"Madden '08": Building a Team Roster : "Madden '08": Franchise Tag

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The next thing we're going to talk about as far as re-signing players is the franchise
tag and a franchise tag is kind of confusing again to those casual Football fans. Not really
sure what it is, you kind of hear it come up a lot when you're talking about re-signing
players. What the franchise tag does is, for instance, let's say that I wanted to franchise
Jared Allen, which the Chiefs have actually done in real life. I'm going to, I'm going
to apply the franchise tag. What thats going to do is thats going to give Jared, the average
salary of the top five players, top five paid players in the league for that position. So,
of all the defensive ends in the league, it's going to be the top five salaries for those
defensive ends and the average of their salary and that's going to be how much he's going
to get for one year. So you really, the thing about the franchise tag is you want to be
really careful about it because it can really hurt the moral of the person who you franchise
because it's only a one year deal and obviously players want more than one year deals because
if they get hurt during a one year deal obviously it's really going to hurt them for how much
money they can make down the road. So you want to be careful about franchising somebody
because it can really hurt the moral. If you end up not giving them a new deal, what happens
a lot of times in real life is, they won't re-sign with that team. They'll say I'll play
my franchise year but I'm not going to re-sign with you again, I'm going to go, I'm going
to be an unrestricted free agent next year and I will not sign with your team again.
A lot of teams will use a franchise tag to kind of make sure that they won't go in to
free agency and they'll have the franchise tag but what they'll do is they'll work on
a long term deal but what the franchise tag does for them initially, is it locks up that
player so no other teams can get him. But a lot of times they just use it to give themselves
extra time to renegotiate. So that's the franchise tag, just be careful of how you use it and
that's what it is.