Canal do Otário: Magnum Gold da Kibon [Eng / Spa / Deu Sub]

Uploaded by OtarioAnonymous on 24.03.2012

Hi, this is the Otário (Sucker) What's up?
Guess what I brought today?!
Ice cream!
I love ice cream!
This one is the Magnum Gold, from Kibon!
And, according to Kibon
This here is "as irresistible as gold"!
Wow! It must be really good
Because if I only based on the price of this shit right here, it must be made of gold!
Magnum Gold (MAGNUM GOLD)
It's a chocolate ice cream with caramel syrup. CARAMEL!
Covered with Belgian Chocolate and caramel pieces! CARAMEL!
But is it really like this?!
Let's take a look!
This here is the packaging of the Magnum GOLD!
The marketers were clever here, because they did not put the product image.
But the packaging looks nice, huh? Makes me want to eat it, huh?
Wel, wel [sigh] These marketers, huh!
Well, now let's take a look at the illustration of the box, containing four units of Magnum GOLD.
No! Take a look at the ice cream ilustration on the package!
Wow, that's cool!! [chorus]
Yeah! Take a look at the amount of caramel inside!
Now let's see how this ice cream really is?
So here we go!
It's here! See!
Starts by the size!
Note that the size of the stick is the same! But the ice cream size! Humm
And the worst is that, in this image here,
They didn't got a real product and make some basic makeup
Like a shadow here or a light there!
No! This product has never existed!
This is marketer motherfucker product, to fool customers!
Everything's Wrong! Where is the fucking caramel?!
Don't fuck with me!
Maybe the caramel goes a little bit lower?! Wait a moment...
[biting] No.
[biting] No.
[biting] No.
[biting] No! I don't think so!
Are you fucking kidding me?!
Even if I was a forensic detective I would not be able find any trace of caramel here!
Stop fooling the consumer, you fuckers!
Kibon, do you know where I'm going to put this stick?!
In the garbage!
Because this is the correct place for a crap!
Where else would you imagine?
Like the ice cream that you guys produce. It must be thrown in the carbage!
And not selling to the consumer!
Consumer, stop buying this shit!
Kibon is fooling you! Enough!
Well, well [sigh]
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