The PiMP Weekly Wrap - #11 - Guild Wars 2, Monster Hunter 4, Tomb Raider & More!

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>> Christina – Welcome Back Gamers, Im Christina.
>> Janna: And Janna here!
>> Christina: We have a super special competition for and Spec-Ops, so stay tuned to
the end of the show for details!
>> Janna: Sweet! Let's get to the show!
>> Christina: Arena net, makers of the guildwars family of games have been coy for months and
months over the release day of Guild Wars 2. But the time has finally come. August 28th
is the now set Guild Wars fans will be able to hop into the new MMO.
Pre-orders will allow early access by a few days for the impatient. This release date
is for sooner than expected, but is coming just before the end of the year madness of
video game releases. Feast your eyes on the announcement trailer.
>> Janna: Guesses have been made about Wii U's Miiverse online network and whether it
will be free like Vanilla PSN or paid like Xbox Live Gold. In a recent investor call
the Big N have made it official that Wii U Miiverse will be free to all Wii U owners.
This is Nintendo's first online network where gamers will be relying on them to keep servers
alive and lag free. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo handle a jump Microsoft
and Sony made two generations ago.
>> Christina: Valve have finely dropped the final clip in their Meet the Team fortress
2 series. With Meet the Pyro. The release has come along side a major update for Team
Fortress 2, including new maps and a brand spanking new game mode.
Valve have been supporting Team Fortress 2 for almost 5 years now and the player base
is incredibly strong. The free to play transition has gone incredibly well and we encourage
everyone to check it out. For now check out some of the hilarious Meet the Pyro movie.
>> Janna: The
massive series Monster Hunter is getting a a fourth game, with a hot new trailer from
Capcop rumours are already flying of which platform the game will land on.
Judging by the trailer we are expecting it to be for either 3DS or Vita, no word on platform
has been given. Check out the trailer now and start to warm up your thumbs, Monster
Hunter 4 will sure occupy many more hours of our lives.
>> Christina: Wildly regarded as one of the greatest Real Time Strategies of all time
Company of Heroes, is getting a much deserved sequal A new teaser trailer has been released,
giving detail about locations.
Reaffirming the 2013 release date. When Company of Heroes was released it was the benchmark
for gaming PCs, we have yet to see any real gameplay of the squeal other than a few crappy
screenshots. We await gameplay but are happy to take in any media Relic put out for their
much prised franchise.
>> Janna: 2012 really is the year of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, with a new game on
the way, HD Re-releases of all the old games and a new movie ramping up!
Famously Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in 2001 and a squeal in 2003, both movies
being negatively reviewed but still making a boatload of cash. The new re-boot of the
Film Series is aimed to be more cinematic and could see release sometime next year.
The big news this week is that british actress Camilla Luddington will be playing Lara in
the new movie.
Known for her sexy youthful type character in the latest series of Californication and
the major TV movie William and Kate. Luddington has really yet to prove herself in a major
roll. She sure will look the part though.
>> Christina: When the hell is that new Tomb Raider game coming out anyway?
>> Janna: Sometime next year, but hey there are plenty of games
to play until then!
>> Christina: Yeah... I guess so.
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>> Janna: That's it! Go play some games! It's cold out there!
>> Christina: Bye for now.