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Do you believe in God? - l do.
When faced with death, anyone would develop belief in God.
Do you know all humans have a small dent on the upper lip?
Touch and feel it.
Have it? Do you know why do we've it?
There is a small story behind it.
Brahma, the creator, when he first created man,
it seems man knew everything,
he knew what the other man's thoughts in his mind,
he knew what would happen in future,
he knew when one would die and when one would take birth,
he knew everything, why would man who knows everything keep quiet?
He thought he,s equal to God and started to fight God.
Man lost peace of mind and God too!
God came to know then that man who knows everything will be in trouble,
Then God placed his finger on the mouth of man.
To keep shut! That's this dent!
There is a moral in it!
Too much of knowledge is useless!
You've gained too much knowledge.
l killed someone. l did it right before your office.
Your bad luck you saw it happen.
lmmediately called police and informed it's me.
How could you recognize me?
You'd have seen my photo in newspaper or on TV.
lmmediately you put your knowledge on display.
Sir, l made a mistake sir, please spare me.
When man had too much knowledge, because he's God, he stopped with a seal,
but the seal is done here with this.
Devudanna! Do you know with whom you picked up fight? Peddanna!
You know Peddanna is searching for Nanda,
but still you gave him shelter,
and helped him to escape,
and made Peddanna furious.
Who is your favourite God? - Sai Baba!
But Peddanna saved your life today.
Say hail Peddanna and go away.
Hail Peddanna! Hail Peddanna!
Where are you from brother?
Where are you heading brother?
What for brother?
Didn't it burn your finger, brother? - lt did.
What's the trick then?
Enduring pain is the trick.
Man who knows that trick can achieve anything.
Hey clear out!
Greetings brother!
How are you Naik? Fine?
l'm fine, please sit down brother. l was waiting for you.
Boys, look after brother very well. Go boys!
Come on boys!
Cover him!
Stop the lorry. - There's a clash going on, brother.
That's why l told you to stop.
l don't like to stay in peaceful surroundings.
l think he's a dangerous man,brother.
Tell me Govardhan.
Madam, GK brother has been attacked. - But still he survived, right?
How do you know it madam?
lf anything had happened to GK you would've started with cry.
Madam, you've great brain. - No use of having just brain.
No man would marry a brainy girl. You come to the matter.
Tomorrow is GK brother's birthday' right madam?
We went to Srisailam and on the way back we stopped at a roadside dhaba,
they attacked us there, all of us would be dead by now,
a man from nowhere came and started the counter attack...
Kadapa! lf things are fine, it's sugarcane.
if you go against it's fight!
Someone is hitting our boys.
One tea please! - Now?
The man had a different style.
He had inbuilt heroism in him, madam.
ls he handsome? - Why are you asking that madam?
lt's rare to get handsome heroes nowadays.
Handsome he's like Adonis with mass image
infact girls swoon on his moustache, madam,.
Where is he now? - He's gone madam.
You cut the line.
Greetings madam...
Greetings madam.
You're fine aren't you?
Do you know how tensed l was hearing about the attack on you, GK?
l'm not bothered about the attack on me, Shirisha.
l'm happy today for seeing a real Don.
Run out of bullets! - Yes.
Not his fight but the way beat impressed me a lot.
Coolness is in his blood.
When someone is so good, anyone would be so cool.
Man's real character comes out only in dangerous situations.
Who attacked you?
Who else other than Bhagawan's gang?
l thought we got a good chance of eliminating GK,
how could you miss him?
A stranger saved him, brother.
Who is he? - We don't know.
We started it but he finished it.
Hey where is my tea? - lt's there take it yourself.
Won't you let me have tea?
What? Are you the gang leader?
Got beaten up by him and yet singing his paeans.
What am l to tell brother Bhagawan?
Brother... - Go ahead.
l finished Peddanna's job but GK managed to escape.
How is father?
Sir... - What sir?
Didn't l get it? What's there in it not to understand?
Have you come son?
This English doctor too has confirmed it. lt's cancer.
That's okay, have you eliminated GK?
Tell him cost doesn't matter but he must get well.
What can he do? Cancer means death.
That's okay, did you kill GK or not?
No, we missed him.
We need such skillful man in our side to confront Bhagawan.
Skillful men aren't humble. Be careful.
He isn't humble.
l invited him to the party tomorrow, do you know his reply?
l'll come if l've mood.
l want him at any cost.
Find him!
Adonis! Real man!
Adonis with moustache... dashing debonair...
Let you rock the world, suave man...
You're rocking my heart to move...
You're ravaging my world of beauty...
This young girl is seeking you to rock her...
Have a blast with me...
Hey listen! My name is rock...
Challenge is my style...
lf anyone dares stop me, it's a war...
lf anyone challenges me, it's a fight...
Your daring attitude is playing games with thunders...
lf you think it's impossible, you can't achieve anything...
Make dare your attitude and take head on any challenge...
lf you're scared, you'll remain always behind...
lf you dare to swim against the tide, victory will be yours always...
Your manliness has taken possession over my body and mind...
You've taken over me like the fragrant smell of spices...
Your fiery eyes have lit fire of passion in my heart...
lt's pushing my lips to fight with your lips...
You're the worker and you're the boss always...
Always be on top of the world like Sun in the sky...
lf dark clouds hover, chase it out like a wind storm...
lf you've brain and sharpness, even will fate will bow to you...
You're the awakening in sleep, you're rocking lightning while awake...
You're the hot passion that's instigating my youth...
A bat of your eye is enough to give me chill of love...
When will you take me...
Why is the egg like this?
l didn't lay the egg, hen laid it. Eat!
Who the hell is he?
l had ordered fried rice an hour ago, what happened to it?
My cook has gone to watch matinee show' he'll come back and cook.
Sit here till then. - My fate.
Why this table is so dirty?
Are you here to eat table? Why are you bothered about it? Drink!
The voice seems familiar.
Brother, there's a hole in the heart.
Need lakhs for operation, this rich man wants to help.
lf you stand surety for me, heart's hole will be filled.
The more you delay, the fiercer you,ll get beaten up.
l'm here, brother!
l want to beat you black and blue with this hand.
To do that l need to touch you. l don't like it.
Thanks brother.
Didn't you beat me now, brother?
Why are you rushing? Now that l'm here you'll get beaten up regularly.
Where is the money?
Money? Brother, what had happened was...
l came to Hyderabad to business with all the money swindled from there,
real estate is down and lPL betting is hot business now,
so, we bought a house and few rogues like me joined to do business,
but they beat and threw me out for cheating them just Rs.50000 only, brother.
l lost everything and ended up as server.
Show me the house. - lf l show you, will you beat them?
They're not ordinary goons but real bad guys, toughies.
This house is mine, if anyone dares to enter without my appointment...
...you'll get knocked-out!
You too!
l had added myself too, brother.
Have you understood useless donkeys?
Your force can't withstand before his horsepower'
come back with some real men.
You'll be out tomorrow, unnecessarily tried to escape today.
Tomorrow? l didn't know that.
Okay, come. - Come.
Don't tell anyone about this,
we may get suspended for getting scared of a soap.
