Sony Vegas Pro - How Create "The Tourist" Titles Tutorial

Uploaded by AlesTemple on 15.01.2011

The first - text creation
Media Generators --> Text --> Default Text
Properties of the text to your taste
Following step - creation background for your video
Don't forget to sign your layers of video
We create new video tracks... It is exactly so much, how many letters in your text
Copy your layer with text
Paste into all earlier created video layers
In each layer it is left only single letter
Each letter should be on the place
Create new video track
Paste new solid color
Color can select to your taste
Now we will create a new line
Now we will create a mask for our line
We copy this layer with a line
Again we create new layers for our lines
Each layer is placed under a layer with a letter
And now we interpose earlier copied layer with a line into new layers
Don't forget to sign is simplifies operation
With the help track motion we move our line to the place necessary to us
It is possible to move by means of the cursor
Make Compositing Child
and select Track Motion
Now our two layers are connected also you can move them
With the help track motion we set driving in the direction necessary to us
With track motion (line) we set separately line driving
Superfluous it is possible to delete
Effectively to make transition - we will add TV Simulator effect
Video FX --> TV Simulator --> Bad Sync
All adjustments can expose on your taste
Thanks For Watching!