should your business but using people plus
local etzel and small businesses to police have
unit extra resources
so they're very protective of them for that reason i want to spend a couple
minutes explaining why it's worthwhile field business to set up the people plus
local college
yes to the why question is pretty straightforward there are two statistics
and that's it
ninety seven percent of course in the sense from local businesses online
clear majority of these levels such as a done using people which is still
undoubtedly became of web sites today
more about the cause clearly decided to come
law banning on local listings in search results
so if you take all these things together you can see the glucose local
he's an incredible opportunity to gain front your target market right at the
moment they can be specifically looking for you
his eyes that that is that businesses experience when they use people plus
so you can see como plus it was a free resource that helps you get down the
it's gonna help me trucking traffic joe website
allowing you to stand out and we're in crowded market place's
not local marketplaces
and acquire inside to actual customer base
google plus local also help shingade you could customize using a variety of media
increases sales with proceeds specialties
and also need to show overall profitability
before we get too much but let's take a closer look
and make sure we're on the same page in terms of exactly what people
local bogle class local radiates
and the simplest terms of people plus local isn't all that about business
uh... going and manage that physical business location information mechanical
customers to keep it clean and simple
but what does it look like in practice
basically straight to work a little bit
if you'll see a screenshot of what we classes the setup a_k_a_
search engine results page
these are a few complaints revisiting congress on this page as most of you
at the very top
you have the sponsored listings than the ones
that kind of like in that the uh... the shade of yellow color
sentiments hope you have a natural geodetic listings nickelback realistic
is that the previous teams Google plus local
notice the map on the top right corner
if you click on them that people take you to a mac operating at a local
businesses that
it your sense that
there is what this is where you can see
you or actual business people plus local pledge
so let's take a closer look at what he's actually seems in action
so we're gonna see here
international local page inches above mothball in pennsylvania
at the very topical by mel all the basic information about the business addresses
and phone number
to help you get that one of your public transportation seagate instant
directions demands you write their name
and even the press in this case
you know the restaurants every zone straight
uh... if your business and that you can update in a disinformation in due course
local page
uh... for your actual business account
another quote breach of the eagle forum here is the ability of the business
owners the post to the local pritesh
which allows businesses to get updates and share information with customers
further down to see a section where you can think that she upload them b_t_u_'s
and pictures
uh... pictures may appear combat unit at various sources
and when it comes to even she click on the lucrative thumbnails of visits or
specifically pick your is it when this pops up
of disease that was good also upload it to ten pictures and thought videos free
eighty business listing and when i strongly encourage that we'd really do
using poll
allotment of photos and videos
will touch them both uh... that included in the will determine the second
so if you scroll down this page
you'll see customer reviews
these are these are a great way to harness the power of social prefer
incomes using the internet israel may two thousand twelve people actually read
their the scoring system
uniting used to seeing the classic sport upon a star ratings
and another dinner places will be classes is that it's thirty points ko
going to do
this expressive rating system makes it easier to use as the better shaded view
about what makes a place unique
male customers will be able to really get to know
rental business on
mole spore purgery on the one two three scale
average scores a category of thirty point scale based on user reviews
where twenty six or thirty schools increment in the case this is an
extraordinary play some pretty much but
thomas one hundred twenty-five school represents very good excellent
sixteenths once called
there's a good two very good and so on
and he scores will show you several schools from different criteria for
example restaurants
escort across three areas that skinny third decor and service
unifi reaping the primary aspect
young people doesn't have enough user ratings physically different aspects
it what a shame federal school
levels horace king parable to school
economic progress preferred location futher questions pretty much it's just
like that
why customer reviews matter so much in advance of the vertigo ask yourself what
is pretty simple
you just put had tunnel of trust in this social networks counties
in ninety percent rest of our recommendations to people in value
the lazy thingies seventy percent trust opinions from uses that they don't even
know what happened had met before
as a u_s_-cuba plus local gives you business incredible opportunity to
harness the power of social proof
a psychological problems people listen
the actions of others reflects correct behavior that's a highly him way of
saying that
the the way pack animals
and we found out that uh... it's a google classically local plus
will help your business
fully capitalize on a innate desire
toothpick in and do a lot of them
here the last part of the same i want to show you is below the purple image
and you see there are three buttons that will help you use is showing your page
the comparable age
even though the pace of printer-friendly member wheaton gradually to share after
another new channels such as
units with faced records the message
and nothing else on this is ever allowed you to do that specifically
is making a repeat of what you have
and is share it with
so much easing some believe when reveal the tension make these listings
linux businesses to actually go barbara which is crazy