You must do one thing to keep this a secret.- What?
Get me a new bar of soap, l need to take a bath.
Hey, brother is coming.
Greetings brother.
Garland is small and greeting too.
l demand respect. - You need money for it.
l must meet GK. - There's a party in brother GK's place.
Do you know why did l slap you?
You addressed GK as brother. - But he said that, brother.
Shouldn't l beat you for it?
GK is just a little kid.
l taught him to be a don and extortionist.
Do l've invitation for the party?
You know l don't attend parties without invitations.
Yes brother. - Take out a paper and pen.
To brother Brahmam, invitation from GK,
brother, you must attend the party today evening without fail,
l beg you,
did you write it?
l must attend when he says l beg you, right?
Hey, tell GK that brother is here, go.
Move away man! Go!
Hey Goverdhan! Are your wife and kids fine?
l mean your wife and my kids.
What a parting shot!
He's GK's relative. That,s why tolerated his nonsense.
l got the mood and so here l am!
Even if you didn't get the mood' l wouldn't have left you.- ls it so?
l came here first but GK didn't see me.
But he saw him.
Brother, you're little short. so he might've missed seeing you.
lf you call me Shorty, l'll lynch and pack you in basket.
You needn't work under me, you can work with me, brother.
Listen to me.
l'll listen to money only.
You'll get your percentage in every deal we do.
The more riskier the deal, the percent will go up.
lf you're with me, we'll be second to Peddanna in this city.
We'll be kings. - There will be only one king.
There's no second king after him.
Everyone is subject, that's all.
You're right brother, nobody can take on Peddanna and live in this city.
l'm lenient on Bhagawan because Peddanna is behind him.
lf we take on Bhagawan, it means inviting trouble from Peddanna.
Peddanna has 20 year history,
he came into limelight with Sanathnagar murders,
later on he developed a large of army of henchmen,
among them Nanda, Bhagawan and Jairam are famous,
after real estate hit low, Peddanna turned to politics,
for public image of shunning violent life,
he distanced himself from those three men,
but he uses them to kill anyone he wants to eliminate,
recently he came to know about Nanda doing deals independently,
he tried to kill him without any warning,
Nanda is on run now, what l'm trying to tell you finally is..
Not yet over?
You invited me to party and narrated me tales about Peddanna and Nanda,
and raising your tension, and trying to raise my tension,
earning with tension like this and shelling out everything for doctors,
do we need this?
Not that brother, to keep my face in this city,
l must atleast kill Jairam, but see Peddanna doesn't react to it.
What should l do? - Give me Rs.50 lakhs, l'll tell you.
l'll give Rs.50 lakhs, okay l've given tell me what should i do?
First enjoy the party.
Why am l so handsome? l'm jealous of my beauty.
lf they add Men's beauty contest in Olympics,
l'll surely win gold medal for lndia.
Why are you so shocked?
ls there anyone more handsome than me in this party?
Brother, look there!
Of course he may be handsome, is he more handsome than me?
Oh brother Brahmanna! Are you coming now?
Looks like jail food has worked out well for you.
Hey, serve a drink to brother.
l demand respect.
Brother is asking a new brand, get him that.
Come brother.
My name is Brahmam.
Why are you telling me this?
Anyone would tell his name while introducing himself.
l don't want new friends already l've too many.
l'll make you a friend if anyone of them dies.
What? Should a man die to become your friend?
He laughed aloud, brother. - You slap him then.
Brother, madam is calling you. She's upstairs.
Who is this upstairs madam?
Lower your voice brother,
madam is brother GK's partner Parthasaradhi's daughter,
he's no more,he up there.
Up into the sky, brother.
Brother, GK wants to marry madam.
That's why he cares her with respect.
lt's better you too respect her, brother.
This is just an advice' you don't have to follow it.
You go brother...go.
You're not so handsome as l had expected.
That's why girls are after me. - Why is that so?
lf more handsome, lesser chances of approachability.
l hate cigarettes and smokers. - Then stay away from me.
l don't like your manners.
You don't like? l myself don't like my manners.
That's why l get drunk every night and feel bad about it.
Where are you from? - Kadapa.
You don't appear like a man from Seema.
Every man from Seema isn't country and every city man isn't smart.
Why didn't you come to the city then?
Why would anyone come to the city? To make money.
Will you do anything to make money?
l'll do anything if l feel it's right.
You've a head and you're headstrong.
l like you.
Just a while ago you said didn't like me.
l'm like that, l change my opinions easily.
Do you like me?
Girls are two types. One is chocolate and other is bullet.
l like chocolate. - You mean am l a bullet then?
You're not a chocolate.
l said for fun that you're not handsome.
You're indeed handsome.
My weekly prediction for this week says l'll meet a beautiful girl.
lf you leave me' l'll go and meet her.
l haven't yet given you the permission to leave.
l didn't come here on your call, l came here to know about you.
What did you know about me?
You see only a test batsman in me,
but there,s a fast pacer like Zaheer Khan in me, you know that?
What's your problem boy?
Boy? You mean me?
l'm sparing you because it's first time.
Okay second time, what's your problem boy?
Second time too, boy?
l don't want to fight with you. l want a clarification.
When l asked who is handsome than me in this party,
this idiot said you,
tell me yourself, who is more handsome you or me?
Hey idiot! lt's you!
He said idiot, did he call me handsome or idiot?
lf you get that doubt, brother, it means he called you an idiot.
This is for laughing at me a while ago.
Brother! Look there!
Don't go away melting my heart...
My another heart will not leave you...
Remember me?
Only if l ever forget you, right?
At times your handsome face appears in my dreams.
But why do these fools say he's more handsome.
What would you like to have?
He's not worth comparing with you darling.
He doesn't even know to respect women.
Didn't he respect you?
He didn't respect me too.
The real fight between me and him starts now.
Brother, Rs.50 lakhs you had asked, take it.
This money is not for me, send it to Peddanna.
Say election fund.
Peddanna will be happy and you'll get a chance to finish Jairam.
Hey, send one more bag just like that to me also.
Tell me GK!
The money is for Peddanna's election campaign.
Tell him my support to him will always be there for him.
GK is apple polishing you, l suspect his motive.
What ever may be the motive, he's well within our range.
That's his life!
Sir, money is ready.
Greetings sir, your offering is ready.
Offering?! lt's Rs.180 crores!
Tell him, l must get the ticket.
l must be made a Minister after l win. Tell him!
l heard him.
Tell him everything will go on as he wishes.
You take it.
Be careful with money.
Who will dare steal our money?
Did you like Hyderabad?
l like but didn't expect so many guns and bullets here.
There are bullet like girls too here, brother.
l said about girls only.
By the way what type of girls do you like?
Beautiful girl needn't have brain'
smart girl needn't have to be beautiful.
lf she has both? - She doesn't need me.
You're right brother. But Shirisha is different.
She's beautiful intelligent and moreover good girl.
She's humble too.
l can see it.
l know you were talking about Shirisha till now.
l'm intelligent.
l think your brain is in Vijayawada and liver in Lingampalli.
