Mahabharat - Episode 21

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Kunti told him to keep his mouth shut
and let no one know
that it was Duryodhan who tried to poison him
But these things cannot be hushed up
Besides, Vidur knows the knack
of extracting the truth from half-spoken rumors
Vidur is an awakened mind
History has placed him in a unique position
where everyone, except him, is tied down
Even the Lord himself
This is why Vidur is always alert
He is not prepared
to be a pawn in the political chess
being played in Hastinapur
and thus get ahead
or he defeated and removed from the scene
So, where should he go with his dilemmas?
There was none other than Bhishma
whom he could trust
But Bhishma was imprisoned by his own oath
But the story of the Bhim-Duryodhan fend
which even reached Naglok
was something Vidur could tell Bhishma
When Bhishma heard the story
he could not believe his ears
Are you sure that
Yuddhistir stopped him from saying anything?
Yes, Uncle Mother Satyavati
left the Pandavas in my care
Am l fulfilling my duty of looking after them?
lt is important Uncle
that you call Duryodhan
and explain to him
Duryodhan is merely a mirror of Dhritirashtra
He has no individuality of his own
Dhritirashtra wants him
to fulfill his own shattered dreams
They just won't allow me to die in peace
Look at my helplessness Vidur
l cannot even tell the throne of Hastinapur
Go away!
l will not side with you in this injustice
Man should be careful when it
comes to taking oaths because an oath once taken
cannot be broken
nor fulfilled
l cannot even say
that my broad shoulders
cannot carry the weight
of my own oath
What are you saying Uncle?
You are the elder of this royal house
lf you despair then
what will happen to this royal house
lf you are to afraid to face reality
then living itself will lose its meaning
What can l do Vidur?
l fear the ominous shadow of the Present
l fear Dhritirashtra's ambition
l fear the thought of
what will happen
in the future
Politics has only one solution
This ambition
must be nipped in the bud
No Vidur, no!
lf we do that
Hastinapur itself will be endangered
And l have sworn to protect the throne
Duryodhan is still a child
He can be controlled
Even Dhritirashtra
is incapable of conspiracy
He feels he has been denied his right
and so he is burning
But the real villain
behind Duryodhan and Dhritirashtra
is Shakuni
who still feels
that the Kurus
have insulted Gandhar
by asking for Gandari's hand for Dhritirashtra
He is playing dice
with Hastinapur
For Hastinapur's sake
l am afraid
You, too, should be afraid Vidur
That is our duty towards Hastinapur
Come O sons of Gandhari!
Why should we Uncle
We gave the poison you had given us
to Bhim and threw him in the Ganga
but he returned healthier than before
Threw him in the river?
But l had not asked you to do that
Because that is where the Naags live
Learn to obey your uncle to the letter
lf you add your own ideas to what l say
things are bound to go wrong
Did he tell Gandhari that
you had poisoned him?
ln a tight spot l may rely on Bhishma
but never on your mother
At least not such a delicate matter
Sometimes l fear her goodness
But he hasn't told anyone as yet
Not told anyone!
ln that case someone has silenced him
Both of you will have to be very careful now because
he will be waiting for a chance to get even
Wait for a few days
and let him make the first move
When he does, complain to your father
Uncle, l think l should not go to school for a few days
Don't make that mistake
lf they are pretending that nothing has happened
you, too, do the same!
The mangoes are sweet
But we will have to climb up the tree
When are you going to give me some more porridge?
l am too busy to talk to you
We are going to eat mangoes
Before that, please scratch my back
We are not your servants
Come Dushasan
You should have scratched my back
l will explain to my father
Sweet! Very Sweet!
Why did you do that Bhim?
Because my back was itching
He is telling a lie
Are you telling a lie Bhim?
Yes mother
But why my child?
Because the truth will hurt you
Yes mother
lf Bhim is naughty
why didn't you tell your elder brother?
He will side with his brother
Yuddhistir is also your elder brother
No, l am the eldest of that family
and he is the eldest of that family
Come here Bhim
Brothers should learn to live together
But he doesn't want to He calls me greedy
then l get angry
One day we went to collect mangoes
That's enough Okay
These mangoes are dirty
You take some rest here
We'll wash them Okay
Come on. Let's eat these mangoes
Come brother
What's this? Only seeds.
When we were washing them
the juice flowed away leaving the seeds
Now tell me is this a sign of brotherly love?
Don't tell Kunti anything
l will explain to Duryodhan
My lord?
