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In no event shall the Total Biology should replace a notice or medical treatment.
So thank you for being here! Thank you especially for inviting me!
Be assured that I will do my best for the evening is very rewarding.
First, I imagine, Stéphane Loiselle. I am a physiotherapist in physical rehabilitation. I am in the health for over 15 years.
I own a clinic Physiotherapy in Joliette, Optiforme the clinic. Perhaps you've ever heard?
Then in 2004 I heard of Total Biology. What happened, these are patients arriving, and told me about it.
And as a speaker in the field of health, I was very rigorous if I had any limitations, my job was to refer people to the right places.
When I heard, I found it very interesting. Before interim, I'll go see what it is. It was a little mystical story almost there.
So I'll start to take a look. When I arrived, it was for me a lightning strike total.
So I got invested more than full time. I got to training, over training, over training. I practiced fast.
And in fact I'll be able to make a synthesis of everything I was looking for a living.
First, I know here in the room Tonight, there are how many people who have already beliefs, thoughts or convictions for some that stress can be related to the disease.
I wonder show of hands, who have these thoughts there? So the majority of the room.
Now, I know, always a show of hands Is there any people here who have had the belief, or have read that the brain has extraordinary power, one uses only a small percentage.
Then, in fact, if we could develop it further, to use it better, we could do extraordinary things, or even perhaps to heal itself.
Are there some who have already read that, or have had these thoughts there? Because it's really in the direction where we go.
The way the evening will happen, will take place tonight first thing, of course I'm going to talk of Total Biology, I am here for that.
Already, to break the ice on it, What is the Total Biology? You should know that it is a science.
Which demonstrated that diseases were created by the brain, for very specific reasons. Then in fact, when you know the stress that is causing, was at least able to heal itself.
To explain it tonight we will go through different stages. The first thing, I'll make it part The first part will be a theoretical part.
Subsequently, we will do the practical application. It's fine theory, but what what happens in practice? I will explain what is the practice of this theory here.
Then we'll talk about doubts. Because there was much doubt at this time the reality of Total Biology.
The reality that stress can really be related to disease, see almost all diseases.
There are still many doubts. Why are these doubts? We will explain this.
Subsequently, we will talk about concrete reality, the current reality. What is the practical reality of all this theory there.
And then, what is most important, is the question period. That's why I said the "s". So, I'll invite you to ask lots of questions.
The way it's built, I will give the minimum necessary theory. I make a synthesis.
And then, you are going to choose the theory that you want I adjust. What I deepened according to your answers, you need.
It suits you it all? Perfect!
Before starting this, there is something that is very important, this approach is to place there, because it is an addition to the medical field. This is an addition to what has already acquired.
How do we place Total Biology versus traditional medicine now? In the second line.
What does it mean that? It means that the first thing to do, if it becomes uncomfortable, if you have a problem whatsoever, it is always to see traditional medicine. This is the first thing to be.
Thereafter, or in parallel, there are ways to work with an approach such as Total Biology. Why is it like that? For very simple to understand.
The first one is not trained as a speaker, to make a diagnosis. People who are real people competent to make a diagnosis, it is the doctors, they were trained for that.
They have all the necessary equipment to do so. What does that mean in concrete terms? Imagine, for example, that a person has diabetes.
If the person has diabetes, and that before going to medical, she has the habit of coming to see total in biology, it can be catastrophic. It may even be fatal for the person.
Imagine it is a very high sugar levels, and it makes a diabetic coma and is currently driving a car, it may as well kill himself and even kill others. It is unthinkable as a reality.
The first instinct is to go to medicine. Medicine will diagnose diabetes. What will they do?
They will establish a plan, either supports or is an emergency. In this case, it supports one.
They will give him medication or tablet, or by injection, depending on the severity. And from that moment, that the person is in a safe environment for herself and for others, there you can start doing the deprogramming.
Do you understand? It's like that for anything. Any symptoms you have, the first reflex you go to traditional medicine. And thereafter, Total Biology.
The second reason is very simple to understand, from the diagnosis. Imagine that someone comes to me, and she says Stephane, I have a stomach ache.
You got a stomach ache why? Do you have a problem with the intestines, a liver problem, peritonitis, appendicitis, I have no idea. It's not my job to me.
So first thing, we will see medicine. Medicine identifies what's the problem. Made the emergency measures. If, for example, is a appendicitis and need an emergency measure, begins to undergo surgery.
Subsequently, if another disease, or that he needs medication, anti-inflammatory or anything, take the medication needed. And thereafter, or in parallel, we can do the deprogramming.
Already well placed for that, it's important because there are people who have not understood, same stakeholders. Unfortunately, it is.
So I take the time to clear it starting immediately.
So the theoretical part, already starting, we must understand that tonight we will talk about biological laws. So what's a law? A law is an invariant.
That is, it's something will still occur, will always give the same result in the same settings.
