NWTC celebrates deaf awareness week

Uploaded by NWTCTube on 14.09.2011

Hello! My name is Jake. Did you know that Deaf Awareness Week is coming up? That’s
Right! Every year in September this week is reserved for this cultural event. The event
is happening this year from September 26-30th. Deaf awareness week is not just for deaf people.
It is for everyone, who is welcome to join us.
The point of this week is to celebrate Deaf Culture, and individuals who are deaf or hard
of hearing, and examining one’s perspective on hearing loss. Here’s what we’ve got
planned for the NWTC Green Bay Campus:
Our first event for deaf awareness week is September 26, Monday. From 2-3pm 1 hour. For
that hour we will have a deaf panel, of deaf and hard of hearing, people telling their
experiences as deaf and hard of hearing individuals. So please come and listen. It will be happening
in the cafeteria here on campus.
Tuesday, September 27th All day. we will be hosting a movie entitled “Trix: American
Sign Langue Extreme Make-Overs”. It will about deaf experiences, culture and other
things. Come watch it in the student movie lounge.
Wednesday September 28th. Another movie we’ll be showing is “Through Deaf Eyes”.
September 30th, Friday. Another movie we’ll be showing is “Manny ASL Stories in American
Sign Language.”
Three things to look for, for more information: There will be an information table with facts
in the cafeteria. All over the cafeteria in the middle you’ll see a center piece with
interesting things to read and posters all throughout the campus.
If you want more information: go online at www.nwtc.edu and look for the student life
page. There you’ll find more information about Deaf week as well.
Mark your calendars. And come, learn, and experience ask and have fun! And you are welcome
to join us. Thank you!