Arguing with me,
we both may be equal in handsomeness,
but very different in intelligence,
just one film runs in your brain,
my brain is multiplex brain, 4 films run at the same time, you know?
Why are you staring at me? You want to beat me?
l don't beat women.
Did he say about you or me?
lf you get that doubt, it means you darling.
Why are you shocked to hear darling?
By the way who among you is Aishwarya and who is Abishekh?
Countering my word with word, you don't know about me,
l'm a very very very dangerous man. Did you hear that?
Not just one very but three times.
l think you,ve piles problem not just one but all through.
Shall we go brother?
Come on boys.
What were we talking about just now?
About girls!
l think you stay away from girls.
Anyone drunk or falls for girls are same, brain stops working.
Why everyone turned serious suddenly?
Shirisha don't worry l'm behind you' stand before me.
Boys, kill him!
You'll die. - Not only me, you too.
We'll all die along with her.
GK, is he Jairam?
Did you plan this for him?
He's hiding behind woman like a eunuch.
l thought lunch but didn't expect this punch.
Just one and only handsome...
His iron body is awesome...
He's mine always...
His eyes are devastating like nuclear attack...
His breath is hot like sun...
No man can take on him...
The power of this king...
His touch can break nerves...
Any girl would fall for his smile...
His name is melody to lips...
He is the right partner to me...
He makes me search everywhere for him...
He tempts me from the other side...
He makes me go crazy...
He has shaken me specially with mischievousness...
Without seeking to be my partner...
lf he lends me his surname...
l'll add it before my maiden name...
lf he gives me little place in his heart...
l'll put bed and pillow there...
Don't know how many girls are after him...
l'll cover him with my eyes...
Don't know how many girls have desired him...
l'll ward off the evil eye cast on him with my kisses...
He's vaccine yearned by my youth...
He's the monsoon my heart wants...
He's the Cupid of my dreams...
He has raised passions in me...
He's teasing me with manliness that he's my man in life...
He has made me go mad...
ln short next him is great kick...
lf l get this handsome man, l don't want anything else...
l'll shed my arrogance and give myself to him...
l'll give myself wholeheartedly to consummate love...
Take the vehicles, not one of those bastards must be alive.
Stop, don't rush boy!
He was like my brother, father. - Brother like only.
All these men are here to die for us, we are not here to die for them.
Real esatate is down; politics is the only source to make money.
To become a politician, become like Peddanna.
Not like a street goon, listen to me.
Son, learn from Peddanna.
He has hundreds of men but uses us to kill his opponents.
l want to see you a great leader before l die,
but you want to go the streets killing people.
l can understand your anger but please try to understand me also.
l know everything, a new man is in town,
G K is after him to make him his man,
it means the man is really worth,
it's not difficult to kill a powerful man'
but you need intelligence to kill a brave man.
Let's wait for the time, plan and finish him off.
let him play !
Stop...stop...shut up!
Peddanna's call.
Hello brother! - GK, Peddanna is very angry.
l didn't do it wantonly brother.
He attacked me first and l had no other choice.
Hold on the line.
This is the last warning, he says no second chance.
l know that!
Hey Kadapa! l didn't care when people said about you.
l'm impressed seeing you in person, l like you.
l'm like that anyone who knows me little would sure like me.
l didn't thank you for saving my life right?- No.
i don't want to say it.Why?
lf anyone helps me, l'll help them not just say thanks.
lf you need any help from me, ask me.
No need to ask, just blow a whistle.
You know to whistle, right?
Blowing wind through lips making a pout.
l was trying if l can whistle, l can.
You'll get only bullets in this city' you can't get chocolates.
Hey stop!
Did anyone see a girl in half sari? Did anyone see?
Lord Hanuman! Why are we in so much trouble?
Why are those rogues after me?
Hey half sari!
Please don't tell them that l'm here.
lf you don't tell them,
l'll ask my father to offer special prayers for a year on your name.
lf l tell them? - l'll curse you.
My curse is very powerful.
Hey goons, she's here.
Take her away.
This is gross injustice.
What is she blabbering?
Not you, this man.
That stain will not go, God given stain, my curse.
Take her away.
Take her. - Come dear.
Small problem, l'll not take easy if anyone touches girls.
Take her without touching her.
We'll kill you and take her.
Come on boys!
Just now l got into the mood, why are you running away boys?
Order a tea for me. - Okay brother.
Thanks for saving me. - You cursed me for saving you.
l'm worried if this stain will go or not.
The stain will go, l sincerely wish it to go.
Okay go.
l want to tell you the problems l'm facing.
Why the demons of Ravana after us?
My father is a priest in Lord Venkateshwara's temple.
lf we are in so much trouble people who are close to God,
how can ordinary souls be secure?
Someone known as Peddanna is after us, we don't know why?
What had actually happened was...
No need, you've something which they want,
you don't want to give it, so run and chase is inevitable.
That's all? - That's it.
But l wanted to answer it like 5 mark question,
and you said it like bit question.
Okay go and meet your parents.
lf you give me your cell, l'll call them.
Take it.
l don't want even a Pakistani to face such difficulties.
We are priests and peace loving citizens, why are they torturing us?
Are you safe my dear Ashtalakshmi?
l'm safe father' are you safe mother?
l'm safe dear. Are you safe? - l'm safe mother.
Are you safe brother? - l'm safe' are you safe?
All are safe.
Oh my God!
He saved my life, father. - ls it dear?
You came at right time and saved my daughter like Lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu! Liberation of Elephant!
He's not Lord Vishnu, he's Lord Shiva.
He's the God who punishes.
Will you all clear off from here?
Whatever you may say, we can't go from here.
You're handsome man with a golden heart.
we must tell you about our problems.
l'm just a temple priest, why are they showing their power on us?
Shut up! Won't you go?- No! - Then, l'll go.
You're the Lord to protect in this city of sin.
Like Lord Vishnu who saved Gajendra...
Like Lord Krishna who saved Kuchela...
l hate praises.
lt's your greatness to hate praise.
You don't need to help us much'
just give us shelter in your home for 2 days.
ls it any shelter home?
Please don't criticize us.
We know a Minister here, we came to meet him.
He's abroad and would return in 2 days.
Till then show mercy on us, sir.
We are tired running around since morning.
l,m tired and exhausted, O omnipresent...
l've come seeking final rest place in you...
Don't cry...l hate crying people.
We are not crying, it's spontaneous.
According to the situation.
Okay, come.
l mean you can stay here.
ln colloquial terms, it means stay.
Really great!
He may change his mind, get in quickly, father.
Tell me GK.
We've got a Dubai contract. l'm leaving to Dubai tonight.
l'll be back in a week. You must do me a favour, brother.
Tell me, what's it?
You must look after Shirisha for a week.
Bhagawan is itching for revenge.
She'll not listen if l tell her not to go out.
l had promised Shirisha's father that l'll protect her.
When l'm here to look after you, why do you need another man?
Stop! l want to buy fruits.
What's the price of apples?
Rs.15 an apple.
That one? - Rs.15 only, madam.
That apple? - Rs.15 only, madam.
That apple? - Rs.15 only, madam.