We know lots of laws. We know, for example, physical laws. We know a really good the law of gravity.
I have a pen here. If I loose, what's going to happen? Everyone knows it will fall.
If I do it 2 times, 2 times it will fall. 5 times, 10 times, 1,000 times, it will always happen like this, because it works by law. Which is a physical law in this case, the law of gravity.
There are other types of law we know. For example chemical laws. So, imagine that I take two gases, hydrogen and oxygen.
If I take two hydrogen particles for a particle of oxygen, What it will appear, a drop of water, H2O.
That particular. There are two gases that cause. Then suddenly appeared a liquid. But it's always like that. It will not change because it is a law.
So we know the laws of physics, we know of chemical laws. What these people, what these researchers have shown here, that they have demonstrated biological laws.
What is a biological law? That the structures through which a living organism always going to work the same way, to ensure its own survival.
So, how did it begin? It started initially with a German oncologist. An oncologist is a physician who works on cancer. Dr. Hammer, made the first demonstrations of this.
He did this how? He did it simply on personal research. Why? Because it has developed itself a cancer, testicular cancer.
So what happened was that this man here, had a perfect diet, was financially very comfortable, the family was fine, good physical health, a big guy, very intelligent.
And he said, it's still weird It seems to me that I have no criteria, I do not smoke, I have no test that can determine I may have cancer.
At the same time, some screen time the beginning of his cancer, he lost a son. He had a son in his twenties. This boy here was shot in the hip.
He had 19 surgeries, good memory. He fell into a coma. And finally he died.
Some months later, he developed himself, his testicular cancer. And his wife ovarian cancer. There he was asked.
He says it's still curious, I lose a son and I develop testicular cancer, my wife and ovarian cancer.
It's always good with my testicles ovaries and my wife we ​​conceived this child there. And then he really asked the question: is it that the event has just happened may be related to my cancer.
So what he did, he went to his patients. He went to all patients who had testicular cancer, and all patients who had ovarian cancer.
And he started asking questions. What he realized? He realized that without exception, all these people had all been a traumatic event before.
Now, what was particularly it was not always the death or the death of a child, but it was always a feeling of loss. So people had experienced a loss.
So, Germany, Europe, you know, is a country much older than here. Imagine, for example someone who has a home of several generations. And for reasons X, is the fifth generation, he loses it.
Either in bankruptcy or in a fire, in a divorce, put whatever you want. But it's a great feeling of loss. It was events like that, that people describe.
So he said, it's still special. Everyone has the same disease. Everyone we experienced a traumatic event before. Everyone is the same type of feeling.
It is a specialist in brain scans. He spent brain scans. And what he found? Wait a minute!
Imagine is a brain scan. It is a great round like that here. What is it found?
Exactly the same place, to the nearest millimeter, for each person, there were outbreaks of neurons who as tripped.
The only thing that varied was that made it a concentric circle around it. And concentric circles for some they were smaller, and for other they were bigger.
And what he discovered? Is that the size of the concentric circles was always proportional with the intensity of stress.
More stress was high, The higher the concentric circle was great. There, he said woah! It's phenomenal!
Everyone was the same disease, everyone before a traumatic event, everyone felt the same, and everyone in the brain an anomaly exactly the same place.
What did he do? He went for other diseases. He did the same for liver cancer. He did the same for lung cancer. He then detailed full of cancers like that.
By the way, if you have any questions You do not be shy. You ask as you want.
At the same time, if you do not burn your lips, and you are able to retain it, I'll probably talk about it during the evening.
But if it burns your lips and want to put it there, raise your hand, it will make me happy!
I'm here for. I give you my time, to answer all your questions. Do not be shy.
What happened? Is that these people have shown particular things.
It is already known that Dr. Hammer had a suite. He had complications in fact, Dr. Hammer.
For very simple and very accurate. In his discovery he made a major mistake. A person may be a genius, he has the right to make mistakes. He has made a big deal.
That he began to tell his patients, They no longer need to of chemotherapy.
Him in his head, it worked only with that. No need to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, they are toxic agents. It should not take that.
That, that was the mistake. Because in no time We can put people, or reduce, their chances of healing someone. Chemotherapy in part.
The College of Physicians, when they saw he was saying his people not to do chemotherapy, Of course, what they did? They canceled their order. It's normal that!
Second mistake, he continued to practice. It was not a good idea. What happened which was perfectly normal?
He was picked up in jail for bad act. Nothing prevents the discovery was great. But the act was misapplied.
So there was another French doctor, the name of Dr. Sabbah which took over the work of Hammer, but that has led to extraordinary dimensions.
Why? Because he worked in good ethics. He was worked for all years to expand with its own research,
and other research of other scientists, combine it all together and make a product that is truly refined. That's what I present to you tonight.
To understand all this, said that since the disease is created by the brain, we must already understand how the brain is done.
To understand this, we will symbolize both parties. The first part of the upper, we will call the conscious.
