Lyoto Machida Interview part 1 of 5

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Special Sensei SporTV going to battle today with the presence of the
champion in the most disputed weight class in the UFC.
The Karateca Lyoto Machida.
Onwer of the UFC LHW belt, undefeated in 16 fights.
“Oss” Lyoto, welcome.
“Oss”, thank you for the opportunity.
On October 24th, Lyoto made his first title defense.
Against another Brazilian, Mauricio Shogun.
In one of the most discussed fight in the year.
We’re going to talk about this battle
as well as the rematch scheduled for May 1st, 2010.
But first we’re going to begin with two declarations from Lyoto
Which are actually the backbones of our discussion here today.
Well, as you said it yourself now that everyone knows you
Your game has been well studied
Since you were successful in your first title defense
Do you now consider yourself to be a true champion?
Now that you have surpassed all approvals?
Well, everyone says that…
For you to be a true champion you have to be successful in your first title defense
I did that in October
The fight was tough for sure
but I do consider myself to be the true champion of the LHW class in the UFC
And also by your own words, your game has been carefully studied
Well, that’s something I expected
First, because I come from a different background from most other fighters
I come from Karate, so this brings a bigger curiosity out of other coaches
teams and fighters that belong to this weight class
So logically I am being well studied
My fights are being well observed, so they can find some gaps in my game
And obviously there are gaps, because no one is perfect
There will always be gaps in anyone’s game
And now there were 5 rounds against Shogun
so there is a lot of more material to be studied
But what has changed in your life
you are certainly one of the most influential and famous person in Belém do Pará
Perhaps only Fafá de Belém (singer) may be more famous than you
Yes, in Belém do Pará I am very well known
but there are other artists also well known
You mentioned Fafá de Belém, there is Calypso (band)
there is Lyoto Machida
And there are others that have recognition nationally and also internationally
--Prof. Pitanguy, 3rd Dan-- Karate is the type of discipline that teaches you how to live
--Prof. Pitanguy, 3rd Dan-- it’s an element that gives you equilibrium and not imbalance
Now I see that these attributes is owed a lot to Lyoto Machida
he brought this spirit with a lot of strength, with a lot of quality
He’s an innovator
What about the popularity of Karate, Lyoto?
Even Prof. Pitanguy, one of the most influential personalities this century
Said that Karate has been strengthening thanks to your alchemies, your innovations
Is Karate popularizing again?
Look, Karate had its moment of glory in the 70s and 80s
but was weakened thereafter
Mostly due to the emergences of other federations and the law stating that any federation could emerge
This weakened the sport a lot. Because a lot of rules that were implemented
And these rules took out the “martial” side of Karate
The same happened with Judo, even Jiu-Jitsu
the Gracie family fights so much so it doesn’t lose its “martial” side
The side of finalizing the fight
Karate is no different.
What happened was the emergence of these new set of rules
Karate became much more sportive and less martial
And we wanted to make a real combat
Like MMA, that’s a true combat
So we concerned ourselves in bringing back a lot of strikes
a lot of techniques that were forgotten
Because if you are a sportsman
and those techniques are not part of the rules in your competition
Why would you train them?
So a lot of people put those techniques aside
and were only practicing that “sportive” Karate
And truly, if you look at Karate as a sport only
it loses its efficiency as a true combat style
Great, so now knowing the difference between the “classic” Karate and the “modern” Karate styles
Those strikes that have much more efficiency in MMA
what do you think about other fighters that are now looking to add to their arsenal your style
Such as Vitor Belfort
We have a quote from Vitor, who is adding Shotokan Karate to his game
I’d like for you to comment on what he says
There is no difference [in Machida Karate]
Machida Karate is Shotokan. That is the style he practices
I train with Vinicius Antony for a long time now, since 2000
When I faced Heath Herring, Vinicius trained me
We trained a lot of Karate for that fight. And I hadn’t trained that much since
And when I started watching Lyoto, I saw something very cool about Karate
about Shotokan Karate
Which is distance and timing. You have a different view in a fight
I don’t believe that you can conquer your space in MMA today with one style
So everyone tries to implement new things in their game
Because if you only insist in one thing you are not taking advantage of your own capabilities
To finalize, is Machida Karate one of a kind?
is it an adaptation of Shotokan Karate?
and what do you think about Vitor practicing Karate?
Look, I think Vitor’s initiative is very smart
To look for an innovation to his style, I respect Vitor a lot as a fighter and a person
But our Karate is a ramification of Shotokan Karate
Shotokan Karate is the back bone of it all
But our Karate is a branch, why?
Because if you go to a normal Shotokan Karate academy
you’ll hardly find strikes being trained with such insistence
Knees, elbows, trips with strikes to finalize
This Karate is much more martial, it’s a style that was devoted to war times in Japan
The same with Jiu-Jitsu, the same with other styles
So we are searching for that “martial” aspect
We train the sportive side, but always adding what we call “finalization”
We call it [Japanese term?], which means the finalization of your opponent
May it be a knee, may it be a trip complemented by a strike
Obviously we can’t compare the Karate ground to Jiu-Jitsu
That’s not what I’m saying, the Karate ground is a continuation of the fight standing
You drop someone and apply two-three strikes on the ground
It’s not Jiu-Jitsu, where you have submissions
But it’s a complete style, it’s a style where you go until your opponent submits
This revolution that Karate has been creating
Has it been harder for you to train in peace in Belém do Pará?
Is the resort Terra Alta your sacred refuge for a perfect camp?
It really has started to be complicated because I am very popular in the city
Which is really cool, the side of recognition
I am very thankful to my fans and everyone who gives me strength
Belém’s citizens are very high spirited
When its football everyone goes to the game
It doesn’t matter if your team is on the 3rd, 4th, 5th division
if there is a Remo x Paysandu(teams), it’s a full house, record sales
The people are needy of idols
So after a lot of training I am very happy with the recognition I get
But for my performance, I need to have a lot of concentration
I need to be away from that otherwise I lose focus