if you haven't done so already your first action item we need to be this
presentation is the claim your listing
it's very simple these three-step process reciprocal quick
anybody want to let you listen to a postcard sometimes very patient number
but the reason is pretty simple
people installation you'd think that only businesses with physical locations
we have had a in actually have a location
on the map specifically so we have here is that she will run this place was
actually look like
it's uh... there's nothing better so that you'll just set up in the mail
sunk witnesses are definitely will team
and then we'll see whether in red cross is and what they specifically do have
your verification code Google Plus Local
yours for the steps that were on that prescott and and that will verify your
position that specifically
okay so now it's time to get to the fun stuff how to make the most of you on the
platform in people
how to make a local listings and that was the biggest returned to your
by making by taking the time to optimizer listing race the profits of
your page and get more prospects the click through to exceed visited vases
and ultimately pledges of products and services
and for the next few minutes i watch i'm going to get your outline
nephew simple ways you can improve your page and make sure to forms are very
high level field business specifically
tossed out the simplest and most important thing you can do to optimism
ku klux klan pledge
get it out
that state
the you're allowed to do whatever it takes complete or
text fields even the ones that are required
particularly even address
website morale description categories that's really at your every single box
you can't physically protection
getting there
talk about yourself and provided correct information
see on this but i decided to see a helpful quote from base your mom's
uh... any of you know
what they're talking about when it comes to gamble
and a lot of places
though just do the bad minimum make sure it's a hundred percent complete
and optimization list was ninety percent complete
is in eight months in what is the minorities more at ease some of it
if you have a caller all the way
then chances are you from the chance to compete
one of the most important ranking factors
if not dumb
most important is boudreaux pagecont prodi nis so again just make sure one
you feel this stuff out
you are you know it's your business so just put it down on a piece of paper
that altman them so i put it out on the listing
and that she get everything out that the people to see
but there is any typing italic writing the credit markets
in the next best thing for you to do to improve his ability listing
pre-trial competitive knitted progress from ph of competitors if the court
quiet citations from other directories yasin was a citation
it's a listing of your business in any
a local directories specifically and you'll see a couple of those who were
booked on that mccormack
so here's the deal
people crawls the web for information on the citations about your business from a
variety of third-party sources including yelping yellow pages in all these other
local directories manza merchantcircle
the whole sensations on
mentions you have the more content people spiders
have to work with more party your people close listing will have
little more parking credibility deal business has in the eyes of the people
yet the more likely your listings who's the pyramids hope of the actual results
additions is important to make sure the information you submit to other entries
is consistent
accuracy across all or almost all
uh... citation sources tell us
unit associate trust with the local page
on this page facility in a long list of directories
you can get citations from starting with some of the big ones
so if you really want to do is issued right down the form of all the
information of specific yummy right you know
so every time you're awesome question you can put on the same answer
everything is going on that
so his more challenging
of a very effective way to boost the position at your page
uh... nice to get your customers to write reviews
that means getting ahead of us know customers particularly when they offer
unsolicited positive feedback
to take a few minutes to put their explode their experience into words
and submitted the guru
for the world to see
and other approaches to give people a gift coincidence would rory in exchange
for that time to submit your review
if you take this route
the important thing is to stress
that you're not asking them for a positive review
because that would be almost like a pro in some kind of way
emphasizing you wanted to be on us in our system of your company
and then i'll get rewarded for their own state
more often on top
people will be happening later a rebuke
if you have a new will lombok because you know that they're not quite sure
what to say
uh... when this happens just give him a few crumbs
i have to take a
multiple worse than that because the review
might come across as a scripted here or in security which needless to say
defeats the purpose pretty much anyway
the words the winds did not
under any circumstance right both distribution submit them
under uh... any of the names specifically will talk about why that's
at me and why you don't do that
leonard second-order seeing the screen is really what they will be seeing and
want to write a review
i'll have the options to rate the atmosphere that the court with a
different services
it of course that what you have the opportunity
to really write down what is that they're talking about specifically
so apparent very important aspect of the kind of things they can do it you can do
is add images
and sheer adolescent documented a strong correlation between the pages ranking
the number of photos and videos you has selections and
you're allowed number other images
no high-quality photo to really help the business stand up in the crowd
if you have the but you know i strongly recommend home local photographer to
take some pictures uh... label gominho alone wildblue they can leverage in on
but you've got a meeting there isn't any platform specifically haven't social
media websignia mocking you have
there's a great investment period on sometimes
another way to leverage and you're listening to is to include offers this
is a pretty great feature
green but not many people really easy because it's a sure-fire way to