Does everyone always see what I write on the board? Sometimes I tend to write small.
If so, s.v.p. remember me Stephane, bigger! I got a great picture for that. It would be nice if I use it.
If the top part I put the conscious, in the lower part, how much you think we will sign up? The unconscious, exactly!
Is my microphone sound good? Perfect! Thank you Martin! Martin has generously offered to ensure that all equipment worked well.
It was up the conscious, the conscious. And it was down the unconscious, or unconscious.
What is the difference of these two parts there? It is very large. First things, it is known that in the conscious, we will characterize it by, let's say, is the intelligent part.
What I mean by that? I mean, this is we will do the thinking. Also, this is where we will put morality.
So what does that mean? This means that all the conscious, is the part we learned, from day zero.
We are not born with this reality there. We have learned over time. It is our conscious part.
The unconscious part of it, it's totally the opposite. Of intelligence there are zero. In the sense you mean. Because at the biological level it's great.
There is zero reflection. It does not reflect the unconscious. Especially, there is zero moral. Very important, you will see. To apply, to understand, we must realize these things.
In fact it is an unconscious of what? That is how? It is like a computer.
A computer does that thought? I ask the question. If you have one that reflected, we want to know!
It does not reflect a computer. What it does, it reacts. It reacts to what? It reacts to the programs!
They all have a common goal. In your opinion what is the common goal? I heard ... Life! Exactly! It's survival.
That's exactly right. The unconscious is a computer, that has as main function, to ensure survival.
This unconscious is working with what is sometimes called biological laws.
What does that mean in concrete terms? What's the difference between the conscious and the unconscious in the concrete?
There are many people tonight that when you come you asked if your heart beat at the right pace?
How many people here who asked this question here? Person. Perfect! This is done automatically.
It is 7 o'clock. Most people have had enough. There may have been a sweet dessert.
Those who took a sweet dessert do you have requested from you, do my pancreas secretes enough insulin?
Because it is essential to control the level of sugar in the blood. Otherwise it can be catastrophic. Are there people who have thought about that here? Person. Great!
Is it that there are people who have said, Are my eyes moist enough, because if you come by car, and the eyes stick together, it can be very dangerous.
No one has asked these questions there! It's all done in an automatic way. Yet it is all essential things because if it was not well orchestrated Perhaps you would not be here.
So, everyone came here thoughtfully. Is it that there are apparent here? That I want to know!
Or have been dragged? They did not know they were coming? Come away! Come away! Come away! There are you? A person! Perfect!
So I wish you welcome! Rather special in this universe. So you all come in a conscious way. You understand the difference between the two. Now what happens? Look at that right!
Imagine, I will redraw the same brain. I'll just do a bit smaller. You have understood. It was our party is divided into two.
What is up? The conscious. Down? Unconscious. Perfect!
Imagine that in the conscious there is a stress, which the person can not to find solutions. Oops, I began writing small.
And that is experienced, either in whole or in part in isolation. First things, What is a stress?
A stress is a change. A big change. As soon as the body lives change, for it is a stress.
Imagine, he did what lately? He made up to 8 degrees. Imagine for X reasons, we enter a room, we leave out and it's -42! Whew!
Quite a change. Not used to that. That's a big stress. Why? Because the brain is imperative to readjust.
Every time that comes a great imbalance, he must readjust. So a big change in life great stress it could be what?
It's tax time. Imagine that the government checks the tax you have made. And then there's a person who receives a reply, were revised five years, you owe us $ 500,000. Whew!
A great change! Unexpected! That's a big stress. Imagine that a person learns his life partner a lover or a mistress. Whew!
There may have that would be happy. I do not know marital conditions. But overall it's a great stress.
Imagine that a person learns, that her child has a serious illness, or life under great stress.
Imagine a child who's bullying at school. It can be a great stress. A move, especially for a child. Or sometimes even for an adult. Do you understand? There are a lot of stress possible.
Imagine the stress there, people do not to find solutions. And that in many cases, we live parts in isolation.
What does that mean? It means we become in danger of death. Why? First reason, from fatigue.
Because in a condition like this, It would begin to think, reflect, think, think, think, think, must find a solution.
There may have already experienced most stressful periods and realized that oops, sleep was less easy.
It happened that! But in a part where the stress is very strong, when it starts to take all the conscious, it could happen if nothing happens, it could happen a death by exhaustion.
Two ways we could die, it inadvertently.
So how many people came by car tonight? I want to know? Most! How many people have crossed a stop? Most too!
Are there some who have said, Okay, that's OK, there is a stop, we go! There who did this? I always ask, because after we organize carpooling, since we are there to ensure the safety of people!
So, everyone stopped at the stop. Why? Because imagine another car arrives especially in broad daylight where there are no lights, the other car coming and that there is collision, it could be catastrophic, it could even be fatal!