Any apple here is Rs.15 only.
l got it yesterday for Rs.14 each,
if you increase price by a rupee overnight, how can we live?
Apples are on that side also, right?
l must feel if she buys from that side, why are you feeling?
Won't l feel irritated if she falls on me?
how can anyone feel irritated if girls fall men?
Where are girls here?
Brahmam, one punch for both of us. - l got it. Don't explain.
l've been watching you, you're not respecting me at all.
You want respect? Die!
l respect the dead very much.
They put new clothes and decorate the body.
They take carefully in a coffin.
They sprinkle scented water and flowers on the way.
They arrange a condolence meeting later and praise the dead.
He's asking me to die, why? - Don't involve me in it, darling.
This is known as pub, you wouldn't have seen it.
Pub or club anything is same to get drunk and shell out money.
You speak like a goon but always say the right thing,
what did you study? - Humans!
ls he the handsome you said about? - Yes.
Very speed.
Not just speed but good mileage too.
You carry on talking. - You go, we'll carry on.
l think Shirisha likes you, but l feel you're not interested.
My interest is elsewhere.
Shirisha is good girl, brother-in-law.
Good girl but...
She has one bad quality. - What's it?
l've a doubt now. - What's it?
You too have fallen for Shirisha.
How did you find it?
Party is over come. - Poor Brahmam.
Deposit the money carefully.
You don't know me.
Bhagawan's father Gangaiah.
Don't trust GK, you can never come good.
When we enter Hyderabad, there's a board saying Welcome to Hyderabad.
You know the meaning of it?
lt means don't trust anyone.
You're a good speaker. But please listen carefully.
Ever since you killed Jairam, my son is furious on you.
l'm stopping him, that's why you're still alive.
Before he beheads you, listen to my words and join my gang.
l'll ensure that he doesn't harm you.
lf you'd told me convincingly, l would,ve thought about it,
l'm not a kid to get scared for threats,
l'm a man from Kadapa.
Don't cross swords with me, you can't bear it.
l trust your holy feet... your divine holy feet...
What happened priest?
What happened to him?
He hasn't eaten anything for 2 days now.
He won't eat outside food.
Don't excited you've asthma and blood pressure.
We need provisions to cook here,
we need to go out to get it,
we need courage to go out,
and it's not in our entire clan.
Today is my son's birthday, look how he has grown thin in 2 days.
He's getting punished for taking birth as my son.
Don't worry about my birthday, father.
See that my father eats something.
Shut up!
People may mistake a TV soap shooting is going here.
Ashtalakshmi, come with me.
He's calling me' mother. Can l go?- Go dear.
Get some offering from some temple,
your father will eat till l finish cooking.
Hello, he's not some municipal officer but God.
Please pray.
l'll not irritate him, you carry on.
May you get married at the earliest!
We are not lovers! Anyway, how can l love him.
l didn't bless you, but this couple.
Not to me, say sorry to him.
Hello...when l said l don't love you,
l didn't mean you don't deserve to be loved.
l'm not in love with you now, it doesn't mean l'll love later,
and l don't l'll never love you,
anyway we are Brahmins and you're non-Brahmins,
l didn't mean we are high and you're low.
community elders will get anger if l marry out of community.
lf you visit Kasi once, you'll be purified.
l don't mean to say you impure now.
l don't know how to stop this...
l forgot to take offering. - Get it.
Do you know what l'm feeling now?
What do you feel?
l feel it'll be good if another speeding car comes.
Why do you feel so?
You'll hug me again,right?
Why do you need a car for that?
lf you don't mind, l'll tell you one thing.
You'll tell even if l mind or don't. Go ahead.
l fell for you at the first sight.
l feel you too have fallen for me.
How did you find it?
Girls are smart in such things.
l don't know abut other girls but you're damn sharp.
Enchanted girl Priyamani...
Stepped outside in dream...
Will she jump the fence?
Will it make her break the rules?
You've taken over me' O handsome...
Allow me to have little of you in my arms...
You weren't rushing till now, why this sudden change?
The handsome man in you has spread magic on me...
l'm right before you seeking, will you become my partner?
Has your passionate youth seeking pleasures?
l swear l'll give whatever you seek...
l'll solve your problem...
l'll vanish it with my magic wand...
My cheeks are angry for not getting smooched or pinched want to pinch it?
lf you throw an open invitation, l'll have a blast...
Though there are many bonds, l wish you take me with both hands...
Can't l protect you always giving more than what you seek...
l'm waiting for you saving this tender body with secret moles...
l'm coming leaving everything else for you...
l'm welcoming you with flower balls and spreading feast of youth on platter...
Taking you gracefully in my arms, l've become yours...
What are you doing? - l'm with chocolate.
You mean am l a chocolate?
You'll not get chocolates in this city, come and take me out for lunch.
Just we two. No one else should be there.
So, this is your chocolate.
My name is Ashtalakshmi' nickname is Ammulu.
My brother Adinarayana.
Do you like her?
Anyone would like chocolate.
Tell him to take off his hands
Don't know why,l don't want him to take his hands off me.
Ever since he put his hands on my waist.
Put hands on waist? When?
He hugged me too later.
Hugged too?
l can't hear this disaster anymore. l'll complain to father.
Tell him, l'll also tell him. - What?
That you eat egg from your classmate Prasad's lunch box.
Okay, you forget about my mistake and l'll forget your mistake.
Don't tell anyone,l beg you.
You can talk without putting hands on her too.
Yes indeed.
You're sweet boy!
Why did you come out without telling me?
Do you know how much l was bothered about your safety?
Who is this boy?
l'll blow up your head if you call me a boy.
Who is he like a mini conference?
Who is he? Comic relief for us?
Hey curd rice! one punch and your stomach will blow up.
l don't want to talk to you' give me permission'
l'll curse him. - Will you curse me?
No...please don't give him permission.
His curse is very powerful. - ls it really so powerful?
Yes, indeed.- l want permission. -Please no.
He's asking permission and you're giving and she's saying no,
come on give him permission.
l'm waiting. - Give him permission.
Permission granted.
ls hitting with jug you call it as curse?
Tell me manager.
That Kadapa man is in our restaurant.
Just do as l say. - Okay sir.
l'm calling you since you 10 guys are the best in this city'
you've to kill a man,
Rs.10 lakhs for each one of you, total one crore,
i'm sitting with cash,
he's right now in my hotel,
all you've to do is to bring his body to me as proof,
and take the crore.
Do you've to hire men to kill him?
Eat without any hesitation.
Does my body look like l'll hesitate to eat?
Why are you sending us out before finishing lunch?
Where are you now? - We're having lunch.
lt's Bhagawan's restaurant. He knows you're there.
Gangaiah has offered Rs.1 crore for brother's head.
They are coming, inform brother and leave the place immediately.
Restaurant is empty.
You call Gangaiah. - Why?- Just do it.
Hey Ganga, your offering of 1 crore for my head and closing the restaurant,
and some hired goons killing and bringing my body to you,
no need of all this, you stay put there only,
l'll come there to you.
Keep the money with you, and ask your men to come there.
You'll save time and matter will be settled.
