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FEMALE SPEAKER: Justin Bieber takes over Hollywood, the
Hellcats get in touch their party side, and Big Momma is
back on the big screen.
This is Just Dance for Februry 17, 2011.
FEMALE SPEAKER: The nationwide release of Justin Bieber's
Never Say Never cashed in last weekend with over $30 million
in ticket sales.
The motion picture, which follows Justin during his 2010
world tour, shows that the young pop
star is here to stay.
Hit choreographer Jamaica, who worked on his Somebody To Love
video is credited for the choreography, with Hi-Hat
providing additional smooth moves for the film.
Never Say Never is now playing in theaters nationwide.
DanceOn broke the news that the 20th Century Fox comedy
Big Momma's Like Father, Like Son would have choreography
from Jamal Sims.
Well, the sequel will be released on February 18, and
you won't want to miss Jamal's humorous work.
Leading man Brandon T. Jackson slipped into a leotard and
point shoes to get in touch with his dinner dancer.
He plies and spins his way through the moves, hitting
each one, or should I say, each person.
Big Momma also stars Martin Lawrence, and comes to a
theater near you tomorrow.
MARTIN LAWRENCE: Two to the right.
To to the left, what, what.
Now pop with it.
Pop with it.
Pop with it.
Pop with it.
FEMALE SPEAKER: It was a party this week on the CW, a toga
party, that is.
The Lancer University Hellcats threw a hopping soiree on the
February 15 episode to take their minds
off the team's troubles.
Fans got a chance to hear the vocal pipes of Louis, played
by Robbie Jones, and Canadian pop star Elisa Strada guest
starred on the episode.
A little piece of trivia, Hellcats choreographer Paul
Becker worked on Elisa's "You're So Hollywood" music
video last summer.
Catch a new episode of Hellcats have on the CW every
Tuesday night at 9:00, 8:00 central.
Movie theaters and the Grammy awards were not the only ones
to take advantage of Bieber fever this week.
The Fox comedy Glee tapped into the artist's catalog on
February 15, performing Somebody To Love and Baby on
the episode entitled "Comeback."
Sam Evans, the season's newcomer to the new
directions, rocked the iconic Bieber cut, and wooed the
women of Glee club with the smooth sounds of Justin.
His performance was such a success with the ladies that
the other guys begged to be a part of his band.
And looking ahead, we hear that next week's episode is
called Blame It On The Alcohol.
We smell a cover of Ke$ha's Tick Tock.
Do you?
Tune into Fox next Tuesday night at 8:00, 7:00 central to
catch the all new episode of Glee.
To recap, Hellcats turned toga, and Glee turned Bieber.
Tune in next week for an all new episode of Just Dance, on
DanceOn, the dance video network.
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