But in a situation like this, the conscious part, which reflected, Sometimes, and perhaps stop, could be that it would not even realize, because it is driven to seek solutions.
And at that time, if it went straight and another car arrives, it would be in danger.
So what happens? Is that the unconscious, which is programmed for survival, going to crack up a home symbolically neurons. And at that time, the stress will switch to the unconscious.
So that will come back alone. What does that mean? I apologize if my talent for drawing, are not extraordinary. But at least they are understandable.
So what does that mean? The focus of neurons there that has tripped, to lower stress in the unconscious, always had a function to the base?
Imagine, it was a hotbed of neurons who cared, as in the case of Dr. Hammer, the testicles. What will happen? A problem in the testicles.
Imagine that it was a hotbed of neurons who took care of the lungs. What was it going to happen? A problem to the lungs.
Imagine a problem in sight. Well, it will happen a problem in sight. Then imagine that this outbreak of neurons there took care of some behavioral He will appear a behavioral problem.
So it can be a nervous breakdown. It may be a psychiatric illness. It may be a person who becomes very angry. Do you understand?
This system is, everyone already knew! That probably everyone here knows, then you have an electrical panel in the house. Why was an electrical panel? What's the point?
It is used to prevent a catastrophe. Imagine that I'm home and we organize a reception. Suppose we do a lunch. I have friends who are coming, for some event.
Then my wife went shopping. And then I realize, oh yes it's true, they are coffee drinkers coming. I do not drink lots of coffee. I have to make boiling water.
Curiously, I have three kettles. This is no joke. I'm not a coffee drinker. But I will explain perhaps why one day.
But imagine if I plug my three kettles. And then I realize that I have no milk. I go out soon and I will get milk convenience store is next door.
But what I have done by plugging my three kettles? I just overloading my electrical system. The spinning will begin to heat up.
And there, for safety, there is a so-called circuit breaker, a breaker, in the electrical panel that will crack up. And there, the electrical system will stop.
What's the point? It is used to save everything. That is to say that a room in the house, no longer functional electrical point of view, but the rest of the house will remain functional.
That's a lot more sense that have no electrical panel, the wiring starts to overheat, it takes fire, and the house burns completely.
That's why we have everyone an electrical panel. Well here is the exact same thing. When stress is too large, rather than risk dying and losing everything,
the unconscious is going to crack up a home of neurons. And at that time, there is a body part that will be sacrificed, but all will remain functional.
And that's what it allows us? It allows us to save time.
That is to say that it gives us extra time, a safer, to find solutions to our problem. That makes sense! Everyone knows that.
Already on this first theoretical part, is that there are people who need I clarify some things? Or if you understand the basic concept of good right? It's going for that? Perfect!
Just to be sure, which is hampered? That way I will know if the whole group! Generally they do not raise your hands!
So we'll ask the question differently, who feels at home tonight? Raise your hand those who feel at ease. Perfect! Great! It's going for that?
Basic theory for understanding. The practical application. What is the practical application of this reality there?
Where a person, comes to me with such a problem, disease, the first things that will determine, what happened? You?
What has tripped neurons home? What disease we will try to understand? Why is this focus that neural has tripped?
That's what allows us, to get the problem. So, what does that mean in concrete terms? Earlier it was said, the stress did what? He went where? In the unconscious.
Some of the stress, or even all rolled over into the unconscious. Our work is to help the person regain consciousness, of what happened below.
Sometimes they remember the whole event, they remember more than just emotion. Sometimes, they even forgot parts of emotion. What does that mean?
Just now I spoke of adultery. Imagine that a man loses his wife, and the woman left with her best friend. Overnight, he learns that his wife had a relationship with his best friend, and he left with.
And when he tells you this event here it tell you if he told it like he went to put gas in his car in the morning. And he'll go to lunch at that restaurant.
It has something weird. Do you understand? What happens if there is a disease? In fact, the emotional part is tilted in the unconscious. For he stops to think.
That's an event, such as where is the person remembers the event, but obscured the emotional part. Sometimes people hide both.
Imagine that a person was in a bank. There is a hold up (armed robbery) is done. And tell you all hold up, while the story. And later, you learn by someone else, That, yeah, but he, he had the gun (gun) here!
But that tells you it does not. This is not normal! This part here, it is hidden. Part in the unconscious, why? Because it was too stressful.
So our job is what? This is to help people to regain consciousness of what is hidden. To give them a second chance to solve.
If once it returns to the conscious, the person has the ability to solve his problem, or will find solutions to his problem,
or has already solved, but it was not taken into consciousness, at that time, there is a repair phase that will engage.
And then the person is able to cure his disease. Even the so-called incurable. It is the process for all diseases.
How does that happen in practice? Speaking simply! No imposition of hands. No hypnosis. No energy transfer.
I'm not saying you can not do it. There are therapists that may have developed these tools there.
And I'm not saying that these tools there are not the right tools. But it is not necessary here. In the vast majority of the time this is done by talking.