What happened?
Change in program.
Are you going to Bhagawan's home?
l want to earn money, l'll get a crore, why are you stopping me?
Why do you want to take such risk for money?
l'll do anything for money.
Where ever l may be, you'll be here!
l'll take care of money.
You got beaten up once, you'll die now.
Hey! Kill him and come up and take the money.
What man?
Were you ready to pay a crore for these filthy men?
You said they are the best.
Wait...listen to me...come son...
Stop...stop l say... - l'll kill him.
The crore is mine, l'll take it if you don't have any objections.
Take it.
Father. - Wait son.
He reached the top beating every man on the way,
it's not wrong to accept defeat, you take it.
Stay away from him son else you'll die.
Did you see? Were you telling me to surrender to him?
Did you see?
Hey Kadapa man! l'm a dying old man!
Please fulfill my last wish. - Tell me what's it?
l'll tell a phone number, dial and give me.
Tell me Ganganna.
Kadapa man has destroyed me and my empire.
He has killed my son too.
l'm also dying.
Tell Peddanna, don't spare Kadapa man,
Hey, give the phone to Peddanna.
Who are you man?
l'm the Kadapa man he told you about.
l don't know who you are, but start counting,
not days but hours,
tomorrow your body will have post mortem.
Doctors will remove 25 bullets from your body.
Man without courage will try to find new words to threaten.
Your end is nearing.
Your time is good because you're not here.
You'r head would've got blown up
and your post mortem would've happened tomorrow.
Anyone who challenged me died.
You too dared, you too would die.
This is not my warning but ultimatum.
Drinks break is over, wicket will fall in this over.
Score will crash down.
My bet is Rs.10000.
What's this man? A cockroach in biryani.
Cockroach in my hotel? No way, it,ll be grasshopper, check it.
lt'll be good.
We can anticipate in which over wicket will fall and when they'll hit 6.
That's my sixth sense.
Don't worry about money, it's always in my back pocket.
l'm always ready to bet. Yes l'm telling you right?
ls this your purse, brother?
Who are you guys?
Heard that Kadapa man will be here only, where is he?
Why do you want to risk so much for money?
By elections to Kadapa have been announced,
let's get more details from our reporter Sai.
Tell us about the challenges faced from rebel candidate Devender Reddy?
Former MLA who lost the nomination facing many corruption charges,
but he's contesting as a rebel candidate
but it's doubtful that he can win back the voters to his side.
Dr.Nirmala Devi who runs free hospital for poor is supporting him.
ls it true? - lf that is true, she's sure to win.
Because poor people here consider her as Mother Theresa.
lf she appeals people to vote for any particular candidate,
people would vote enmasse.
Nirmala madam, you will support me.
Greetings madam.
Brother, l'm hungry, please give me something to eat.
Where are your parents?
My mother died and my father is in jail.
okay,Come with me.
He'll be with us hereafter. - Okay madam.
Greetings madam. - Greetings madam.
Hello doctor! - Who is this?
Tell me, what do you want?
l want your support in this by-election.
l don't want politics, l'm just an ordinary doctor.
l know you don't have a penny other than that stethoscope.
People too know it. That's why they praise you to hilt.
That's why l'm seeking your support.
You know the reason for seeking your support.
You owe your fame to that hospital.
That building was donated to you by Drupada Reddy.
My father!
l'm asking you with that right.
lf you're a good man, you don't need anyone's support.
l know you'll not listen to pleas, so l got your daughter kidnapped.
Media will come to you in an hour, announce your support to me.
if not your daughter's body will reach your home.
Pull it up!
Are you supporting Devender Reddy?
l'm not supporting any candidate. l'm allergic to politics.
Kill her boys! - Okay brother-in-law.
Brother-in-law has ordered to kill her.
How is the sari? l like the colour.
Broader border would've been better. What do you say?
We've kidnapped you and about to kill you,
your mother says like that and you're talking about sari,
what makes you so brave?
Ask not what makes me brave, ask who makes me brave.
Do you know who is he? Sathya! My brother!
Kadapa! lf things are fine' it's sugarcane'
if you go against, it's fight!
After speaking to him for sometime' you know what's their reaction.
You mustn't be here brother.
Greetings brother... - Farmers too must make profits, right?
You're great brother. - Brother mustn't be here!
But he's here only, do you know why? For us!
He was an orphan and my mother adopted him.
He loves me so much.
l've got a good proposal for sister.
He's not one who studied here and working in America,
he studied there and wants to serve people here,
moreover he's a doctor and a good man too.
Forget about her marriage, when are you going to marry?
Yes brother, l'll marry along with your marriage, brother.
Then find a bride, l'll marry, it's done.
Marry me!
Doctors! Leave me alone.
Sister, shall we?
You don't stay with us but find proposals for me.
Why don't you also stay with me, son?
Mother, l'm mass and my friends are mass.
lf l stay with you, you'll be embarrassed.
Where ever l may be, you'll be here!
What are you trying to tell now?
He won't keep quiet if any injustice happens to innocents,
would he keep quiet if anything happens to mother's family?
He'll not keep quiet, he'll do something.
Whatever he does, you're in for a real shock.
Brother-in-law, drop the girl safely in her home.
Brother-in-law! - Do as l said.
What's this man? Brother-in-law wants me to drop her at home.
Got the shock?
Shall l tell what would've happened?
Hubby, please come and see there.
Come! - What's your problem?
Come fast.
l'm attending an important call, why are you disturbing me?
Look there!
Come brother Devendra, let's have meal.
They all had it, except you.
You too have it, please sit down.
l said sit!
Curries are great, did you prepare it, sister-in-law?- Yes.
Good wife, great father,
how could you become like this though born to a great father like him?
l must beat you.
For what you'd done today people would've put garlands to your photo.
do you know why l stopped from doing it?
Because you're son of that great man.
Call your man.
Make a note in your brain not to cross swords with me.
lf you fight with me, you'll forget that you're a man.
Madam, this building and land surrounding it,
Devender Reddy's father late Drupada Reddy,
just on the word of mouth without any written documents,
donated this to run an hospital,
as his son and heir Devender has all the rights over this property.
So according to the court's order
you've to vacate this place in 3 months
if not you've to pay Rs.87 crores according to today's land value
if not court will forcibly vacate you from this place.
lf you shut down this hospital that serves so many poor,
what will become of them?
You and them go to the streets.
Bloody street woman! - Bloody bastard!
What's this?
Stop son!
Stop son!
l've stopped because mother stopped me.
lf not l would've beaten through Kadapa streets to your home.
For next three months,
if l see you around this hospital or in Kadapa,
l'll not beat you this time, l'll bury you alive. Get lost!
Mother, l'll take care of money.
This hospital will not be closed, it,ll run as usual. l promise.
Look brother, here goes the hero.
Don't call him a hero, it hurts my ego.
l demanded respect and he wants me to die.
When a crore is offered for his head, he goes to his home to take it.
l don't mind if it's anywhere but he says it before Shirisha'
he may say it but l'm worried Shirisha will fall for him.
You know this flash news, brother. - What's it?
