Source SDK - Fog

Uploaded by 3kliksphilip on 25.01.2011

Here is what fog can look like in a map. And here it is, done properly.
And let’s just add some nice fluffy stuff as well.
First of all, I’ll talk about the env_fog_controller entity,
Which allows for this kind of fog. Select the ENTITY tool,
And click in your level somewhere. It doesn’t matter where it is.
Now, click on the selection tool, And double click on the entity.
Choose ‘env_fog_controller’ from the drop-down list.
Click apply. There are a lot of options for you to mess
around with, But I tend to only use 4.
The first one I use is ‘FOG ENABLE’. This is needed because, otherwise,
You won’t have fog in your level. Enable it.
Next up is the PRIMARY FOG COLOUR. With this, you can choose the colour of the
fog. Now, you might think that white is a good
colour for fog, But I find it looks bad.
Like this. Instead, I recommend getting a colour
Very similar to the sky behind the fog. The last two options you need to think about
Are the FOG START And FOG END values.
These are the distances at which fog starts, And at which fog ends.
I tend to set the fog end distance to a value slightly higher than the original
2000, since the skyboxes in my level tend to be
quite large with lots of distant mountains and stuff.
You just need to experiment with this, You’ll find a value that suits your map,
eventually. If you happen to have a 3D skybox in your
level, -and you’ll know if you do or not-
You must set the fog options inside the sky_camera entity
To the exact same values as it is in the env_fog_controller in your level
Otherwise there’ll be a strange line, Where your level ends,
And your skybox begins. And now for the bit you’ve all been waiting
for- The fluffy fog.
A func_dustcloud works by spawning Lots and lots of sprites,
Which are pictures of clouds. The more there are, the smoother it will look,
But the slower your PC will run. To do this, select the block tool,
Drag it out where you want the fog to be, Press enter, and press ctrl+t.
Make it a func_dustcloud. I can’t be bothered to modify the values,
So here’s one I made earlier. The ALPHA determines how visible it is,
If it’s 0 it’s invisible, If it’s 255 then it’s totally visible.
The size is obvious, The blah blah is obvious…
…it’s all obvious. I don’t really know what else to say.
Hopefully this will help your maps to look better,
And have fun.