What do we need? First things diagnosis. You should know what it person.
Because we are not trained for that. Unless there is a doctor who practices it. It's different.
But otherwise, it takes a diagnosis. It takes reports. To understand the exact meaning of the disease.
After that, what do I ask? A small file is five pages. I brought some examples I think. I could pick them up right away, or earlier.
It is five pages. Some questions pages. What was there in that? A summary of what happened in your life. What stressful events you have experienced.
A quick summary, what does it feel me? It helps me to target very quickly, Where do they have the potential related to the disease.
Subsequently, what do I do? I can help you regain consciousness, by explaining why the brain was tripped in this way. And explaining what is the perceived that are associated with it, in your situation.
And at that moment, everything comes back to consciousness. Or becomes understandable. And then there is the possibility of cure. That's the practical application.
Now, I will continue, and if you have any questions you do not be shy. As I said earlier, I managed to make a rapid synthesis, but that you understand the meaning.
And then we will be able to complete with questions. So you understand that it is a synthesis? But it gives you the opportunity to see the possible. All the possibilities that are related to that.
So me, this period is the presentation, when I went to my training, I doubted very much. Because I am like that. I am liable to doubt.
The first thing I said to myself, but if true, brings the evidence! I want to know it works for real. That's why I have spread some issues. So you can have some idea.
But I'll give you an idea of ​​what it looks like people who came, what happens. First things, I'll show you the power it has.
Suppose we take this issue is here. This lady, I do not know if you can see your point, Her name is Francine Theriault.
She gave me permission to present everything. We do not see exactly the date. We do not see it. But anyway, in the book of evidence there is. This is the first in the top cover.
And what you see above right here? On 27 December 2006 She introduced herself to the hospital in its region, because she had problems convulsions style. And paralysis in his right hand.
That is to say, it lost traction with his right hand. Therefore it is presented to the hospital. They make it a brain scan.
And what did they see? They see all these anomalies there. Anyone can see? He has something that is strange.
So the next day they issue a report, that is unreadable for you at the moment but what I do, is that I have grown this line is here which is investigating.
So I zoomed in (enlarged) to make it clearer. And what we read? There is no objective report but at least four brain metastases with edema important. You?
So the woman came to the hospital. She has health problems. He made a brain scan.
And the next day they release the report. And tell him that there is at least four brain metastases with edema important.
So the lady comes in contact with me. I begin to explain how it works. She had a good idea.
I explain in this specific case it happens. And during this first meeting, she told me already, I'm taking back traction of my right hand.
The next day she had recovered motor function completely. Already for the oncologist was really strange. We continue the meetings.
During that time, she followed her radiotherapy the doctor had prescribed. Which is a dose palliative radiotherapy.
Radiotherapy is a treatment for cancer. Which is not chemotherapy is different, it with rays.
At doses affirmative, I do not know if there is who are familiar with the term palliative? That's the last section in the hospital before death.
So when we went to the middle palliative we no longer talk of healing. We talk about support.
When they do chemo or radio-dose palliative is to keep the person to support it until his death.
So this person is, made his palliative radiotherapy doses. There was no report provided. Since initially she had lung cancer.
Therefore, lung cancer, brain metastases, it's over, it is classified for medical, it goes to the grave. This is the classical normal.
So we did the work. Six weeks later, she asked herself, because it was very good, she asked to spend additional tests.
And what they found? Everything was gone. Six weeks later, on 9 February 2007 you are all in evidence, everything was gone.
Thus, the radiologist when he sees it, Ms. I said nothing to explain, he gives the disc, and told him to go see the radiation oncologist.
The radiation oncologist when he sees the result, he said I must have the written report. And she told her oncologist, I'm sorry but he once told me that I had nothing.
And then he asked, but what you did madame? She would not tell him. She told them: I followed your treatment as you told me to do.
He closed the file and said: You will stop being polite. You tell me what you did. It's his choice. She did not want their say.
A few days later, they reminded her, saying, we checked with colleagues, there's really nothing.
If ever there was opportunity would have to do an investigation, take a sample to understand what happened! Which makes sense! What is very human because they wanted to understand.
That's to give you an idea of ​​the increased that the intervention may have. Now there are people who came to many things.
There is a young, early thirties, Tommy. He comes to see me, brain tumor, too. The type of tumor is an astrocytoma.
If there are people who are familiar with medical terms, an astrocyte, it is a very special type of cell, in the brain.
And there is this cell cancer. Cancer, what you hear? Reproduction, copying, reproduction ...
And it was totally incurable. At the time, they had given 8 to 24 weeks of survival.
They had surgery to reduce some weight. To give him some extra time. In medicine there was nothing to do.
He comes to see me for the practical application. It's called a biological deprogramming. This is the term that has been given. I keep it.
Biological Deprogramming. It could be called anything. This is the term given to him.
Deprogramming biological is when we meet, and we will find the source, and I take the time to explain, and the person can adjust.