translate online visits into install purchases nephew general tips for
creating opposites one
make sure they comply with people's rules which
you've got to see Google Plus local optimization
amol mississippi when you start writing what would the rules regarding not that
straights and uni
strapped down for clinton limitations by any means number two
lecture to get off of the generous uh... press alan j
buttoning dumping it too much away to make sure it's a an offer that people
really will want to come by for me
and three make sure you provide united as some context or otherwise
let the boys live how much you don't even really are getting initial breach
the strength of europe
so rishi and showed him the value of what this is certainly a girl happy when
the providers offer
and what they're gonna get from this newly published book and get it what's
in it prevents us really help people be looking at this
now let's take a couple of minutes to identify some
hazards and pickles
the should avoid
when using people local prostitutes very easy to get this romeo making a
you want to see where do these things
i may sound like a broken record they would keep saying this but it is worth
mentioning again
doesn't leave gaps in your page connect out completely
it really is an insecure few additional manages to write that content they don't
get it done
ever mentioned earlier
page from previous is on the most important renting ranking factors google
looks at
so it's virtually important you dot every hour and cross every t_ e_ when
you're sitting there listening
don't just go through the motions again i will be handled and the police had a
pleasant evening thing for us
just puts something indicated at that time
measures factual make sure it's true
button guarantee you'll be able to put something every single boxes out there
issue comes up rosita
afresh regularly updated pedro also help formatting assailant neglected page
if you want to look at the local police and reiterated that lead to a business
uh... u
neat adds some value to it
on a regular basis
and consider creating every caring parents remind yourself
some of the gambling freshen up the page and read the latest customer reviews
has also given the opportunity to review your analytics and see how pages that
she performing specifically so it's greatly giving them rishi
well people plus loan please read it into a business specifically
unfortunately is happy to say this
many businesses overseas
really bad advice when it comes to be more closely optimization
well species advice is to stop your patient keywords
and this is a missus is down for two reasons blast extensive walls of the
google goals
and you'll get a call in this country spent consider this as a point of
spanning seconded it just makes you think cheesy
all him tina would-be customers
bombings decided he'd been researching using a new patient group of the dead
but i think he was i mean if you're if you're at your restaurant in colorado is
written in the example
impedance question whether the where
corrado restaurant old desk or a restaurant
and just putting a great time do that
pick one or two terms of light that was a pretty much maybe your industry or
your service
and you little son of sam
complacent us here in there
sweater special around from time to time
uh... just ongoing that america's we put the same time over and over again just
so i'll be able to see
that's what you have any represented born hope you remember what it just does
not work like that anymore
okay now s address some of the free glass questions
the businesses have regarding people plus local
if you don't see your sake don't hesitate to isolate wrote this
presentation underneath his presentation which was an email address cheapened
incident comes at me
the any further questions unanswered
number one
scalpels and make the most of my missing on him
pretty obvious question right into these presentations have
yeah of course we've already covered all the basics powered even anyway because
repetition this mother and letting them is the father excellence
make sure you are listening is complete
i told you elizabeth some of the brick requote okay
mentioned listings complete
more than that make sure you're taking every opportunity to go above and beyond
the bare minimum adding the amount of clinton he completed
and a bunch of posters and take time to write compelling company description
tracings rather directories and mention it included the exact same information
inc each one and lastly encourage or happy customers to write positive
and of course also glossary
videos if you have a number of it is a big help to barbieri's again optimize Google plus local for your business
paste and all he ended up with an angel do close local package
next question there what do you have a bad review what going to take it down
the bad news is you can't take it down a symbolic scruples terms of use
and that's a very tough constantly
i'm gonna require historic why im
reading and he really good reason to convince crew
to remove that review
uh... for any reason to leave a comment
in local
uh... that's not
let's say because you know that hollis and then care about the reputation
because then you need to maintain a reputation as a fair and neutral party
now you can always attempt to defuse bag refused by responding publicly in some
cases this can end up being a great cabinetry fuel business because it shows
the public
detained customer complaints seriously
ever completed two excellent service sold that business is getting this bible
plus local reviews because they're out there in the opening unity it's in
control of the customer
it's probably think if you really embraces featured
both positive and negative feedback can be good if you abuses
and help the grime even though it's sometimes hard to hate
think about it easily
a customer who has written a review
has taken the time to invest name
investment success of your business
you know if you can make that business improvement based on a review
he's and user and ship to change
really if you have a better view on this specifically
take that as an opportunity to publicly say heyyy i'm sorry
we've learned from this experience
how about we invite you back to a location and it is on us
or you know how wrestle the sadness or something people will see the solutions
that you really care about the customers in many cases
