Introducing Martha Stewart Craft Paints

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 11.08.2011

Hi Jo here and I have Alex from Martha Stewart and he has some really exciting
stuff to how us. So Alex, I want you to just show us what you got. Will do. So, very
excited today because we actually are launching our paint program with
Michaels. It’s exclusive at Michaels, and you can see here the basis of the program
is actually a 160 colors of our paint. And it’s a panted formula it actually works on
all surfaces so it’s the first paint that actually works on every surface.
You can do it on wood ceramic metal fabric glass even. So if you’re trying
to bring all your projects together in your room this is the paint you’re going to use.
A couple of other things there’s a satin paint there’s a high gloss there’s a pearl
paint which is my new favorite and of course glitter from Martha. Of course we
have glitter and then we have our metallic paint. Which is comes in the most
beautiful golds silvers coppers rust even is one of our colors. And of course with
that you’re going to have tons of different tools Martha’s all about the
the right tool for the right job. So here we’ve done some great innovations
here um this is foam pouncer which is great for glass getting a smooth surface
But the foam actually comes out of the base so you can easily clean that
foam brush. Another great thing is there’s 4 different skews of bottle tops.
All different things all you’re going to do is roll off one of the tops and you’re
going to roll on one of the ones’ you’re going to buy so this is a roller top. And
easily you just made your paint bottle into an applicator and it’s really that simple.
Many other tools some cool things like striping brushes you can see where
where there’s these gaps here that’s actually great for creating stripes for your
projects. This is another type of striping brush where you can actually take out the
little individual pieces there and do different striping patterns with that one.
Really fun. And of course we have our basic brushes. All of them have a
soft grip. Over here we have a spray paint system. This is a really cool system where
you can take any of our paints except for the glitter and you can make them into a
spray paint. So now you can take almost all of our paints and actually mix them
and create new colors and you can create any kind of spray paint that you want.
Stencils of course you need stencils. Alphabet stencils so important so you
have 6 here. We also have adhesive stencils then you have our basic mylar
stencils in medium and large. And what I love about these is they actually come
with coordinating stencil designs so you can create large and smaller scale
designs in one pack and really bring your room together. So wood frames fabric
shades fabric pillows anything you really want is going to bring all that together.
Works perfectly with our paint because it again you can use it on all surfaces.
So that’s just a real quick snap shot of the line hope you have lots of fun playing and
experimenting I know I have. Alex we are so excited that you came to show us this
line. And remember it’s exclusive to Michaels and the paint is awesome
you’re going to love it. Thanks Alex. Thank you. �