So, see you once, in his file had almost everything, missing information.
I told him, you go get me that information here. And you come back. And at that time, I can do the deprogramming.
He returns. Do the deprogramming. The following week he had a brain scan. For the first time, its mass was stable. You have the reports that are right there.
You know that cancer is what? This is something that is unstoppable, if you want. Whether it's mass, mass, mass. The reverse, that hollow, empty it, it's hollow. It necrosis.
So for the first time, stable mass. We continue the meetings, between examinations. Meanwhile, he made his chemotherapy. Tenth of the dose he should have received, because he was too weak when it began.
At the second examination, the mass was reduced from 60 to 65%. We continue the meetings. The third review, there was nothing. But they tell him, it was always reduced. They did not say that there is nothing.
In the fourth review they tell him everything is really gone. as the third examination. Astrocytoma. Tommy.
Paulette came to me for skin cancer. She is diagnosed with skin cancer. And the doctor said chemo is or surgery.
She told him, you forget chemo but I take the surgery. His skin cancer was on the nose.
And surgery was scheduled to scrape to the bone. And after that, the grafting of skin, take the skin of his buttocks, and grafting to the face.
So everything is planned. The surgery date is scheduled. Meanwhile, she hears me. Comes to see me. It was time to see three times.
We made three deprogramming. And then, it will his appointment for surgery.
When she arrives, she told her doctor, Look I have nothing. She had a stain that Purula, flowing.
Nothing more. There was no stain, nothing. She said watching Doctor I have nothing.
Is what you could, instead of me doing the surgery, I do not feel like making me scratch for nothing, is it that you could repeat the tests?
The doctor said Madame, cancer that does not disappear by itself. If I do something, I operate.
She said in that case, I prefer to wait. She went to another doctor for one against expertise. Back to confirm that everything was gone.
Christine when she came, she came to a sun allergy. Christine it was 17 years she was allergic to the sun.
This is especially every time she went on a trip, if it was the least exposed to the sun, His body reacted on the whole party here.
She tried every cream imaginable. Dermatologists have given every cream imaginable.
A lady is using. She does not want to pay what was prescribed. For 17 years, there is nothing that worked.
She came to a deprogramming. She became aware of the history. It never came. Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, ...
Julie, she came for her son. When she came for the first time, his son was about 2 ½ years.
Then he was followed in Ste-Justine. He had at least twenty of hospitalizations, for an immune deficiency.
Ste-Justine did not understand his case, and they said the mother, we can no longer do anything, we can not control. What we will do is blood transfusions.
We will do a blood transfusion a month for at least 2 years and see what comes of it.
Meanwhile, she hears me. She decided to come and see. We met three times. Three games. Subsequently, more news.
It happens about two months. She goes to her appointment to start blood transfusions.
Ste-Justine examinations are before transfusion.
And he says, have apologized Madam, we made mistakes. You will board the night here. Have re-testing the next day.
Spend an extra night in hospital. Redo the exams. And he says, have nothing can explain. Everything is back to normal.
The lady there was of rheumatoid arthritis. The conflicts were very closely related. I said, we'll do both simultaneously.
She went to the doctor. The doctor, what he said? Madame you are no longer with rheumatoid arthritis. It's still interesting!
Annie, she came to many things. She had loss of voice repeated. For many things it has come.
But the testimony that I want to share, it is in relation to his daughters. Annie had two daughters. And at the time the oldest was 6 years old.
Then, his daughters came to eat, without reaction, only 12 foods.
That is to say, its range of food to cook, food was 12, if she did not want his daughters have reactions.
Both, but the oldest, it's been six years since she was like that.
It was a few meetings. Today his daughters eat everything. There is nothing they can not eat. Zero reaction.
And testimonies like this, we can give on a lot of things. Ulric, oh yeah, that's interesting.
The lady comes to see me for her child, same age, is nearly two and a half years. The son, the problem that he has the feet inward.
His pediatrician told the mother, you must register on the waiting list Ste-Justine and Shreiners.
These are two major children's hospitals. Probably, they will fracture the pelvis, to get it right.
So, the mother comes to see me in a panic, by explaining that. We will find the origin of the story.
She returned home. Explains that her child to two and a half years repeatedly, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak ...
And I said, it will go very quickly, is a young developing. Everything will take his place very quickly.
And why I take the time to say, it is because my area is physiotherapy, I say, in fact, it's going to put so quickly, it's possible he lost balance.
Because the balance system, may not have time to readjust. If it happens, you do not panic.
So it's a game. Three weeks later, I was a conference in Joliette, then she comes up with a bunch of people.
I knew it was resolved, starting immediately! She comes to see me in front and I told him and then, what happened?
She said Stéphane listening, it took two weeks. It was tak, tak, tak, tak, tak ...
She said I quit, Is what it could do that? She was afraid that the young will pick up like that! It's amazing though!