that makes it seem more believable but this is a real review it's a real
business and you really can specifically but they always said of course for the
good reviews
and people this will be seen
visually people were killed his seed is our yoga goodwill plus local package
and this interactions or people like to see because it makes a business feel
that there is a real person behind it who really does care about their
so you've got a question wasn't listening showed up in the splendor in
the results more surprising inducted into plus local
has gotten dairy competitive because no giving people those people plus local
so that it could add these listings
write-up page one told the people so in the old days you can simply but i think
this is the single people
and seeing that pretty much
in the quote will be crosses the seven packed a few weeks later
these days if you listen doesn't happen you a hundred percent school
you can forget about being listed in the best seven local businesses of people
displaced optimize Google plus local for your business
political results
yet and there are a number of ways
to be good if we get blamed for it to be for a good position
uh... as we discovered specifically again
at the concept usual pictures and videos get reviews show activity refreshing
content all discuss that this was going to make you ten times better than it
uh... that our even trying to squeeze in the at any given time
uh... why is there really seem for my business completely brows and that was
pretty simple
the most fun is comparable with and assemble a page automatically using the
information they follow through on the demands additional
new listings can be created uh... specifically anyone
which brings us to the last question why do i need to clean my listing
well criminalist and has several benefits
but that's the most important is that it looks you'll disdain
everyone else
so you know i would have been the majority of a will major's contents
excluding the customer reviews of course
perfect is that claimed the listing provides information to his giving
so you can let you can see how many times you listing has shown up in
having people who do you do it
even how many people have asked for directions for cyclically
consider creating a repairing uh...
so what's really going to do
so she pretty much locked in what you claimed you listing you know when she
heard really good analytics at how at least things actually being shot in the
you know how often do bill clinton you number one how people recommend how
smoothly tons of people that she clicking on it
how many times they do you make money at home so that he
making it action
on that list thing which is great concern to them
learn from specifically for many other of your availed acting tactics
and of course
to see how people how active people are the or industry
and how they needed which can be a great inside to other tech bosnia's on
strategies you want to implement market
so at this point you might be feeling unwell would be perfectly honest
uh... bed there that will be some challenges in this process is ongoing
there will be necessary to really be successful in getting your people plus
local page number one
but don't be discouraged by these challenges
because recall the benefits
middle-class look was a great tool to handing them out the national
it's a form of advertising that's affordable
what we say
and it's relevant
that recall that ninety seven percent of consumers to use it solutions that by
local companies with the two thirds using people to do so
nasa scientists
you can do it looking for these results when you can get results link back from
earth freebasing
is it really that hard to sit down and go through all this
people plus local is not rocket science and not by any stretch of the
so don't worry
here at everything you need to be successful
and if you need help
or encouragement along the way you can always call upon us
or a member of our team to help you get unstuck
but that's what the president let me also conserve a few other f_-eighteens
that people
uh... specifically asked leasing bodies
kalahari someone to submit positive reviews the google parcel to say they
can't get the actual reviews themselves
of course a highly encourage you to put them on their yourself specifically
some people might want to harness and i a strong winds and no
this practice what he considered a form of spam violates the terms of most web
and hear ones working time anyway
even after reviews and legitimate
maybe they came from surveys uh... opml comment cards or something
even then you're not supposed to submit them on behalf of the original and the
original walter
is it going
according to our children whose policy itself so you know you may have these
currencies post nikon submit them
if you do it when she shell only your name
in this case is really doesn't look walked into anyway because he loves to
look at the r_p_a_ dresses with purcell purcell of dean from
and they can get it will put your name
information under that fort
sammico six range anyway key countries in the new york ny raping authentic
questions for a quick referred to as question
is what if i don't have a store in actual musical impatient or not this
comes to greatly and the same
and yes of course you can use it again
but you still need to submit and mailing address to be able to create your
if you work from home when you're in the motive all businesspeople specify
service area
inside a process
and all team tonight she specifically quite a treacherous which is having a
good thing to do if you had she work from home
purposefully everything you need me never much clearer understanding people
plus local
uh... we've pretty much made it into the presentation
i hope this has been helpful and i really appreciate unsecured if he'd make
it this far pretty well i really appreciate you taking the time it later
to watch this file um...
so yet please take leave rather than applying one thing today
one thing tomorrow
and don't stop into prisons is taken off like a rocket i guarantee you
it will be worked overtime
so again
if you have any questions any concerns console and give a plus local
building email address below this presentation that you can say well
personally get back bowling sonya questions i'm i wish all the best at
this this is how you got from optimize google plus local generally speaking to showing thank you