Shirisha has fallen for him long back.
Brother, can l tell you scrolling news? - What's it, tell me?
That girl in the temple too loves him.
Don't know who among the two would be lucky to get him.
Why are you seeing up? - You too see up, brother.
See how he's raising passionate fires!
This is a fight of plaits...
My dear, l like your cut out...
lt has brightened my stars of luck...
lt has raced up my pulse rate...
lt has made me fall into a maze of intoxication...
l'm steady on you and l've sworn to be yours...
l'm getting engulfed in fire of passion because of you...
lf you say yes, me and my beauty is all yours...
Oh my God, bullet babe's heat...
Chocolate babe's fire is killing...
l'm hit with force from both sides...
When high love fever struck me and makes me yearn for you...
Will you keep watching the fun?
Can't you become my partner showing sympathy?
Great wish!
l'll get into your lap and sing lullabies...
Will you give me your hand to hold on?
Mass on side and class on side... Who will get the lucky chance?
Heads or tails...whoever wins will race up the pulse?
My lips are chanting your name only, boss...
Half saris are getting ready for you... and are welcoming you wholeheartedly...
Whether you say yes or no, you're tempting before me, l'm coming...
l'll give anything to you in moments my dear...
Come on...
l've opened the locker of my beauty and giving you the keys...
l wish you to rob me of everything...
Come on dear...l felt pity and opened the doors of my heart...
Come into my arms...
l've opened the fort of youth for you...
Counting from one, shall l kiss you a crore times?
Shed shyness on my own...
Open up the treasure for you...
Hero must be like that!
ls he a hero? l'll show you how a hero should be.
How can you show?
l'll rob jewels in broad day light
and escape without getting caught,
and show my true power!
Show them that design.
Tell me what can l do for you sir?
lnfact l'm here to help you.
Charles Basavaraj, an international jewel thief.
l mean international jewel thief.
He's going to rob yourjewellary shop.
Really? oh God!
Why are you searching elsewhere? He's right before you.
Just follow my orders and you can catch him easily.
Tell me, what should l do sir?
He'll ask you to pack all the jewels in a bag do it without protest
we'll wait outside to round him up
we'll catch him red handedly.
After that he'll cool heels in the jail.
And you can sell gold happily in shop.
See that there's no security outside'
he's afraid of security and may not come.
Pack it. - Okay sir.
You get it. - Why are you watching?
Turn back. - Okay sir.
Count to 30.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...
Brother! You're a real hero!
Tell that to people who don't know. Come.
Brother, show hand to the left.
Hey, stop the vehicle.
What happened brother?
One took my bracelet and another took my chain.
Vehicle too!
Krishna Prasad aka Basavaraj,
l know you'd come in both get ups,
l got back my jewels,
since robbery is recorded on CCTV, l'll get insurance also,
you lost everything, bracelet, chain and vehicle too.
Police will be after you and take you to jail.
lt's loss to you all the way! You go.
Where are they?
Saviour of Gokula....
What's again priest?
Protector of the good...
Why are we in for this test of fire, God?
We walk to your abode and tonsure my son's head too.
Please don't cry you've low BP.
We'll do your crying part too.
Stop it!
Tell me now, what's your real story?
We are from a village near Vijayanagaram.
My brother got ajob in a Hyderabad software company.
My father bought a flat for brother spending his lifelong savings,
after few days near our flat, what's that?
Cricket betting.
They opened a cricket betting centre.
Not only opened it but threatened to give his flat for money,
my brother didn't agree, he complained to the police,
that's all they bashed up and took away my brother.
They called us to come with flat documents if we want him alive.
They threatened to kill brother if we go to police.
Shut up!
You cried for that already, right? Why are you crying again for it?
l said about a Minister we know, he came back today only,
to meet him, l told him about this problem,
he said you've crossed swords with big guns and said he can't help us.
Venkateshwara means my brother.
Do you've a photo of your brother? - l do.
Where's Peddanna's den in the city?
Peddanna has many not just one, brother.
Where are those dens and where do they keep kidnapped people,
l want all the details.
Who are you? What do you want?
Just 10 minute job' l'll be back.
Stop there!
l told you it's just a 10 minute job.
The tiger has come up from down.
Who are you? What do you want?
Hey shut up! My man is inside.
l'm here to take him.
l'm telling you stop there l say.
Move away, bloody!
What are you seeing? The king is here, show!
Yes brother.
Who are you?
Where is he?
What a grand entry!
Who are you?
Why bothered about it to get beaten up?
Hey come, go away.
l beat him, won't l beat you?
You stay little away. Come on guys!
You too come.
You're inviting trouble from Peddanna.
You're finished.
Who is Peddanna? How can he be great one who kidnaps innocents?
Who is innocent?
Kanth was with Peddanna and stole his money Rs.180 crores, bloody thief.
Half of the money is mine l'll come back for it in 10 days.
Tell Nanda.
Why are you still here after getting so much money?
Come to Nanda.
l know l can't live after cheating Peddanna.
Nanda attacked us and took away the money, brother.
Keep him in our den. Find Nanda.
lf what he says is lie, kill him.
Thanks sister. - No mention.
Can't l do this for you? - For me or for money?
But we did it for money only.
Still not out of the character.
l managed dialogues well but had trying times with the hymns.
l want extra payment for the hymns.
l too want extra payment.
Why do you want extra payment?
Paying you is waste, and you want extra payment too?
Hey fat boy! - Calling you only.
Don't talk about structure as if you're slim like lleana.
What did you do? Just cried all long.
We did it for you most of the time.
No need to talk to her' stop the car' we'll dump her here only.
What? - l'll not get down.
All of you get down.
What about our payment? - Payment?
Get down. - They are crooks.
We are small time crooks but they're big time crooks.
She left us on pavement for asking payment.
Why feel sorry? l would've done the same thing in your place.
Aren't you angry on me?
Why should l? l was looking around for big money.
You and your brother showed me big money.
lnfact l must thank you.
You must find us first to get money.
l'll find. - lt's impossible.
The real hard work is in achieving the impossible.
The real fun is in having it the hard way.
Brother, just came back, l've a good news for you.
Where are you?
How are you doing, brother?
Nothing to worry l'm always king.
Tell me the good news now.
l'm marrying Shirisha, we are getting engaged tomorrow.
Just a wish won't do you must personally conduct it.
What's that dress they wear in North lndian marriages?
Sherwani! You must wear it and dance. Have a blast!
l know you're here to betray me to Peddanna.
Stop that nonsense.
Peddanna called you and threatened to hand me over to him,
that's why you're here.
That's why l like you.
You brain is very sharp.
After Bhagawan's death Peddanna needs me.
l weighed the options who is more important you or Peddanna,
l favoured Peddanna,
he's coming here now'
aren't you feeling giddy on hearing this?
l'll go out for a haircut GK tomorrow is Tuesday.
Sit down brother.
There's a proverb in English, the weapon you hold will kill you.
Gun is in your hand and in my hand too.
We both are living.
l don't care about life. You do care.
Stop boys!
Shirisha, come with me.
Should l be the one to feel giddy? Shouldn,t you feel it? Come.