Some months later, I think about six months, the Shreiners have finally called.
The husband did not want to go to the appointment. I do not need to go. The mother said no no no, I'm going to go. I want it to be noted in the record.
So the visit took about 5 minutes. The doctor said, why are you coming? Look, you have the diagnosis, you have directed.
And he said, your child is normal. You will go home.
As I say, we can give full. Endometriosis, migraines, hypothyroidism, school issues, it can be applied of behavioral problems,
of ear infections, problems of insomnia, I said, migraines, headaches, pre-cancerous cells,
vaginitis, cirrhosis of the liver, food allergies, as I explained earlier there is full anxiety problems,
phobias, there who have come to a lot of phobias. phobias to spiders, phobias to cars, phobias of what you actually want.
I have a friend, malignant melanoma. This is not anything like diagnostic malignant melanoma.
In cancers of skin, Cancer is the most aggressive.
William, three metastases to the lungs. The young came to see me. 18 years or so. Then when he comes to see me, he had an osteosarcoma.
So it is a cancer of the bone, and he did it at the knee. What did they do? From the outset, they cut and they put a prosthesis.
So that's settled! There is nothing, we agree! Except that the problem that he had three metastases to the lungs. Three spots in the lungs.
The doctors say have schedule a surgery date. Were going to go away. Meanwhile, he comes to see me.
The father comes to see me in a conference with the youth. Then later he said I want to make an appointment.
I say perfect, but I want the mother to be there. Because it's a couple restored. I wanted to be sure that everyone either in the same understanding of history.
I want the mother to be there. The mother comes. She had not heard anything about that. I begin by explaining how it works.
I told him look good, I'm going to ask your son. I'm going fishing. It may be that it does not bite.
It was agreed that issues I can ask him tons. I'll ask him. And we'll see what happens.
To understand the system a bit, in biological function, the first things we will check, What is the function of the body.
The lung, the main function level represented is a function of life and death.
Why? Because if you stop eating, can last for weeks before dying. If you stop drinking, a few days.
But if you stop breathing, we will not test here because it will not last long. Few minutes and you're done.
The principal felt, at least, felt the main because there may be several, Stress is a relative to death.
So I say, I'm going to ask your son. And I ask, when you were afraid of dying?
He burst into tears. Explaining that when he was little, there were two major who had hung,
And in fact, he, he was with his cousin, I think. His cousin was able to escape.
Him his lace was taken as a bicycle chain. He got stuck there. And there, the big have started to threaten.
He explained that in sob. And his mother looked at him saying, but why you never said that?
And here's what I did become aware of the mother, is that great when they finished, what they said?
If you ever say a word, have not you fail. The young can not talk to his mother.
Because his mother did not follow the street. To protect it all the time.
Then he got stuck in the isolation deal with this stress there.
They go to the surgery as planned, of course. When it comes to surgery, but they made it no longer necessary to operate there.
They completely closed. And they told the parents, there is nothing, we do not need to do the surgery. Interesting!
Then that way we can continue, lung cancer, of vertibulites,
bipolarity, problems of tinnitus, marital problems,
me is what saved my marriage, this is what I am most grateful Total for biology,
insomnia like I said, the excessive sweating, libido problems, we have seen and reviewed and reviewed and reviewed and revised, ...
There is a lady, a Morton's neuroma. I do not know if you know what's Morton's neuroma?
It is a small tumor, is done at a nerve but in the foot.
So, generally, is between the third and fourth toe. If I may, I symbolized. Here, in the vast majority of the time.
So, the problem of neuroma there as soon as there is a compression, as soon as the foot is a little tight,
it compresses the nerve which is like swollen by the micro tumor and there, it creates pain.
So it's people who are always wear things lousse.
They can not put tight shoes. There is no question of putting high heels. Because it serves.
So it was that, since I do not know how many years. Two or three years, should go check again in the testimony. Recent years.
It comes in a deprogramming group. Because I am in groups of deprogramming. I'll talk a while ago.
I ask. I told him his story. It took 15 minutes maximum.
During the evening, she was there, coudont well, I have no pain. It's still like that.
At the end of the evening, it rises up. She said, I really have no more pain. And she enjoyed the room.
She says I have no pain. It's beautiful, you're going. And you make us a beautiful testimony. It never came.
In his testimony, she said how much it cost him in the prosthesis, how she could not shoe to the foot.
Because sometimes, I organize special stories. Special accounts, it is not me speaking.
It's the people who testify to their healing. I'm just responding to make connections when people need.
When she came to testify, of course, she came in high heels. She told all her story, it was amazing!
And so on and so on and so on ... Eczema, floaters in the eye, OCD (obsessive compulsive)
Phobias aircraft, a little girl who could not sleep outside,
pain in all four limbs, it was really special, problems energetic
diverticulitis, gout, gambling,
gastric reflux, to name it, name it in, name in, name in ... that's all the same function!
