Fun Party Games : How to Play the "Lines From a Hat" Party Game

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.03.2008

Hi, I'm Teri Lynne and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we're
going to be doing a game called Lines from a Hat. Now, if you don't have a hat you can
also play Lines from a Bowl, Lines from a Bag, Lines from a Sock, Lines from Pretty
much Anything You Can Hold Something In. That'll work too. What you're going to need is a minimum
of six to eight people for this game and it's a great improvisation game. You also need
strips of paper and some pens or pencils if you have. What you're going to do is distribute
the strips of paper to the group and they're going to write lines - a sentence, either
a line from a song or just a random sentence or line. Anything they want. Try to keep it
clean, unless it's a completely adult party and you can do what you want. But, write a
couple of lines and you're just going to fold them up, and place them in the hat, or bowl,
or sock, or whatever. And then you're going to carry on little improvisation scenes and
throughout the scene, the players in the scene are going to pull from the hat and use those
lines naturally within the improvisation scene or try to justify why they've said whatever
line is in the hat. So, we're going to give you a short example of how this is played.
David? Teri: We just need a location please, to start our game. Voice of Camera: Iowa.
Teri: Iowa, Okay. Can we have a non-geographical location in Iowa? Voice: A library. Teri:
Okay, we're in an Iowa library. And whenever you feel the need, pull out a line and add
it into the scene. Teri: Uh, sir I hate to tell you but your books are three years overdue.
David: Man, that's outrageous. Well, you win some you loose some. Teri: You sure do and
in this case I really think you're going to loose some. Um, I think you're library fine
is twenty-seven thousand dollars. David: Twenty-seven thousand dollars! I can't afford that. Teri:
Well, you know, I just spoke with my boss this morning about company policy and one
thing is said is "You burnt my macaroni and cheese." So we didn't get to talk too much
about company policy because he really likes his macaroni and cheese. So, if I don't get
that twenty-seven thousand dollars I could be fired. David: Listen, I'm going to call
my lawyer because he tells me that I'm singing in the rain. Teri: Well, you're going to be
singing in jail pretty soon if you don't come up with that money. David: Yeah, well he's
the best lawyer in town and he says that pickled feet are his favorite food. Teri: You know
what!? Mine too! I should call your lawyer up and see if he wants to go to lunch some
time. Do you know what he might say to me? He might say pimping ain't easy and I must
say I'll agree with him on that one. And that's how you play Lines from a Hat.