Don't blame Duryodhan
lt is only the pain in my heart which is
reflected in his heart
l have learned to control myself
but he is still a child
He too is facing the demon of Ethics and tradition
which trampled on my ambitions
Fate will do the same injustice to him
that it did to me
This question stings me like a scorpion
because of which l can neither sleep
nor stay awake
We will have to confront this question some day
as to who will be the Crown Prince
But my lord
in age and
Yuddhistir should be the Crown Prince
How easily you have said it
l was not made King because l was blind
but Duryodhan is not blind
Let me now see
what Vidur's Ethics has to say
Hastinapur today is like an old pool
with centuries-old water
which is now stinking
l feel as if
my legs are caught in its mud
lts politics and tradition are
now crumbling
l am suffocating here
and so, l am now going to Ujjain
and shall return after l have recovered
l am going to Ujjain because the Lord is there
in human form
lf the Lord has taken a human form
he has to live like a human
He will have to demonstrate
how one can escape this world of illusion
He will have to go through
all that a human being faces
He will have to take sides and thus
demonstrate its limitations
He will have to also show that to oppose
untruth, injustice, and exploitation is Man's duty
He will have to learn to live like Man
as well as show his gratitude to his teacher
because who else but the Lord can tell
what the student owes the teacher
That's why the Lord is studying with
Sage Sandipnee who is a sea of knowledge
He is learning to flow from this river
lt is a sight worth seeing
l did not understand today's lesson
You are a Brahmin. You explain it
This universe is made up of five elements
ln every human being permeates God
the Giver of Light
He exists in everything even animals
He is the leader as well as the judge of all action
lt is his essence which exists in all living creatures
And yet, he is untouched by all this
Everything exists in Him, because of Him
You forgot the most important part
He is a witness to truth action and word
However alone one may be,
He is always there watching and listening
Sometimes l do not understand you
but you talk intelligently
Respected mother!
You are here! Krishna and Balram must be hungry
Your teacher's still at worship
Even l am hungry
Being a Brahmin, you can bear hunger but the other two?
Don't talk about them!
Krishna was famous for stealing butter
and Balram is no less
Feed me. l cannot bear this hunger any more
No food till Krishna comes
Sit quietly!
May l sit in the kitchen and smell the food?
Don't think of food. Meditate on God!
At least think of the children
Worship is the food of the soul
But the body needs food, doesn't it?
Come child l have prepared some butter
l gave up butter when l left Nandgaon
Why do you say that?
l may not be Yashoda but
l, too, am a mother
Wash your feet. l will set lunch
Please take pity on me.
and come for lunch Okay
How will you concentrate if you don't eat
l am not hungry
lf you are not hungry give it to me
Quiet! l'll feed Krishna myself
l do your work and you pet him.
This is because you are elder
Were you younger
No. l am okay as l am
Now eat quickly and go to sleep
Krishna, Sudama Yes
Tomorrow go to the forest and gather some wood
Yes teacher
May l also go to the forest
You have to plough the field tomorrow
Yes teacher
There is no need to hurry their education
They have filled the gap left by our son
No one can stop Krishna from going
He did not stay back for Yashoda Why then for you?
You are his teacher. He cannot disobey you
A teacher is not a fisherman who traps
students in the net of his knowledge
Besides, Krishna doesn't need a teacher
He knows all the answers
You cannot hope to capture sunlight
You know the pain of losing a son
Then, think of Devaki
Then ask him to stay in return for your teaching
That's not possible
l had learned to live without a son
but Krishna's coming has opened the wound
He has brought light into my life
That doesn't mean anything
lf you can give him something, give
A mother has no right to ask
l did not say l have a right to ask
but l at least have a right to cry for him
You know who he is Devaki
Yes, l know
But l also know that he is my son
and l have brought him into the world
After his birth
l had not even seen him properly
when you took him to Gokul
Yashoda sang the lullaby which
l should have sung
Yashoda got the pleasure
that l should have got
l am indebted to Yashoda
l cannot return that debt
Nor do l want to return it
Will l insult Yashoda's motherly love?
Think my lord!
He went to Gokul at birth
He returned only to go to Ujjain
My motherhood was left all alone
Recognize yourself Devaki
He is your son
By giving birth to him you have indebted the world
Your son Krishna
is not yours alone
l never said that Yashoda's right is lesser than mine
l am not talking of Yashoda
but about the world
Everyone has a right over him
and yet, no one does
He belongs to everyone and yet, no one
He is a sea of sweet water
Quench your thirst
but do not establish your right
Listen Sudama. Look after Krishna
He never remembers to eat on time
That's why l am sending you
Don't worry about me
Why not?
You don't eat unless l feed you
Mother Yashoda has spoiled him
No my son
She has nurtured him
Mischief is the soul of childhood
He is mischief personified
As the elder, why didn't you stop him?
That's good! Who can stop him?