Where is he?
l'm giving you 24 hours, find him, we'll also try to find him,
if we don't find him, you'll die
and if you fail to find him again you'll die.
Why is he after us, brother?
Forget about him, he took away Shirisha.
He took away Shirisha.
l don't feel he took her, l feel she went with him on her own.
Didn't get it brother?
Shirisha madam never loved you and will never do so in life,
think logically,
you and her father were business partners,
her father didn't like you and walked out'
you used intelligence to make a pauper and left him on streets,
with an eye on Shirisha, you brought him back and made a partner again,
Shirisha isn,t so dumb to overlook this,
she was with you because of the heavy loans left by her father,
she was waiting for a man who could save her,
she found the man and walked out with him.
Next time you tell the truth, l'll kill you.
You're over smart in everything,
how could you get cheated so easily by that girl?l'm surprised,
What,s there to get surprised?
Man uses brain to understand anything,
but uses eyes to understand a girl.
Because of that girl, every gang in the city is after you.
l'm not angry on her, infact her smartness is attracting me.
You're not angry on the girl who cheated you,
and you don't like me who loves you so much.
Who said l don't like you, l asked you to come with love only.
l know why you are with GK,
you want money and for that you need Ashtalakshmi.
When did you start thinking about me?
Ever since l came to know you,re a chocolate and not a bullet.
What have you done to me, Shirisha?
You've made me fall in love, Shirisha...
Have you jolted out suddenly with this mischievous thought...
Have you come to know slowly now my wish to be your partner...
You've made fall with your chocolate looks...
You've made me go crazy left and right...
You've folded me into your body shape...
You've shown how crazy you're on me...
You've put me to sleep in your heart...
Oh God, this girl is magical...
Though l love you and trying to get attention, you never looked at me...
But accepted to love without much fuss today...
Past is different but the mood is different today...
l must see the lovely thin waist up for the grabs...
My Shirisha l'm your King...
Shall l offer myself at anytime you make a wish?
Shall l give all my treasured beauty to you?
The same eyes are watching me differently today...
Do that with me which it desires...
Once l like l'll not spare l'll fulfill all your wishes...
l'll not leave it midway, l'll take it to its logical end...
My Shirisha, l love you always...
You're a man of words and action...
Take me, l'm all yours now and forever...
Jewel loot in film style!
Why are you huffing and puffing on road?
l'm not' l'm jogging. My girth has grown.
Had police caught, they would've reduced it.
Do you also know the matter?
Not only me entire state knows it.
Why are you asking me though you know it?
Anyway we all are on road. How will you catch her?
lf we use brain we can catch anyone.
lf Ashtalakshmi was acting,
then l'm sure her parents would also be actors.
lf we can catch them, we can catch Ashtalakshmi.
That fat boy...that Narayana...
l saw him playing drama in Ravindra Bharathi.
l'll give the number, you take down.
They're acting in films now.
The boy is giving a shot.
Where's the film shoot going on?
There are lots of week end players in this world.
And they changed colours like chameleons.
And they eat grass to earn money.
Green grass people!
And they are sinners!
God forgive them.
Don't punish them.
And they don't know what they are doing.
l don't know anything.... l don't know anything...
They don't know anything.
l don't know anything sir.
lt's they don't know anything.
Please see them and say that.
Who? - They!
l too don't know anything.
l too don't know anything' l'm innocent.
l too don't know anything.
l'm coming father...coming...coming.
Why did you stop?
We can't run anymore.
We get tired and will be easily caught.
So we stopped here.
That's okay' where's Ashtalakshmi?
We don't know.
Will you hit with jug in the name of curse? My head got cracked.
You shut up. - You keep shut.
You said you'll not beat women right?
lf anyone irritates me, l'll beat even women.
Did you hear that? He'll beat even women if they irritate him.
Don't get me involved in it.
You tell me.
We really don't know.
Why did you beat me now?
l remembered about you irritating me earlier.
How many times will you beat me for that?
How many times you'd irritated me?
Many times. - Then l'll beat you many times.
We know her flat address.
l found it. - Got her address?
Tell me how can l help you?
Don't do anything stay like that l'll watch you for sometime.
Why do you want to watch me?
Why do we admire a beautiful Bapu drawing?
For happiness.
Who is that girl?
Why did you ask me that?
She was looking at you angrily when you praised me.
Girls are like that they can't stand anyone more beautiful than themselves.
You're praising me so much means you want me to do something out of way.
You can do it easily.
This is credit card account number.
l want to know where was it's last transaction?
Whose account is that?
His daughter's!
ls that cheat my daughter?
How can you deny she's your daughter just because she had eloped?
Correct, she's my daughter.
What's her name?
What's in the details?
l've studied MBA not elementary school.
Small correction she's not his daughter.
Earlier daughter now daughter-in-law.
That girl eloped with his son,
he had an heart attack recently and got sense,
and thought of bringing back son and daughter-in-law to home, right?
You're perfectly right' he's absolutely right.
ls it true? - Would l dare lie to you?
Last transaction was in Bangkok Hotel Royal Cliff.
Failed to catch a lone outsider in our city.
GK, the time l gave you is over.
That's why l'm here. Not only you, l too want him.
l desired her since my early youth days,
that bastard took her away.
Who wants your silly love story? l want him!
lf we want him, we mustn't go in search of him,
let's do something to make him come to us.
Why would he come to us?
Let's find his family and kidnap them, he'll come to us on his own.
Go boys.
Anyone related him must be here by tomorrow.
Brahmam, use your English knowledge and take us to the hotel.
What's this man? You've changed the style.
Place changed, so l changed my style.
That was lndia, l was wanted criminal,
this is Bangkok, nobody can dare touch me here.
ls that your courage?
Not him!
Though l said it's not you, he beat you.
His punch is also not hurting me
but your Rayalaseema accent is hurting me more.
Where is it hurting? Here?
He's speaking English very well. - Don't involve me in it.
Won't you get involved in this too?
You can't run with those high heels, come here.
Are you saying sorry after doing everything?
Bloody cheat.
You should be getting angry me, why is she furious?
Why are you getting infuriated?
Aren't you angry on her?
She said sorry, right?
Will you forgive her for a sorry?
Tell me what do you want me to do?
She's your friend' right?
You're the one who directs her from behind the screen' right?
How can she be my friend?
How can she be my friend?
We are caught, leave it.
Are you both friends?
You keep quiet, how did you find it?
Your elder brother stole money and got caught,
and told about this to Shirisha,
Shirisha told you about me,
and introduced you as chocolate in the scene,
and got your brother freed by me, am l right?
l wanted to ask you straight but got confused seeing your smartness.
But you haven't told us how you found us out?
By seeing the tattoo on your back in our first meeting.
Later on l saw you both talking to each other in pub.
Why are you here? - lf he sees. we'll be in trouble.
Don't worry.
Before all this l saw the photo of you both together in your room.
Why did you keep quiet knowing all this? - l wanted to know the truth.
The moment you showed me your brother, l knew it,s about Rs.180 crores.
That's why l got him out.
We got you out with great difficulty and yet you cheated me.