Now, when I saw it with my teachers, when I saw it in my own practice, you can understand the doubt, he fell. That I have no doubt.
But I still ask myself the question at first, but if it's true, how come it is not taught in universities?
How come it is not used in hospitals? Bizarre though!
The only thing that helped me understand that, in fact there are two, The first is history. Why?
Because a point I heard of Galilee.
Galileo is that? Galileo is the scientist who has demonstrated that the earth was round and she turned on itself.
And it also showed, because before people believed that the earth was the center of our planetary system. And the sun revolved around.
It is logical that for a scientist of the time. Why?
Take an honest scientist. It lies on the ground. Imagine that goes down here. He wants to experience.
It is like that. No hair like me. Imagine that it's me!
And I make my experiences. I have my notebook of notes. My pencil. And what I see?
I notice that the sun rises on my right, comes all the way up, and one point he disappeared to my left.
Ok, Day 1. Day 2, the same case. The sun rose up on my right, and was lying on my left.
For a week for a month for a year for ten years. It is logical, scientific thinking, to think that the sun revolves around the earth.
That makes sense! Appearances, that is what they told us. But Galileo was the first to demonstrate that not this is not how it works.
The sun is the center. And it revolves around the earth. It was not fun at the time. Because it undid what the friars said.
So it is brought into court of inquisition. And ordered him to say that all he had discovered was false on pain of death.
You should know that there were people that had been burned before him, for saying that.
So now the same understanding, Imagine a great discovery like this, what does it mean?
He says the earth is round and it turns on itself. OK What does that mean in practice?
When I got up in there. You put me there, so good.
But you say that a point I'll be upside down, and that I will not fall, it makes no sense.
You understand that in the 1600s, it had no sense that.
And in addition, one passion, or her work is fishing, said one day I will be below, and there is nothing all that falls?
It was very difficult to design in the 1600s.
It took almost 300 years, for these two realities are accepted.
Is now in the room, there are people who doubt that? I want to know!
Is there are people who doubt that the earth turns on itself?
And the sun is at the center of our planetary system? And it revolves around the earth? No one!
It still took 300 years before it is accepted.
Do not think that a discovery Total Biology as will be accepted within 10 years. It would be very optimistic.
Now I asked myself the question, but why it's so long before a great discovery to be accepted?
And I realized, understanding the basis of Total Biology. Returning to the base.
What creates the disease? A great stress, unresolved, lived in isolation.
What a great stress? It's a big change.
What does that mean? That means that as soon that there is a big change, the human reflex is to push it.
Because the memory that's dangerous. Do you understand?
So all those in the other reality returned in a very traditional medicine it is they who will oppose the most. This is normal!
This is quite normal! If I were a doctor, I do not ask to accept these things easily.
I'd say, after we'll probably talk about reality.
It's fine. Let me explain the case that there might be. But the reality people who come do not cure all.
This is not what I say. They are coming and it takes several meetings before they heal.
They are coming and it takes several meetings and they are still not healed.
And there are those who came with serious illness advanced cancers and they are not healed and died.
The current reality, it is not everyone healed. You? This is not a magic wand.
Why is that not everyone that easily cured?
Because the stress originally it is not necessarily easy to solve.
And if the person does not solve, well, there is no cure.
Imagine, we take the stress was said earlier. The person, $ 500,000 in debt. It's true. The government collects. He loses all!
It's a big mouthful to digest. There are some who do not digest it. And they will die of stress there.
The conflict of adultery that I told you. She left with her best friend. There are some who do not will settle this stress there.
He will die. If it is a deadly disease. It could be a chronic disease. And it remains with her chronic illness.
Do you understand what I mean? This is not a magic wand. This is not what I say.
But what I tell you, for example, is that the possibilities are there.
So I talked a lot about me here! I've not been spoken yet. Very few!
As I said, it seems that there is a significant silence. We're going to laugh a little to change the state.
It's things that are important. That things are serious. We need to acquire this information there.
So by the way, you must know one thing. Me in my work, my goal, my desire, is that people hear about it.
People to agree or disagree. Who want to use or not use it.
That that's life private individual. And everyone is entitled to what he wants in his life. To use the tools they want.
My goal, This is not to convince anyone nearby. My goal, is that people at least hear about it.
My second goal, is to correct the pull. Why?
Because unfortunately, there are people ahead therapist and do not have much way of working.
And what does it do? Disaster! And what we hear on a large scale? Of course, it's disaster.
So my second part me is important why I am taking a pole where do I speak, it takes to correct it there.
To explain to people, there are people who work evil, but it is not that the Total Biology.
Total Biology is something extraordinary. If applied well, it's amazing.
This is not a magic wand. But it is an addition to medicine, is really interesting.
That's my job. That's what I like doing. This is what I do right now. And so I thank you for inviting me to do that.
Now, I'd say I left you a large room for questions. Is it that there are people who have questions?