He stops when he wishes
He is good at telling tales
Whenever l complained, he would say that
l was teasing him
That's why l don't interfere
lf he has finished talking, we will leave
Take this to eat
Mother, why trouble this Brahmin?
Give. l'll take it
Don't rely on him or you'll go hungry
l heard you used to play the flute
l did a lot of other things too.
Did the cows come listening to your flute?
Gather wood. lt is about to rain
No. lt won't rain These clouds will pass
Play the flute for me.
Are you a cow?
Please. Play for me
There is a time and place for everything
The time to play the flute is gone
To look back is to stray
l don't understand
That why l am telling you
Gather wood!
Let's go. We have enough sticks
lt will be night soon
We are caught
by the time we reach the river
it will be flooded
and l cannot swim
We will go after it has subsided
lf it doesn't?
We'll go tomorrow
And spend the night here?
When you can't swim, we will have to!
What if some wild animal eats us?
Let's climb a tree
Yes. Let's do that
Have they come?
Not yet!
This terrible rain
Don't worry mother
Krishna will look after Sudama
What a brother you are!
Aren't you worried?
He is very capable and does not allow us to worry
l am hungry. Give me something to eat
No food for anyone till Krishna returns
Don't be afraid
l am here
lf you were not there l would be afraid
Hold the tree
and imagine it's me
Mother has asked me to look after you
Tell her that l did look after you
Look after yourself
l am really hungry
The food packet is with me but
Krishna must be as hungry as l am
Krishna, don't sleep
or else you will fall off
l can't eat without offering him
but one bite is nothing
How will l take this food to him in this rain?
Not the rain but
what if some wild animal comes?
How to get to him?
Are you sleeping?
l can't sleep since l am hungry
That's true
lf l feed him, he will go to sleep
lt is not right to sleep
Aren't you asleep?
How can l sleep
in this weather
He had lifted the Govardhan in this weather
l told you not to worry and go to sleep
Where's the food packet?
Well, little by little
l ate it all
Had you not eaten you would have slept
and fallen off the tree
Had l eaten l would have slept
and fallen off
But now you owe me a meal
Now don't feel sad. lt is almost dawn
Everyone must be worried Let's go
May you live long!
What's wrong? Why are you so sad?
l have sinned, teacher.
What happened?
Mother had given us food but l ate it alone
That's really bad!
You have transcended forgiveness
You will be cursed to eternal poverty
Only Krishna can save you now
You forgot that
even my blessing cannot save you
But since you have admitted your sin
l shall pray for you
Mother is calling you
Did you tell her?
Why? lt is a matter between friends
A true friend is God's blessing
How then can l lose you for a little food?
Mother is very happy
She's made porridge. After eating that we'll play
Look at this ball mother made
The ball fell in
What do we do?
What's wrong?
Did a child fall in?
May you live long
You haven't answered me
Our ball fell in
lf you cannot save your ball how can you
protect this earth?
There's a difference between a ball and the Earth
Can you help us to take out the ball O Sage?
Get me some branches
As you wish O Sage
Here you are
Have you eaten Bhim's porridge again?
No grandfather
First sit on my lap
Now tell me what's it?
We were playing with the ball
when it fell in is it?
We tried to take it out but couldn't
Did Duryodhan and Bhim fight?
Not today, but they fight everyday
But listen to me
We could not take out the ball
Then a voice from behind said
Did a child fall into the well?
ls that so?
We turned around and saw
a tall hefty Brahmin
wearing white clothes
We told him that our ball had fallen in.
He said
lf you cannot save your ball
how can you protect the Earth
Do you know what he did?
My child how would l know unless
you tell me?
He said: ' Bring me some branches'
So, we brought some branches
Then he threw the branches into the well and they
joined by themselves
and the ball was out
the ball came out? Yes
With branches? Yes
Where's this person?
He's still standing near the well
Whom are you saluting?
Sage Dronacharya Come my child
My respects
Hastinapur is blessed by your coming
What about you?
What do you feel?
lt was my duty to receive you
on behalf of the king
What would you have done had he not allowed
me to come?
You know the answer to that
You are welcome into my heart
How's Kripacharya?
Did you not meet him?
He had gone to fetch you
To bring us here? Why?
His duties have increased and hence
he cannot look after the education of the princes
He suggested that you be asked
to do the work
l hope you will agree to be their teacher
lt will be an honor for us
Come my child
My respects O teacher
Please accept this small gift
of gold coins
l accept a gift after l have taught
Please forgive me
Education cannot be equated to gold
The relationship between teacher and taught in sacred
Knowledge, intelligence and analysis
presides at the Kuru schoolhouse
only the righteous can
recognize the righteous