Part 2: Homemade Arabic Kohl (with translator)

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All About KOhl.
Kohl; An Arabic word for eyeliner In HIndi- Kajal In Punjabi-Surma
Ingredients of Kohl
Arabic Kohl is made from Galena or Lead Sulphide
Ancient Egyptian called Galena Mestem
In Arabic it's called Ithmid
HIstorical Use
To keep the eyes cool and clean
provided relief from the glare of the sun
for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases such as blepharitis
as well as for the prevention
of recurrence of trichiasis
which are common problems
along the tropical and hot weather climate
Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, "The best of your Kohl is Ithmid
for it improves the eyesight and makes the eyelashes grow"
Ithmid is the best type of Kohl used for the eye,
especially for old people
whose eyesight has weakened
In a study by Li Yun et al 2008
researchers in China prepared thin films of lead sulphide
on Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) substrate
They found that lead sulphide
absorbs UV light with increased deposition of voltage
In a study published in Analytical Chemistry Jan 15,2010 stated:
Based on the amount of lead compounds in the ancient makeup,
a wearer's nitic oxide levels would have increased
by 240 percent
Nitric oxide roles include revving up
the immune system to help fight diseases
They said"It is interesting to note
how the ancient Egyptians
understood the chemical nuances of lead
This conclusion seems amazing
because today we focus only
on the well recognized toxicity of lead salts
it continues
Comparison of the Solubility
of Lead In Various Materials
and It's Bioavailablity
The authors stated
When compared with weak
acid solubility
14-16 times as much lead
was extracted from lead oxide
or lead acetate
compared to lead sulfide
Lead sulphide is not soluble
Lead acetate in hair dyes
and lead carbonate in lipstick
are widely used in cosmetics
until today
Kohl lead sulphide has been used
since ancient times and proven scientifically to be good for the eyes
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