Lazze Metal Shaping: Gaining Crown in Large Panels

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 29.06.2010

Hi I'm Lazze and I'm back here with tips and tricks again. And this time we are back with
the English Wheel. This is an important thing to remember for you when you using your English
Wheel at home. And this is the same principals so you can use that for many different brands
of English Wheel. Long time ago when we wheeled up a door skin like this, because that's what
I going to talk to you about. We could wheel it up this way, and cross it this way. And
sometimes it came out okay, but I had a feeling that it could look better. And it must be
another way to do it. So many times when I have a problem and I go to sleep then I wake
up in the middle of the night and find out that, oh, there is the answer. So this happened
even this time. So I going to explain if you wheeling it across like this in the English
Wheel. So you cross it both ways like that but 90 degrees to each other. You can see
how much overlap we have in the center there between those two tracks. When we wheeling
it in a diamond shape, and I turn it over like this to diamond shape. Can you see there
how much we increase that area? So that means that when we wheeling up a door skin like
this in a diamond shape, it's the same amount of wheeling to cover the whole area but the
overlap is more so we can get it up faster and we can make it better quality too.
So if you have big panel like this that door skin one thing to remember for you is that
you need to be two people to hold the panel like this. You can't do a panel like this
by yourself, because the gravity going to hang down one side and the door skin or roof
skin going to take a totally shape that you want. So and when you wheeling this by two
people it's important that if one person holding their hands wide like this, it's important
that the other person holding his hand the same symmetrical to this side. If one person
holding it like this, and the other person on this side holding it tight, like this,
those sides going to hang down because of the gravity. And the panel going to take a
different shape that you want. So when you have a flat piece and you going to wheel it
I put some help lines like this. So those three lines is just help lines and then I
cross it the other way in a diamond shape so we have six lines that help us to keep
those lines parallel to the wheel. And then we start in one corner and wheeling it as
far up as we can until this corner here touching the frame in the English Wheel. Then we go
out with the wheel to here, or to here, and then turn it around and continue wheeling
this part. The next step is to cross this so we go the another direction and do the
same thing there. Then we have a little convex on the panel. And what we do you can see those
rectangular that I put up on the panel here. So we start in one corner here and wheel this
and then we cross this first one this way. Then we go over to the next rectangular and
start in one corner wheel it a diamond shape over the center one. And then we cross this
one and go over the center one again. And then we do same the thing with the third rectangular
and then the whole sheet. That means that we cover the center section four times more
than the, the big sheet. And that means that we are raising it up more in the center. And
that's what we want. So that's a good tip and remember that when you wheeling up something,
roof skin or door skin, like this. If your shape of the panel if it's a trunk lid you
maybe have this little further up, so you can actually when you put those rectangular
on the sheet you can actually move this high spot wherever you want where the highest spot is.
And sometimes you maybe don't want the roof skin so top on the center so you maybe
have only this rectangular and this and then whole sheet work on those so you don't using
the center one and wheeling that up. So it depends little on the shape, but principal
is the same. So this will help you a lot with wheeling up a big, big skin. And if you have
your English Wheel frame is stiff enough it shouldn't take you longer then one a half
hour to wheel up a door skin roof skin like that what we do many hands on class when the
student making a door skin like this for '33, '34 Ford and they never stand in the English
Wheel before. So it can be done pretty quick if you do it right. If you want more information
you can go to And see you next time on the YouTube video.