Without giving my share.
Nanda didn't give us our share to give you your share.
l told you but you didn't listen to me.
We came here to meet Nanda.
Nanda? Who is he?
Your fight gave me an opportunity.
l knew you'd give me a clue to find them.
That's why l got you to come out with truth.
That fat boy...that Narayana...
l saw him playing drama in Ravindra Bharathi.
We thought it was our plan, but no it was yours.
How many plans l may have drawn, one thing is true,
l love you.
Shut up! Darling?
What's your age and her age?
Stomach is protruding outside, head has tuned bald,
you need to use a ladder to catch up with her.
l thought you planned everything, she had planned it behind you,
l thought you both had planned it but he had planned it before you both,
she loves him from the beginning,
l was the joker in between, my damn fate.
Darling? Please don't call me like that.
l don't want to hear the word darling in my life.
You keep quiet.
Where is your brother?
Everybody is beating like ringing bell in temple.
Where is that Kadapa man's family?
Who has hired you as goons?
Where will be Kadapa man's family? ln Kadapa only.
Where in Kadapa?
Look there!
Nanda has cheated me, he,s not giving me my share too.
He doesn't have the money to give you.
Never expected we'll get so much money so easily.
l too didn't expect this.
Where is Nanda?
This is another twist.
Aren't you here for money? - No!
l'm here for Nanda.
Only he knows Nanda's place.
That's why l got him out from Peddanna's den.
Oh God! He's no ordinary man!
Tell me, where is he?
Why are you after Nanda?
Where's Dr.Nirmala?
Sir! - What? Found his mother?
His mother died recently sir.
lt seems you got her killed.
Did l got her killed?
Uncle Pothi Reddy is here to meet you.
Devendra, tomorrow my daughter is getting engaged.
l'm here to invite you.
l know you'll not come out of home.
But l've to invite you for courtesy' right?
That's why l'm here.
What's that dirty shirt? Change it.
Aren't you satisfied with the lost honour?
l'll go, would l stay here only?
Come, what are you watching?
Can't wait anymore, make a call to Hyderabad.
Call Peddanna.
Brother will get angry for calling him for such a trivial thing.
This is not trivial but really very big.
Only Peddanna can do it.
Hold on the line.
Devendra's phone.
What man? How are you?
We are not fine, brother-in-law.
Unable to tackle one man, are you complaining to me?
Brother, don't underestimate him,
you don't know his power, brother.
Bloody cowards!
He'll not be alive tomorrow by this time.
l don't know if he lives or not, but l'll not be there.
l'm going to our Bangalore guest house...
For daring to touch his mother,
it seems he tore my brother's clothes in public and beat him.
l'll not kill him, l'll kill his mother in public.
l'll see what can he do.
Where's Dr.Nirmala? - She's in OP.
Somebody is trying to kill mother, let's save her life.
Come mother, you go inside. Don't come out.
lnnocent people are dying for me.
Please listen to me, mother, please don't go out.
Please mother, don't go out.
Mother, l'll run the hospital as you were running it.
But l'll kill the people who killed you.
He entered the city coolly.
Killed Jairam and Bhagawan.
lf my guess is right, he'd be on the way to kill Nanda now.
l'm telling you with my past experience.
it's not safe for us to get out of car.
Nanda! Come out!
Your death has come searching you.
Did Peddanna send you? - No, God sent me here.
To avenge killing of Dr.Nirmala.
l enjoyed so much that day, today l'll enjoy killing you.
l think you're his next target.
Am l his target? He's my target.
All this will to go anyone who suggests an idea to kill him.
Let's get Dawood's gang from Bombay, brother.
There's a sharp shooter in Chennai, brother.
Leave everything and escape to Dubai.
Even Peddanna couldn't find Nanda, but he traced and killed him.
You're nothing to him, brother.
Come closer.
lf l had hurt you...
You're an intelligent girl,
though you don't do good, please don't do anything bad.
lsn't there anything for me?
Please tell something to her also.
l'm telling you also the same that l told her.
l'd to do this to settle my father's debts.
Right sir.
l'm accepting shamelessly, l can't live without you.
Right sir. Look at her tears sir.
You can't come along with me, you'll find it very difficult.
l'm ready to face any difficulty.
Look at the desperation in her voice.
But l'm not ready to put your life in difficulties.
l'll definitely come back for you.
Hey girl...apple..
Who is the dream boy who came into your dream to shake up?
That we're a new couple...couple...
That we're on a honeymoon... - ls it so?
Hey girl! What else had happened in that dream?
That we've had a baby boy...
That he went around in shorts...
You're a modern girl in jeans and ferocious like Queen of Jhansi...
How come you've taken the path of romance?
Handsome man like you with glamour is attracting me like magnet...
Now that you're here' l'll spread red carpet direct into my arms...
Now that you're so close' l'll put green signal to enter my heart...
When we both become one before fate...
Why to delay it further our union?
Put a dot on my cheek and tie the knot with me...
l'll serve you with betel leaf and nuts...
Okay right, come with me, l'll marry you at the earliest...
Engagement or whatever it is, let's have it right now here...
if you come that far, I will arrange a Red carpet and welcome to hug me,
Though expensive, l'll book a flat for us in Gachibowli...
l'll set up a place for you where light can't reach in day time also...
Your kisses are breakfast, meals, drinks, juices, fruits and nuts to me...
What a chance! Lovely dose! This is the day to seek pleasures...
Peddanna, l killed everyone who was involved in killing my mother,
the only one remaining is you.
where ever you may be, you'll meet a dog's death.
Hey Sathya Reddy! l'm waiting near your mother's grave.
Do you know why l'm here?
To bury you and your sister near that grave.
What a great horoscope you have!
You weren't there when your mother was killed,
now when l'm killing your sister, you're not here.
Kill and bury her before he comes here.
He came to know l'm in Bangalore.
Before we make a move, he'll make 10 counter moves.
What a great horoscope you have!
l was waiting to kill you,
but you booked a good place and time for your death.
Who are you man?
l'm the most feared and you're scaring me.
Who are you l say?
Did you ever get the thought why did l pick up trouble from him?
l'm that man!
Come, l want to see the man who has disturbed me so much.
l'm coming, l'll save my sister like man,
if you're a man, save yourself and your brother.
Get down!
Sister, you don't get tensed.
Let's have lunch together in 30 minutes after killing him.
Were you the man who played with me?
Brother, don't underestimate him.
He appears handsome like a hero but his punches are rock hard.
He's alone, what the hell can he do?
lfjustice is on his side, even one man is equal to 100 men.
Look at the people behind me.
My power!
lf you've power, l've pride.
lf you've weapon, l've courage.
You're coming forward, what makes you dare so much?
Courage to a man who wants to avenge mother's murder,
taking risk to save a sister's life, it'll come naturally to any man.
Boys go, kill him and bring my brother.
l'll meet you in few minutes and show you hell.
When you see hell after death, you'll feel you'd seen worse on earth.
Brother, come...come...
l'll make you kill his sister as he watches.
l'll bring back your lost courage.
To kill my sister, you must first kill me.
Kill him brother!