ESWC 2011: Interview with Dendi

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Oct 21, 2011

- Hi! Dendi, whom would you like to interview?
- I’ll interview myself!
- Oooh hi, Dendi! My master!
Will you both ask and answer the questions?
I just showed. Ok, how are you?
- Hello, Dendi!
- Hi! Let’s go.
- I have a pair of questions to you.
- Of course, of course. Speak, please.
- One of the main questions is why are you so awesome?
- Shit! I was hanging on solomid for a long time;
I’m unbelievable Pudge and also look at my Shaker!
- Is it the one with Butterfly, Buriza and Rapier?
- It’s far not only.
- Zero, where are we going? Do you want to stay
in the seclusion with me? I think you got me wrong…
Ok, live on. Stand up here, I’ll ask you a few questions.
I interviewed Lost a few minutes ago and…
- I want to go to this cafe!
- Let’s go and order something. It’s invisible cafe
and these are invisible buns. Would you like an invisible bun?
And one Cola please… I interviewed Lost a moment ago.
It was particularly informative.
I think even if he wins all the championships in the world
his interview will last no more than one and a half minute.
Should I anticipate a bit more form you?
- Lost, you are killing…
- Lost, are you killing Cheneese?
- No.
- Ok, tell me about your practice. How was it?
Did something interesting happen?
- How did we practice? Well, we get together,
Lost is playing WoW, we play something as well…
And that’s it.
- Awesome! How many creeps did Lost farm in WoW?
- Everything according to the plan. 15 of that, 10 of those,
3 of that and another one. Than he takes his stuff
and goes away. That’s all.
- He loots and undresses people!
- How did we practice? Everything’s ok.
It’s better than the previous time.
- Even so?
- Better of all the previous times.
- Wow! That’s a real surprise for me.
- Was it difficult to find a PCW? I saw there were only
200-400 people playing online.
- I was searching. And I can find a PCW!
- Are you a new war arranger?
- I was always searching for PCWs. But this time
I did it quickly and professionally.
- With whom did you practice? Name us a few teams.
- With EHOME, M5, few matches with GOGI...
They appeared to be the strongest team.
- That’s sad. Tell us please if the team’s level
changed here after The International?
Did your understanding of strategies increased?
- Well we were bums and became a bit weaker
but here we’ve already caught up
and now we are stronger bums.
So we have all chances to win.
But EHOME team is also very strong, etc
- Will you first ban Antimage and Spectre?
- It depends…
- Depends on what?
- On the 1st and the 2nd picks.
- Which hero would you like to play?
- Guess…
- I’m coming! Eat me!
- Ok. You took much HP.
- I’m with Aghanim’s.
- In the end I’d like to ask you…
After Vanya’s departure Clement took the lead.
How his playstyle differs from Vanya’s?
- It differs greatly. Clement doesn’t see the game.
He’s blind. He’s silent. Everything’s awesome.
- So what’s the difference in their styles?
- It differs much. Everything’s ok.
- That’s the main point.
- Time will show.
- That’s true. Thank you for the interview. And good luck.
I just distracted you…
- *Dendi sings*
- *Dendi sings*